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2023-08-06 16:05:44

How to Tie a Half Windsor Knot with Dimple (step-by-step)

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Welcome back , everyone .

Today we're gonna be learning two things .

How to tie half wins or not .

But more specifically , how do you get that little dimple in the bottom of it To mark you out as someone that really knows what they're doing ?

Stick about .

I'll teach you everything .

So this was a video that was requested by Aaron K .

Oscar , thank you for that .

Uh , if you guys have any other videos that you want me to make , please leave a comment .

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If not , just watch this video and take the freebie .

But first of all , we've got to get on with it , and the first thing we're gonna need to do is to get this tie undone and get a bit closer up .

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So the key thing about this knot is that the thin end is going to be quite short and the thick end is gonna be quite long .

Cross the thick end over the fin squeeze the middle and bring the tie behind .

Then you're gonna tuck that through the middle and they will hang directly behind the knot , effectively back to front .

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Then you're gonna take it to the opposite side , wrap it around the front , and that's going to create the front of the knot , and then we're gonna tuck it from behind through the middle , and then you're gonna tuck it through that just that single loop in the front , and then your tie is gonna look something like this .

But there's to get that dimple .

There's a bit of a way to go , So I'm gonna bring it in a little bit closer because your tie knots gonna look something like this .

Give it a little pull to start getting that knot slightly tighter .

The key to this will to be have the bottom of the knot to be quite tight .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And the way that you achieve that is you slide the knot down that little the heart , the centre and heart of the knot that you've made Then before you're finally tightening it up , you want to push your finger into the middle , you can loosen that bottom of the knot so that it's easier push in the middle and then create that effectively , artificially creating this dimple .

So you push it in in the middle .

I appreciate this is difficult because I've got to use my hands in front of the camera , squeeze it together and then again pull the knot down over that and squeeze the bottom of the knot and you see , that's gonna that's gonna put that dimple in there .

And as you hold that and tighten the knot , that dimple will stay within the knot .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And that's how you get that perfect dimple within the knot .

I hope you have managed it .

It is a tricky thing to do , so it will take some practise .

I know there'll be a few comments of people saying you can't do it , but it is literally a matter of practise .

I have done it with a printed tie here , and that is going to be the most difficult tie that you can do it with .

If you want to make it slightly easier , then use a woven silk or a knitted tie because the there will be a bit more traction on the fabric and that will allow it to create a dimple .

It will also be a likely thicker material which will allow it to to do it , uh , slightly better .

But I want to do it on this tie just to prove that you can do it with anything .

Hope it was useful if it was .

As I said before , Please give the video a like subscribe to our channel and we will see you next time .

Thanks for watching guys .

Cheers .


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