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2023-08-07 13:48:40

How to Download and Install Downloader App on your Fire Stick and Fire TV

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Hello , everyone today .

I'm going to show you how to download , install , downloader on your fire stick or fire TV .

Now , the first thing you wanna do is enable developer options on your fire stick .

So to do that , we're gonna go settings .

Now , depending what you have .

If it's fire stick or fire TV , it's either going to be my fire TV , or it's going to be my device which will be located around here somewhere .

For me , it's going to be my fire TV .

Once we hear I already have it enabled , but to enable it , you're gonna go on about and once you hear , you're gonna click on this about seven times fast .

And for me , it already says you're a developer .

So we're gonna back out of here and we're gonna go to developer options .

We're gonna enable apps from unknown sources .

We're gonna turn that on .

All right .

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So now that we are on the home page , we're gonna go to this client and uh we're gonna click on it and we're gonna type in down uh downloader .

It's going to show up right here .

You can type the whole thing if it doesn't show up , you're gonna click on this and this is the app that we want .

So we're gonna click on that .

And for me it says download , you own it .

So I'm just gonna press on download .

I'm gonna wait a little bit .

Now , if this doesn't work for you , another way to do this is make sure you sign in with your Amazon account on your browser .

So once you open that you're gonna search for that app on the Amazon website and then you're gonna push that app on your fire stick .

That's another way to download if this doesn't work .

Now , let's open it .

It says allow Donald to access photos , media and files .

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You have to click , allow if you don't click , allow , it's not gonna work as good and it might not work at all .

So make sure you click hello .

Now there's a couple of different ways to use downloader .

The best way is to just enter URL .

So for example , if you wanna download install coding , make sure you go online , find the UR URL , you're gonna enter it here and then you're just gonna press go to download their app will download that file and then it will help you install it .

Another way is if , if the app you want does not have the URL , you can go browser here and then you can go to that website of the app you want and you can download , install it that way .

But this app is very useful and I've been using it for many years .

So if you're into downloading apps that are into the Amazon store , this is a must app to have .

If you guys have any questions , leave them in comments .

And if this video helps you out , please like and subscribe , it will really help me out .

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Thank you guys for watching .


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