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2023-08-08 06:53:59

How to Improve your communication skills Speak English Fluently _ Understand Native Speakers

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Hey everybody .

Welcome back .

This is me Mira and you are watching me on Kilo .

Well , today we're going to talk about a very interesting topic , which is almost a favorite of all of you out there .

What I want is I want you guys to up your game when it comes to communication skills .

Well , why we talk about communication skills in general because it's a mixture of both spoken language as well as body language .

Now , what happens is you probably are stuck in a situation .

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Sometimes it could be a meeting or it could be a presentation , it could be just bumping into an old friend or it could be talking to a native speaker and you were supposed to respond in such a situation , but you are just lost sometimes and you cannot gather words , you cannot form sentences properly .

Now , why does that happen ?

Why do you think that happens ?

And that is because of sometimes lack of practice and in general , it's the coordination between our body language and our mind game .

That is our spoken language .

Today , we're going to learn to update and to upgrade your communication skills step by step .

Right .

Because that would really help you .

So let's get started guys , and we are going to make sure that by the end of this video , you would have had steps , tricks and tips that will help you to up your game .

Well , guys , let's get going .

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Most of the times guys , we often face a situation where there is a communication gap because of which most of the times we do not understand what the person has just told us , maybe you were on an international call and you just understood 30% of what was told to you or what was spoken .

Maybe you're just watching an American series and for half of the time you were like , OK , this is Greek to me , I do not understand this .

I don't know what they are speaking about now .

Why does this happen ?

This happens because there is a gap and why is there a gap because we are not used to speaking to native speakers or we are not used to listening to them ?

Well , you don't have to worry about that because we can definitely bridge this gap .

How , what you can do is you can download an app called Caley .

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And on this app , you would find a native speakers from the US UK and they are there available for you 24 by seven , depending on what time you are available , they are ready to converse with you .

Talk to you clear your doubts , correct , you and most importantly , they are certified and they will speak with you in their accent , which is natural to them right now .

What happens when you do this ?

You get used to certain things you get , you start listening more carefully and your understanding becomes much better and here is an opportunity that you can make use of because you need this to bridge that gap .

Now , I recently went on cam and I had a conversation with this particular person .

His name was Derek and I spoke to him a little bit about small talks since I really wanted to know as I usually get stuck .

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Why don't you take a look at what happened and listen carefully and you will understand exactly what I'm talking about .

Yeah .

So let's check it out .

So let's quickly go to the app , which is right here .

It might take a while .

But as you can see , yes .

So there's a menu over here and we are going to go on tutors .

All the green buttons here suggest that all these tutors are live and ready to converse with you right now .

So let's take a look at who we're going to call .

Let's call David over here .

I'm just going to call him .

Say yes , hi .

Hey , hi , David .

Hi , how are you ?

I'm great .

Thank you .

My name is Mira and um , yes , I'm calling from India .

Excellent .

How are you ?

I'm basically in uh Mumbai , Mumbai , right .

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So I'm I'm , I'm a tutor and a trainer myself .

Although I wanted to just check out the app before I suggested to my students because I want them to use CAM and I want them to practice on cam .

So , um , I wanted to ask you something .

Shall we go ahead ?

Yeah , go ahead .

All right .

Ok .

So , um , I usually face a lot of situations where I have to indulge into a lot of small talks .

Right ?

Um , could you , could you give me any tips , um , how to go about small talks or any phrases , uh , which I can use , um , just general small talk , I suppose in England , probably the , the biggest source of small talk is the weather .

We're always talking about the weather .

So , uh , probably because it's , it's always changing .

So you'll find complete strangers talk about weather and things like that .

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But , um , so that's , yeah , something that's a common topic for starting conversations .

Um , I have to give you a situation .

I'm meeting , um , a colleague of mine after a while and , uh , we just bump into each other in the aisle .

So , um , any phrase or any suggestions , how I can go about it or anything that I need to ask him or her .

Um , I , I suppose you .

Yeah , you just start off sort of how , how are you ?

Hi , nice to see you .

Yeah , it's , um , we sometimes say almost jokingly .

I fancy seeing you here if it's , uh , yeah , if it's a place where you almost expect to see them sometimes .

But , um , yeah , again , you know , it depends , I suppose .

What ?

Yeah , if it's just , uh , just an acquaintance or somebody , you know .

All right .

All right .

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Um , so I think that's about it for today .

I will be back very soon .

Um , with that I get to speak to you about , but for now that's all for me .

Very nice to meet you too .

Yeah , thank you .

I appreciate it .

Bye bye .

So guys , how was it ?

I'm sure that it was pretty insightful because he shared so many things .

He shared phrases with us .

He shared why it is important to talk to a native speaker .

And that is exactly what I wanted you to know .

Well , now this app doesn't come for free , but we got in touch with them and you can use a seven day trial for just $18 .

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Well , I'm sure that if you like it , you will continue it , but you must try it because it is very important in order to understand native speakers and speak more fluently and be become better at your communications game , right ?

So make sure that you make use of this app , the link will be in the description box below .

So go ahead and take a look , get it and see how you find it .

Now , what else is important ?

It is important that you're able to convey your message in a way that people understand you and your message .

Can you do that if you're super , super nervous or anxious ?

No , you must learn to relax and calm down before you begin , before you start your conversation .

And your response really depends on the state of your mind .

But just imagine this situation , right ?

When you were learning how to swim or when you were a baby and you were learning how to swim .

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Most people get extremely nervous in the water and end up , you know , um with water in their mouth and nose , which makes them even much more nervous and afraid .

But have you ever seen babies or have you ever seen experienced people the way they are calm and relax , they literally just float on water .

Now , we need to learn this and apply it similarly when we speak in English to native speakers to avoid things like these , like really fast speech where nobody understands anything or something that is really slow where you get even more conscious , quick relaxation exercise coming right up for you .

Well , just follow me with this one .

Ok .

We're going to take a deep breath .

We're going to wake seal .

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Now , I want you to relax your shoulders and your face .

So if you're really tense , just relax and take this time to gather your thoughts and choose a natural speed for yourself , make sure that it isn't too slow or you're not running , it's not too fast .

This helps in getting rid of the butterflies in your tummy , right ?

And this helps you think about the right sentences , the right word , the right uh you know , the phrases , right ?

This will certainly help you calm down and this definitely creates a positive impression on others .

Plus a good communicator is always someone who is calm and confident at the same time .

Now , I will ask you to do something .

I will ask you to be as fearless as a baby .

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Now , you're thinking , why is Mira making us look like babies when we're looking at talking to adults ?

Right ?

And why a baby ?

That is because these beautiful creatures are born fearless , they make mistakes and that is how they learn .

You cannot learn any language or any , any skill without making mistakes guys .

Now , most of the times we go blank when fear pops in of making mistakes , right ?

And that is that is because most of our sentences , that is the reason why most of our sentences go wrong and our message is not conveyed properly .

It's misunderstood .

So be ready that you will make mistakes instead of getting nervous about it about making a mistake , you would be prepared to get corrected by others , which is absolutely fine .

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You know , you can always say it again if you go wrong and you can rectify it just the way you have been doing all your life when it comes to your family members .

Well , things such as oh I meant to say and then you correct your own sentence .

That is the key of improving your communication skills by simply letting yourself make mistakes and improvising , correcting yourself .

And this will automatically increase your confidence because you're not fearful anymore about it , right ?

That is why you will not hesitate to speak in front of others .

And this will really help you .

Do you want to know my favorite method ?

Yeah , that's imitating .

yes , you heard me , I usually watch a lot of talk show , um talk shows and hosts and I literally try to copy their action , their style .

Sometimes I copy a whole speech if I want to .

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Of course , in front of the mirror .

Come on .

Now , we all have once imagined ourselves winning an Oscar or Emmy and we imagine ourselves giving a grand speech on the grand stage , right ?

Well , that's a great way to actually learn to better your communication skills , don't you think ?

So ?

Instead of just academically studying this will change your overall personality ?

And that is exactly what we are aiming for , right ?

So I suggest go ahead and shadow imitate someone just to improve , right ?

Not to continue acting like them , but slowly you will find your comfortable style , your comfortable communication style with the help of these talk show hosts or um comedians , right ?

They're , they're doing great and you can always make sure that you catch on them .

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Don't these steps really sound handy and simple and easy .

Well , they are now make sure you apply these maybe one at a time , 11 step in a week and then the other in the next week and come back and tell me in the comment section about your experience .

Right ?

Well , that's all for the day .

I will see you guys very soon until then .

Make sure that you're smiling , spread a lot of love .

This is me Mira signing off for the day guys .


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