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2023-08-07 14:09:08

How to Tie a Full Windsor Knot _ Art of Manliness

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All right , this last classic knot we're gonna do is the full Windsor knot .

Now , this knot is your power knot .

This is the knot you use when you want to land a job interview , you wanna feel like the man , it's a big hunking knot .

It looks awesome and it only works really for spread callers because it's so big .

So use it with that .

Uh So let's get started .

The , you're gonna start off normal with the wide end on your right narrow one on your left and with the full winds or not , depending on the tie , you're gonna want the wide end to hang a little bit lower than normal because you use a lot of material with this tie .

And if you don't give yourself enough , uh , slack to work with your tie is gonna end up looking like this and then that looks just bad .

All right .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So start off , take the wide end , bring it across from the right to left over the narrow one and then you're gonna take the wide end and you're gonna bring it up through the loop between your neck and your thigh , bring it up to your left .

So you should look like this .

All right .

Now , what we're gonna do now is you're gonna wrap the wide end around behind the knot and to your right .

So it looks like that and then you're gonna take the wide end and then you're going to bring it down through this loop between your neck and your tie like , and as you see , we have a triangle forming here , that's gonna be the bulk of our knot and bring it back out to the right like that .

And you're going to take the wide end , bring it across the front from right to left like that .

And then you're gonna bring the white in up to this loop between your neck and your thigh dr across the front .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And now you got your , your knot here and you can take that white in and slide it through that loop there and it's gotta work on tightening it out .

And if you want that triangle shape , pull in the edges like that , see how it forms a nice little triangle and just continue tightening it up until you get to where you like it .

And of course , you can always work on that dimple if you want and fold their collars down .

There you go full wins or not .

You look like the man .

It's pretty easy .

Just keep practicing .


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