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2023-08-06 16:12:04


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Yo , what's going on guys ?

Welcome back to a brand new video .

If my outfit looks familiar , it's because it is .

I'm recording this intro on the same day that I recorded the previous video on .

So keep that in mind today .

What I'm gonna be showing you guys is how to clean your Timberlands properly .

How do I clean suede ?

How do I clean new book the proper way , Uncle Alex is here to help .

Ok .

So make sure you just sit back , relax and eat snacks .

Damn .

It has been a long time since I said that the main reason I wanted to make this video is one because people ask me about new buck and suede sneakers a lot two because a homie actually ended up walking through the rain in his Timberlands and he was asking me how to clean them .

So I was like f it , let's just do a video on it .

And then three , if you guys wear timberlines , I know it's not really timberland season anymore , but it's a good idea to clean them off for the season until it's Tim season again .

Let's get this video started .

All the links will be down below in the description for materials .

Let's try to get 2000 likes on this one .

You guys got me right .

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The full smooth soft new buck slash suede back .

There's an extra step guys .

Let's go ahead and make these things soft again .

The way that they're supposed to be .

The first material we're gonna use is mink oil .

Now , this could be used on leather suede and new buck .

And what it is is basically a oil that darkens whatever you're spraying it on and it also softens the material as well .

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Just brush it out like you did the first time and everything should be nice and soft .

If you guys like this video , please hit that like button and let me know in the comment section down below .

I'll catch you guys in the next video though .

It's your boy sneaker head in the bay .

I'm out peace .

She can .

Why you act on a daily you running and I'm crazy .

Why you talking ?

Yeah .

Set his coffee and it's just so we can spend .

What are we telling me ?

Naive ?

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I know that you don't get morning just in just sex is complicated and you know .

Yeah .

Are you sweating week leaders ?

So I don't want to tell lies .


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