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2023-08-06 16:05:47

How to Handle a Goodnight Kiss

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How to handle a good night kiss .

Hello and welcome to video jug .

So you've got a date with a girl of your dreams .

But since you're watching this , you're probably worried that when it comes time to pull the trigger on a good night kiss , it's gonna be a nightmare easy .

There .

Take a deep breath .

Don't worry , we're gonna show you exactly how to pull off .

The perfect good night kiss .

Step one , determine her interest or lack of it .

So you've had a great date and because your parents raised you properly , you've walked your girl to her front door , you know , you want to kiss her and you're hoping she feels the same way .

So you go for it .

Ouch .

That was just painful .

But how do I know if she wants to kiss me ?

You ask good question .

It's not always this obvious relationship .

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Expert Doctor Joy Brown explains in dating for dummies that a woman's body language can tell you if she wants to be kissed or not .

You should definitely learn that language of love .

You've got yourself an extremely red light .

If she has her key out of her purse in the front door lock and you're saying good night to her back .

Faster than never mind .

Other red lights may include lips clamp , so tight you need a crowbar to part them .

A stubborn refusal to make eye contact like she's hoping she'll wake up to find out .

It was all just a bad dream .

This one is about as subtle as a slap in the face .

Speaking of a slap in the face .

Finally , a humiliation far worse than a little love tap the hand .

Don't worry , you can avoid getting the hand by learning the tell tale green lights that indicate she's ready for a good game of tonsil hockey .

She'll be facing you arms down , relaxed , her lips will be parted and she'll be gazing into your love struck eyes .

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All this knowledge is of course rendered unnecessary .

If your girl decides to take matters into her own hands and kisses you , but don't count on it .

80% of women say they like the man to be the man and make the first move .

So you gotta step up , step two , making the move in every good night kiss scenario .

You've got a limited window of opportunity to make your move .

So once you get the coveted green light , put the pedal to the metal or somebody else may get there first like her Neanderthal boyfriend who's on a weekend furlough from the slammer .

So strike while the girl is hot for you or risk what the Roman philosopher called Kiss Us interruptus .

Step three .

The kiss , right ?

Romeo .

If you're ready to close the deal with fair Juliet , all you have to do is create an awkward pause in the conversation .

Fill it with a smile and get ready for that kiss , but make sure to do it right .

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No woman wants a bird lips .

Kiss a crazy eyed kiss or whatever that is .

Follow the kiss acronym and keep it simple .

Stupid .

Your lips are 100 times more sensitive than the tips of her fingers , which means even a soft and sweet kiss will curl her toes .

So turn your head slightly to the side , lean in slowly and rock our world .

So there it is another successful good night kiss .

You're welcome .

Stud .


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