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2023-08-07 14:22:21

How to do a Nail Fill Using Kiss Acrylic Kit • Pro Step by Step Tutorial

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Three weeks ago , I applied the kiss acrylic on my non dominant hand .

And now they desperately need to fill , I'm catching my hair , they're lifting , they look dreadful rougher than normal .

But this is what nails can look like .

After three weeks , I'm gonna take them from these , this using the kiss acrylic kit .

It's actually a fair bit of work doing a fill when you've got lifting it , etcetera .

I'm gonna show you step by step on how to do that .

Let's OK .

So first thing I do get me glasses so I can see now I look at these nails .

This is three weeks old .

OK ?

There's a lot of wear and tear here .

Now it is my nondominant hand .

So I'm doing it with my opposite hand .

So I'm not gonna be as good as what I'm doing this hand , but I've been doing this for 33 years so I can do my nondominant hand pretty good .

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I feel these lifted because the kit recommended prepping with the finer side of the file .

I recommend using the grittier side gently in doing so I believe it would have avoided this lifting problem .

So what we are talking here , a person with a lot of experience and we're still experiencing some lifting and some wear and tear and the natural nail pulling away , which is a natural nail issue .

It is not a product issue , but I'm gonna go through it step by step on how to make these look great .

The number one rule , I mean , a fill , I could do days on fills so many different variables and problems .

But the number one thing I can tell you in this video , I'm going to focus on is get rid of the lifting and don't take , I just did a little video .

Don't take the dental floss and rip it off .

Please don't do that .

I'm just gonna grab my BT Art Box E file .

You can buy it from Amazon .

It's very affordable and I am going to do , I'll show you several ways you can do this , you can get your nail drill and you can start to file it off .

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Now , it's gonna be a fair bit taking all these off .

So I kind of do want a drill .

If I can get one an E file , you can do this with a hand file , but it's a bit more effort and work .

So look at these guys , hey , look at this .

So the first thing I need to take them down when I'm filing just a quick tip .

I move my dominant hand more , right ?

It is my dominant hand .

I'm working on .

But my non dominant hand is doing all the work .

So hold that e file steady and then move your finger .

So all I do is a terminal length .

See if I'm holding my drill steady and I'm moving the finger and I will shorten all the nails first to the length that I want the nails to be OK .

So let's sort of just focus on the one finger here .

Maybe this finger is better for the camera to see .

So I will determine my length .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So the purple that's in there , that's from a previous video where I dropped ink in there .

So you could see the lift a little bit clearer and it's still there .

Of course , you can't get out .

So I'm gonna shorten them to where I want .

And the next is I've got to get rid of the lift .

That's the number no matter what you're doing , whether it's poly gel , whether it's jelly tips , acrylic gel , anything you're using corn starch , anything , the lift must come up .

The reason why removing the lift is so important is because you don't want a pocket that's lifted .

It's discolored .

It may have stuff under it , bacteria dirt .

You don't want to put more product over top of it .

It's very simple .

Really .

You must , when you get your teeth done , they do the same thing , they take out all the decay before they put the new stuff in .

And that's the same thing we're doing with the nails , we just don't want any lift with dirt and bacteria to be sealed in there with the new product .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

OK ?

So what this looks like by hand , the Kiss acrylic kit does come with everything that you need .

It may not be the pro materials that I want , but they pretty much come with everything that you do need .

So that , that looks like what this is .

I can just file it off .

Now , when it comes to this part , it's not a real strong grid .

I mean , it's doable , but you just gotta be diligent and file it away .

Now , a lift is kind of a funny thing .

The more and more you file a lift , the thinner it becomes and gently , it just kind of flakes off .

It may be tempting to take a nipper and try to peel it off .

Only do that if your lift is actually lifted , but don't do that to nail that's actually attached .

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I'm gonna see if I can get rid of this dust here so you can see it clear .

But if you can see that Carmen can you get in there and see that , see that little lift there and you can see it all the way around there .

You see that sort of whiteness that really all has to come up and it can be a little bit harder with a nail file and it can be easier with an E file , but an E file does require more skill and learn how to do it .

So , if you are comfortable with an E file , it definitely will make your life easier to get those lifts and you gotta do that with every single finger and every single lift .

Now , in all fairness , wear and tear is a big part between having them first done to your next nail fill .

So if I let these go another three weeks , they will eventually fall right off .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

They need some TLC .

Now look at that pinky .

Can you see that camera ?

Yeah , it's really , really lifted so that you kind of just file as much as you can .

You are filing the lift too .

But the thinner it gets , the more you can just flake it off and then the edge that it comes from , you have to be able to see , look at that .

It's not thin enough to come yet .

I'm gonna tack it more with the drill , the E file and the goal is is to go over it and over and over it and it gets thinner and thinner and thinner .

So then eventually it just flakes off sometimes just a quick tip .

I'll point it with my little pointer here .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

But if you just see , can you see the point where I don't know if you can see this Carmen where , see how this is kind of pink that's attached and all this whiteness is all lifted , but there is a line between detached and lifted .

If you target your drill piece on that line , you'll just separate it , like taking the hinges off of a door .

See what I'm doing .

I'm sort of filing it as the joint part .

Now , the closer it gets to your finger , the more it takes an opportunity to burn a little because it's closer to your finger and the heat , the friction can build up .

So , just be very , very careful .

So why I do quick little bursts ?

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Ok .

Now , let's see if I can see that .

Look , see that barn door effect .

I'm not ripping any of my natural nail off .

I'm just now taking the thin piece that is lifted off .

So all that has to come up .

Ok ?

So I'm gonna do that to all these nails and get prepared to put the product on .

Ok .

So I have taken off all the lifted area .

Not unlike if you're painting a wall or redoing a piece of furniture , you get rid of all of the lifted paint , everything that's gross and then you want to dust free .

So I'm going to remove all of the dust and that bubble on the thumb .

You saw me get that up .

That's exactly what I was doing was taking that all up .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So it's already now prepared and of course , it can look like this one looks totally wonky .

There's a whole side missing here .

I squared these ones up because I went a bit shorter and it's looking pretty good .

The thumb is a little bit on this side too .

I can add a little bit more so it's all dry and ready to go .

I'm gonna get a little bit of alcohol .

There's no dehydrator in this kit .

So I'm just gonna get some alcohol and just cleanse the entire nail .

And now I'm getting ready to actually fill the nail .

Now , I will say there is so much in prepping the nail .

You can use that file in the kit , but it will take you quite some time .

So if you do get your hands on an E file , they're really inexpensive .

This particular one from Amazon , it will make your life easier and having the right bits .

And I do have some videos about that as well , but don't be hard on yourself .

You guys , that part is very , very involved .

So here we are , we're ready to fill them now .

So in this kit they give you a primer .

Now , the primer in particular is very large bottle .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

It's almost as big as the monomer .

You don't need that much .

You'll never use that much in this particular little kit , but I'm just going to gently add primer just to the nail , the natural nail that's grown out , please don't over saturate this area as well .

You just want to put enough in there on the natural nail .

If you hit the acrylic , it doesn't matter .

It's not a big deal .

Ok .

So the brush did get a little crusty , but that could be because I left too much in there .

So I dipped it in a little bit of acetone and it actually held out .

Ok .

It's not , it's a little fluffy and it's a little wild .

But you know what ?

And that may be why I didn't fit in this as well because it just isn't quite as fine tuned .

That could be the issue .

So somewhere along the line , I just didn't do it as good .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So I'm gonna put the um kiss acrylic .

Now , this stuff , they do have this little apple thing to make it not smell as much .

So I'm gonna pop it in the dish .

Now this will be for cameraman more because I don't really smell this stuff very much at all , but it's apple fresh and you just put a few drops inside of it 3 to 5 drops .

Now , if you smell this itself , it really does smell like apples .

However , if it mixes in with that , I don't know if it makes a difference .

Do you think it , do you smell it at all as far as the acrylic goes ?

No , not right now .

Ok .

So I am going to put , I try to put these close because so I can just gather them together and get it on to my hand .

Ok .

So I'm gonna focus on the one finger because it actually needs a form when I was removing them .

You guys , there's another way you can remove , you could simply soak it all off in Acetone and start again with the tips to make that easier if you'd rather go that route .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

But if you're going to utilize the kit as a fill , then you can do it this way too .

I'm just sort of giving you another option .

So the kiss kit did include some forms .

I didn't use them the first time because we went with the tips .

But I'm gonna need a little form because see this finger here , it's missing the side .

So I'm not gonna put a tip on top of that .

So I'm going to form it a little bit .

It's a nice little form , nice thick flavor .

I like that because it gives a nice structure .

I just , I don't need it for the whole nail .

I just really need it for that one side , but I wanna make sure that I place the form properly , right ?

So that it supports the one side that I'm gonna add .

Ok .

Now , I will say when I was applying it the first time , the first set that I put on , I did notice it cures quite quickly .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So maybe get a little bit more monitor because maybe that's why it was cracking to or lifting a little bit .

That might have been why it was lifting because it just wasn't adhering enough because maybe the bead was a little too dry .

I'm used to more of a professional line .

So it , um , has a bit more of a , um , I'm just used to how it works , whereas this might just be a little bit drier .

So I'm going to grab a bead , whoopsie this finger here and I'm going to place it on there , dry it off and I'm gonna try to work with it a little bit quicker because like I said , I did notice this stuff sets up pretty quick and I wanna get it in place , see how it's , it's already setting up .

That is incredibly fast .

And that could be because for this particular product , I had too much powder .

So honestly , if you are working with this and you're not used to working with it , that's gonna throw your bead ratio off .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So I'm gonna go in there and I'm gonna get more monomer and I'm gonna try to get less powder .

So I'm sitting in that powder a lot less time and I'm going to have to work very fast because this stuff sets up pretty quickly , which will be really tough .

If you're not used to acrylic , I'm not liking it and I'm used to a fast setting acrylic .

OK ?

And the brush is getting kind of fluffy .

So it's a little harder to work with .

I'm gonna get that bead again that I talked about and I'm gonna put that bead here on the side because I just want to , this is when the , the curing up is gonna work for you .

Actually , it's already starting to clear up .

This is just a few seconds .

That's really very , very quick .

It's really too quick .

See , so I'm just squaring that out .

See how I did that .

There you go .

I'm just gonna leave that .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

But you can , now you can see that little gap there .

So I'm gonna get more monomer not gonna tap off to the side too much because this stuff reallys up fast .

So I'm just gonna grab that bead , let it fall into place there and just pat it out .

Get in and get out as fast as you can .

Ok .

That's it .

It's done .

So the pinky had the most lifting and the most problems .

So I'm gonna make smaller beads so I can control it better before the product starts to cure .

And whenever you're not happy with something , you really want to analyze what you could do better to make it better in the long run because I'm gonna work with it a little bit faster .

That's a smaller bead .

I have better control over that even though it cures up quite quickly .

And I think the warmer the room is too , it's gonna cure up a little quicker .

That's already clearing up .

I can't move it anymore .

That's fast .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Very , very fast .

So I am going to get more monomer .

I don't want a huge bead because I want to be able to control it before it sets up , I'm gonna put it right there .

I'm trying to get it into the cuticle there and I'm gonna make it thinner this time because I don't want it to lift so badly and it's starting to set up again .

So I just need to get in and get out because it sets up so fast too .

It settles in the brush too and that's gonna be a little bit annoying when we're trying to work with it .

Ok ?

I think I did a better job on the uh pinky this time .

But um I'm gonna go ahead now and fill the rest .

Ok ?

So when you uh get rid of your little brush , just make sure that you clean it in the monitor and wipe it on your paper towel and there's any stuff stuck in there , get rid of it , like take it out with a cuticle stick , go like this , get rid of it .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Try not to touch the monitor with your fingers all the time and um , then you can put your brush away .

I don't know how long that little brush is gonna last .

I did a kit review a few years ago and that brush did barely made the new set that I did in one hand , but this brush is holding out a lot better .

Ok .

Now I'm just gonna file these up and I can use the hand file that they provided .

So I'll try my best to use this hand file , but as you can see it is wearing away and I don't know how long it's gonna last , but I've got my trusty little set and I've made that so everybody can purchase it just like you can these products here and the E file and trying to make it everything that you can get so you can do this too .

So I'm just gonna go ahead and just sculpt these up .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Ok .

So I did my filing with this file and it's got a little wear and tear but it held up pretty good for the whole thing .

And now I'm just finishing with the little file that they do supply in the kit .

They don't supply oil , but that's ok .

I've got some , I'm just gonna oil them up and I'm gonna wash them up and then I'm gonna polish and let's take a look at the after pictures .

Look how adorable they look , we shorten them , we fill them , we watch the apex , we clean them up a lot and look underneath too .

How clean that is little dust on there , but that's beautiful .

Fantastic .

You can see how important prepping and filing is before you fill your nails .

You're gonna wanna check out some more videos I have click on this .


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