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2023-08-09 09:59:04

How To Clean All-White Vans Slip-on With Reshoevn8r

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What's going on guys , Johnny Bubbles back with another cleaning video today , I will be cleaning these advances , slip ons with rejuvenator , three brush sneaker , laundry system and sneaker laundry detergent that is available at rejuvenator dot com .

You can find all these products in the description below .

So go ahead and check out rejuvenator dot com guys .

But without further ado , let's get bubbly .

All right guys for this video , I am only going to be cleaning the right shoe .

So I'm gonna put the left one onto the floor and the first step is to grab our adjustable shoe tree and adjust it to size .

Now we do get a lot of questions on how to do that .

So what you do is you just pop off these little metal tongs here by clicking them together .

Go ahead and adjust it to your desired size .

I cheated and I already know where it goes .

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You wanna make sure that the shoe tree looks like this as you put it in and then when you press down , it's a easy , nice push and that's gonna go ahead and allow you to apply more pressure when you're cleaning that toe cap .

All right guys .

The next thing to do is grab our bottom solution , just pour a few small squirts into our bowl of water .

And the first brush I'm gonna begin with is the soft bristle brush .

All right .

I think I'm done with that soft crystal brush .

Let's go ahead and check out the shoe .

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Now , I do still have a few deep stains , guys .

Not sure if you can see that right here in this area .

And also on the back hill right here , there's some deeper stains .

So what I'm gonna go ahead and do is use our medium bristle brush to go ahead and get some of those deeper stains out and then I move on to the mid so and the out .

So with the stiff bristle brush .

So let's go ahead and do that now .

All right guys .

So I just got done hitting up the uppers with the medium brush .

Unfortunately , the stains are still there and this one right here as well .

Hopefully , the laundry system can go ahead and flush that out .

I'm not exactly sure what caused the stain .

It looks yellow um , in this little dot Here and right here .

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So hopefully it's not like paint or anything that's gonna stain it , but we won't know until I put it in the laundry system .

Um But next up guys is the uh the mid and the out .

So , so I'm gonna go ahead and start that with the stiff bristle brush .

All right , guys , I think I am done cleaning the entire shoe .

Go ahead and check that out .

One thing I wanna point out before moving on to putting the shoe in the laundry bag is the dingy look that the uppers are having .

As you can see , it's not as white as like the mid .

So it's kind of dingy color .

Um , if you don't use a laundry system and you try to pre treat it like I just did right now .

Unfortunately , that dingy color is not gonna go away because this canvas material has layers .

All you're really doing when you're cleaning it is just pushing dirt deeper into the layers and when it dries , it's gonna look brown .

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So you always wanna make sure you put these in the wash .

So let's go ahead , grab our laundry bag .

Now , put the shoes in there like , so I always wanna make sure you lock it down with both straps and if you want two guys , if this is too much and it's too extra .

What you can do is just wrap it around your shoe and then tie it with the other one and boom , you're ready to go .

So let's go ahead and put these in the wash .

All right guys , we are in the wash .

It's gonna be our last and final step .

All I'm gonna do is put the shoes in the washer , use about one ounce of our detergent .

Put on cold water , normal cycle , leave it for about an hour and we'll be right back .

All right guys , we are back .

I went ahead and let these dry for a few days and as you can see , they clean up super nice .

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Now , I'm super , super impressed guys with this cleaning .

I know what a lot of you guys are gonna say vans look better , all beat up and crusty , in my opinion , if I see like a fine little and she got some dusty vans .

It's a no go for me , but that's just me .

But anyways , guys , I went ahead and clean these up using rejuvenator , advanced brush your laundry system and sneak laundry detergent that is available at rejuvenator dot com .

Make sure you check out the description below for a little promo code that's gonna wrap it up guys .

I'm Johnny Bubbles .

I'll see you guys next time us .


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