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2023-08-06 15:25:11

NEW_ How to Create A PSN ACCOUNT on PS4! + Free Trial Info (Tutorial 2019)

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Hey , everyone .

This is Tim from your 62 .

Are you new to playstation and want to know how to create a new playstation account on your PS 41 ?

This easy tutorial .

I'm gonna show you how to do that coming up next .

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The first thing we will need to do if you're already log in with another account , hold down the playstation button and go down to power and go to log out of PS four or switch user to get back to this screen right here .

So we can create a new user by going over to the left and selecting the new user icon right here .

Let's go ahead and press X and we're gonna want to create a new user .

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The top option , select that and then read through this user agreement if you want to or just go to accept , we are gonna want to press next and it's asking us to sign into playstation Network .

Then we are gonna wanna go down to new to playstation Network and create in an account .

And this is very easy guys , you can do this in just a couple of steps .

This will only take us two or three minutes more .

Let's sign up now by pressing sign up .

Now , now we're gonna need to type in our country , our region .

I'm in the United States .

So I'm gonna select that language is English .

Then we're gonna need a birth date that's at least 18 years of age or older .

So let's go ahead and make sure we're at least 18 .

So anything uh before the year 2001 should be good .

So let's go with 2000 .

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There we go 2000 and let's go to next and then we're gonna need a postal code .

So type in your local area code and mine is 54111 and it's gonna auto populate your postal code in your city after that and then go down to next and we're gonna need to type in an email address that's valid .

So let's go ahead and type in my email address and then press done and then you're gonna have to come up with a password .

Let's go ahead and come up with a generic password here .

Let's go with youtube 11 and go down and type it in , in it .

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And then if you want promotions , uh make sure you check this or uncheck it , if you don't want any things sent to your email address and then go down to next and then from here you're gonna be able to pick your icon that you can use .

There's tons of different icons on here and all , there's 275 .

Let's go ahead and select something from the RPG category .

How about this Elf lady ?

And now it's time to come up with an online ID and this is gonna be your game or take that people are gonna see you when you're in uh Call of Duty Fortnite and when you're sending a friend request , this is what other people are gonna see .

So be careful when you're coming up with this and come up with something unique .

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Mine is gonna be your six studios because that's my channel name and then go to and type in my first name and my last name and then go down to next and from here on out , you can change your settings like uh your activities if you want to share it with your friends or share it with everyone or just yourself and go to confirm same thing with trophies .

And if you want hidden games on here , you can go ahead and do that on here and the next page is gonna have a little bit more of privacy settings like who can send you friend requests and also who can view your profile and your friends list and you can go through these options right now .

Let's go to friends and this is going to manage people who can see my profile .

Do I , I want friends of friends to see my profile ?

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Anyone friends only or no one typically for these settings , I just set it to friends of friends .

However , if you have friend requests up to friends of friends , people in game like Fortnite or Call of Duty , they won't be able to send you a friend request by default .

That option is set to anyone can send you a request .

Let's go over to the next page and the next page takes that privacy setting just a little bit further .

This will be your personal info and your messaging area .

The first option is real name and search .

I haven't said to anyone right now .

So this will allow anyone to find the name , Tim S and associate it with my account right now .

Messaging is said to anyone but I can go to friends only or no one .

I'm just gonna keep it at anyone right now .

So I suggest going through these options and getting everything set up the way you want in terms of your privacy setting .

I personally like everything set up to friends or friends .

If I have that option , this allows me to avoid all those toxic messages that get sent to you over like Rocket League or Call of Duty .

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Let's press snack and go to the next page and go ahead and accept the terms of service and user agreement .

Ok .

Now your playstation network sign information has been saved on your playstation four press .

Ok .

And here is my new user on my playstation four Tim S with the online ID of your six studios .

And if you want to change any of your privacy information , you can do that by going over to the top bar and going to profile , you will need to type in your email and password again .

But if you thought about changing the way that your friend request or your messages are sent to you , you can do that from this area .

And if you're not already a playstation plus member , you do have the option for a free trial by going to free trial .

However , the bad news is you will need to enter a credit card and the credit card will be charged at the end of the free trial for a membership of playstation Plus .

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So if you don't want to be charged , make sure to end any recurring fee before the free trial is up .

So creating an account on PSN is very easy guys .

If you like this video or I helped you out at all , go ahead and leave me a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel down below and check out some of the other videos coming up next on your six studios .


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