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2023-08-06 16:22:55

How to make movie theater popcorn!

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Hey , everybody .

I'm gonna show you how to use the popcorn machine today .

Get that theater popcorn taste .

There's also products that you can use .

I got another video to that , check out the link in the video that'll show you all the products that I'm going to use .

Along with the links in that video where you could purchase these items and these items .

I'm , I'm telling you the products will give you the , also that popcorn taste don't go out and you know , use the oil from the store .

Um , you know , that stuff that you could pop in a pan , you wanna get a little bit of the professional stuff .

It's gonna cost you a little bit more .

It's not , it's not bad but the supplies that you get , it's gonna last you a long time , especially for the normal person .

If you're making popcorn once or twice a week , it's gonna last you a , a long time and if you make it less even longer , but here I go , we're gonna show you how to use the popcorn machine .

This one , this machine is called a Superior Popcorn company made by that .

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Um , I got it on Amazon and I'll put a link in this video showing you where to get this popcorn machine .

And it's , it's quite simple .

You got the three buttons here , the three buttons show the warmer , the stir and the pot heater .

Now , first things first , it actually gives you instructions on there on the screen and you also come with instructions in the video .

I mean , not in the video but in the um , in the box in this you get , get these , I think there's about 50 here awesome popcorn bags .

I haven't used them yet and we got three of the superior uh plastic containers .

They are nice but over time they're starting to um and I mean , I've only had this for a while and , and they're already starting to uh fade .

The lines are streaky .

I don't know , I don't know what to call that , but it's , yeah , but they're nice to have , they're pretty cool .

You know , if you don't want to use paper all the time , you got a nice little thing .

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It looks like a popcorn bag .

So first things first you wanna open this baby .

Yeah , and you want to turn your warmer on first , this turns the light on .

That's the first thing you want to do .

Get that , that light nice and warm .

Now that light is going to get hot .

So make sure you keep your hands away from that .

The other thing you don't have to worry about in this machine is everything else getting hot .

The glass does not get hot , this does not get hot .

So if you have little kids like I do and they go to touch the outside , it's not gonna hurt them .

The only thing that really does get hot , like I said is the light .

And then once you use in pop the popcorn , the kettle gets really hot .

So do not touch that .

And it even says on there , uh , if I can try again , do not touch .

So it does get hot .

Otherwise the outside , even the glass , nothing else gets hot .

So that's a nice thing .

Um , first things , first you got the warmer .

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Like I said , you turn that light on , you don't wanna start the stir yet or the pot heater , you gotta measure out your oil , put your oil in , then you start the pot heater .

Let me get my oil real quick .

All right .

Now , the cool thing about this machine is it comes with measuring cups .

You got these measuring cups .

One , you measure the , uh , the kernels with the other one you measure , um , your salt with and the other , you measure with your oil .

Now you wanna put your oil with the big one , especially if you're gonna do about four .

This is an eight ounce kettle if you're doing about four ounces and you're gonna do about eight ounces , which I'm gonna do eight , do two scoops of the kernels .

In this and then do a whole scoop of the , the , um , the oil in the , in the big scooper .

I'll show you all right .

I got my , my oil used , I'm using coconut oil and you wanna put this in the kettle ?

This is the bigger scooper .

Yeah .

It kind of looks disgusting .

But you want flavor .

This is what you're gonna want .

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Put that in the kettle and start the warmer .

Here we go .

We got the oil inside there .

And so we're ready to turn our warmer on .

Now , you leave the stir off right now .

You just turn the warmer on the pot heater .

I should say turn that on , that'll start warming up .

Just close that or you know what ?

You can even leave it open .

You can kind of see when the oil will start to uh melt , but that oils is melted and it's starting to like steam up .

You'll start seeing steam come from the pot .

That's when you're gonna want to enter your , your kernels in your salt .

Then you turn on your stir and get things going .

I'll show you that in a second .

All right .

It's been about three or four minutes as long as it takes .

And as you can see , I'm starting to get steam and once you get that steam , that means it's time to add your kernels and add your salt .

There .

It is nice and steamy and everything inside it's all melted .

So add your kernels , which you're gonna measure two of these .

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This is just plain and you wanna turn your steer on .

OK .

Turn that on .

Steer is moving around inside .

Add your cop porn , have the kernels inside there and then add your salt .

Slowly add the salt in .

It's gonna mix it around , slowly , mix it in .

The stir is gonna move it all around for you .

You had him close that up , close the door and let the magic happen .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Uh You'll see the seam on the windows that's normal and you're gonna have steam , which helps make the popcorn .

Honestly , it really makes it taste better .

It keeps the doors closed while it's popping .

You don't wanna wait till the laptop popcorn kernel pops .

You're gonna want to turn it off , turn the pot heater off and turn the steer off as you can hear , it's already stopping .

It's getting slower .

I think it's pretty much done .

Gonna turn pot heater off and the stir off .

You don't want it to burn if you leave it on too long , let it finish kind of the few popping and then you go in there and you dump it all a little steam in there .

Oh man , it smells so good .

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And then you just wanna dump it , think it's nice and empty .

That's it .

Then you have fresh popcorn .

Now , if you want to , you're gonna add some salt to the top of that with the salt that you've used to pop it with , you can add a little bit more Sprinkle that over that and then put butter , you can put it in your , in your container .

Whatever your bowl that you'd like to use in this video , the popcorn kernels that I used , I used um members Mark .

It's a £50 bag of kernels that come a fan club .

I shake all the salt , some salt over it .

And now I'm just kind of mixing everything up and then , you know , whatever left over kernel , which there really aren't many .

You can get caught in the , in the uh the ketcher down there .

Then you kind of keep the popcorn in the under the warmer and you can make as many of these batches as you want and it'll pretty much fill up and they'll stay in there .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Um And then you fill your bag up and well , there you have it .

I use my butter that I like to put on the top .

Um I'll show you the products that I use , the oils , the salt , the butter and the kernels , everything in another video .

Please subscribe and I'll put a link to this video the next video in the end of this right here in the corner .

And then I will also put that link down in the bottom .

So check it out , please subscribe and check these products out because exactly what's gonna give you that theater popcorn taste .

I mean , honestly , this stuff tastes amazing and I mean , it's really , hm , that's good .

Really good .

Please subscribe .

Check out my other videos .

Thank you .


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