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2023-08-06 15:58:38

How to Tie a Half Windsor Knot _ Art of Manliness

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All right .

So this next knot we're gonna do is the half Windsor knot .

It's a step up , I think from the four in hand knot , it gives you more , it gives you a triangle shape , more symmetrical knot .

Um That classic tie look that a lot of guys are looking for and it's great for ties that are made out of medium to heavy fabric .

And honestly , I think it works with any type of collar .

Some people suggest you should wear it with a spread collar , but you could probably go with straight collar as well .

What are you gonna do ?

Now , start off with the tie around your neck , the wide end on your right , the narrow end on your left with the wide end draping a little bit lower than the narrow end .

You're gonna take the wide end , bring it across the front of the narrow end just like that and then you're gonna wrap it around again .

All right .

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So it looks like that and you're gonna take the narrow , the wide end and you're gonna bring it down through the loop between your neck and your thigh .

Just look at that .

All right .

So you notice you kind of have a triangle starting to form right now and bring your wide end up to the right .

And now what you're gonna do is you're gonna take the wide end and bring it across from right to left over the knot .

So it should look like that .

And then you're gonna take the wide end and bring it up to the loop again , let it drip down just like that .

And then you're gonna have this , the knot for me .

Now , all you gotta do is take the wide end and slide it through that 1st , 1st loop there .

And again , working on that dimple .

You wanna get it stickier just like you do with the , the hand and all you gotta do is just tighten it up .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Half wins or not .


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