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2023-08-08 07:05:23

BREAKFAST IDEAS _ Red Velvet Waffles

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Hi , everyone .

It's Nika here with my Red Velvet Waffle recipe .

If you have been with me a couple of years , I think about two or three years ago I shared this in one of my table scapes , but I never did share the actual recipe which I'm excited to share with you today .

This is great to fix on the first day of school or with the holidays around the corner .

This is perfect and I'm excited to share , share it with you .

Now , this is a collaboration with the Fabulous Rosie from the youtube channel .

I heart recipes .

Love her .

We've teamed up again and she's gonna share with you her red velvet cake .

I'll link that video below .

Definitely , go check it out and you'll definitely want to subscribe to her because she has some fabulous recipes on her channel .

So let's jump right in .

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Ok .

You need two cups of all purpose flour .

You need two teaspoons of baking powder , two teaspoons of baking soda and half a teaspoon of salt .

Four tablespoons of unsalted butter , 1/4 cup of brown sugar , three large eggs , one tablespoon of red food coloring and a 1.5 tablespoons of natural unsweetened cocoa along with two cups of buttermilk .

If the first thing you wanna do is in a bowl , you wanna add your flour along with your baking powder , your baking soda and your salt , and then you're just gonna whisk that all well together in a separate bowl .

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You want to add your brown sugar along with the melted butter and you want to mix that well together , you then want to separate your eggs , your egg yolk from your egg whites .

You want to add the egg yolks to your brown sugar mixture and just mix that well , you then want to add in your buttermilk to that mixture and mix well in a separate bowl .

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You want to put your cocoa along with your food coloring and you wanna mix that well till it's like a paste .

You then want to add your batter to the paste and mix well .

Now I start out with using my spoon just to get it mixed .

And then I move on to my whisk because I want to whisk it well .

And when you whisk it , it is going to be lumpy and that's totally fine .

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You didn't wanna take your wet batter and you wanna put it into your dry mixture and you want to mix it well with your hand mixer , you want to beat your eggs until they're nice and fluffy and you want to then fold that into your batter and I usually do it in about fourth .

I'll take 1/4 of it folded in , then take another four , fourth and fold it in .

You then want to preheat your waffle iron according to your manufacture instructions , you know , every waffle iron is different and I'll link my specific one below .

In case you're interested , you take your cooking spray and you spray down your waffle iron and then you add a cup of that batter into your waffle iron and I will gauge a cup that makes about one waffle .

And so you wanna just make sure to cover your whole bottom plate there and then you're going to cook your waffle according to your iron and you're good to go .

You then have some delicious red velvet waffles .

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This is such a fun meal , add your maple syrup , add your whipped cream if you want powdered sugar , whatever your preference .

This is such a fun and delicious meal .

I do have that simpler recipe that gives you more of a cake batter to , to your waffle , but still in waffle form , I'll share that if you're interested .

Definitely don't leave without giving me a thumbs up if you enjoyed this video and check out my friend Rosie .

It's linked below her red velvet cake will be off the charts .

I hope you all are doing great .

I'll see you at the next video in this Snicky saying goodbye .


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