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2023-08-09 10:17:45

Easy Curry Chicken with Potatoes - Lots of Sauce for Roti or Rice!

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Hello , friends .

It's Ria of cooking with Ria and today it's a Wednesday after work and I'm hanging with my nephew who's teaching me about frogs .

And I'm filming our dinner of curry chicken .

And a this recipe is slightly different from the original .

I posted a while back because of the addition of a or potatoes , which makes a nice thick gravy that you can enjoy with rice .

Roti , sada roti Dalry do roti or a roti or I hope you enjoyed today's video .

If you're interested , let's start cooking for the simple recipe .

You'll need £4 of chicken and I've used the legs here to prepare the legs .

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And if you're leaving the skin on , just remove any feathers or undesirables or excess fat , you wish to remove the skin , grab a hold of the skin with a paper towel and pull down in the opposite direction to cut it in two .

You'll need a cleaver and I'll leave the link to this below and then you just cut it down the middle .

Next , we'll soak the chicken in lime , lemon juice or vinegar for a minimum of 10 to 15 minutes , then we'll rub off any slime from each individual piece , rinse several times with clean water and drain .

Next season .

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The chicken with onion garlic banda ions , tomato pepper , black pepper , pimento peppers , salt and chicken marinated overnight or several hours .

I'm also using a combination of spices , curry powder , duck and goat curry and cumin .

If you don't have duck and goat curry powder , it's quite all right .

If you do want to buy it , I'll leave a link below .

I'll also be adding a few sprigs of fresh thyme to start cooking .

You'll put a medium narrow , fairly high pot over medium heat .

Add about four tablespoons of oil enough to cover the bottom of the pan .

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Next , we'll add some of the onions and the hot pepper and we'll cook it until it's chosen brown .

Next , we'll add the curry powder , the curry powder , the duck and gold curry and the j Oh cumin .

Yeah .

Yes .

And you stir stir to cook the curry evenly .

Reduce the heat to low .

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He's very fragrant .

Right now .

The aroma of toasted curry and cumin is very strong and the onions , the fried onions , it's a lovely , vibrant color .

Now , I'll add water and allow the cherry to continue to cook a lot .

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A touch of garlic , a little bit of the green onions to continue to flavor this pot and create the base flavors to this dish .

I'm raising the heat to medium .

We want to cook it until the curry separates from the oil and it's draining .

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Yeah .

And you can certainly marinade this chicken overnight for a couple of days in refrigerator or in the season .

Lovely flavors of garlic Calion shine .

So , the curry is brown now , really kind of grainy .

You like this chicken and we'll give it a good stir .

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Is he just on medium ?

All the extra seasonings from the bowl we'll add to the pot .

We continue to serve it for about a good five minutes .

We are still frying it here to develop the flavor .

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Now , we rubbed this to bring out some of the oils now added to the part time gives curry a really nice flavor .

Now I'll cover and reduce the heat to low and allow the chicken to release its natural juices .

The chicken has released its juices .

I'm just basting it with a curry .

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I'm going to cover it and let it continue to cook in its own juices .

Now we'll check the chicken , give it a stir .

Continue to baste and now is a good time to add the potatoes .

Now , I'll add the potatoes .

I've cut it a little chunky because my teenagers love chunky potatoes .

Hm .

And it's so lovely .

Smells amazing .

I'm gonna cover it and continue to cook , gonna raise the heat to medium .

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It's been cooking about 20 minutes and it's feeling to stick at the bottom .

I'll just give it a nice stir .

Continue to base this .

This is a good sign that it's cooked through .

Hm .

It smells really , really , really good .

This is mouthwatering .

All of the natural juices have almost evaporated .

The potatoes are tender and just going to get some hot water to make some sauce .

I love picking out these pieces and snacking on it .

Anybody else does that ?

Mm .

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Give it a taste of salt and add more if required .

And now I'll add some hot water to make a sauce about two cups .

It's all up to you .

How much sauce do you want in this dish ?

Give the stir clean down the edges .

Make sure everything's most in the sauce and the sauce will start thickening .

The meat is on low .

A gentle simmer .

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I'll cook it for about 10 minutes more just to thicken up the sauce and I'll add something green to the pop of color and some freshness and then all those flavors from this side .

I just can't wait to dig in , get some rice and a nice salad and maybe a hot pepper on the side .

A raw hot pepper .

That's why I love eating this .

Continue to be .

Continue to ba and taste .

There's nothing wrong with tasting .

Ok .

I'm gonna cover it and let it simmer for 10 minutes .

Chicken .

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The curry chicken has been simmering for 5 to 10 minutes .

The sauce is nice and thick .

Hm .

The aroma is irresistible and I'll just finish off with the scallions and the chopper manos case was salt .

That's perfect .

And that's it .

Caribbean tree curry chicken with lots of gravy and some nice chunky potatoes .

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That sauce is really delicious , so tasty .

I can't wait to dig in .

I hope you give this recipe a try .

And that's it for today .

My friends .

I appreciate you watching till the end .

If you have enjoyed seeing me cook or have learned something new , please give me a thumbs up .

Share this video with your family and friends .

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Do leave me a lovely comment below and if you've tried any of my recipes , tag me on social media until next time .

Bye bye .


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