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2023-08-09 10:19:01

Lehsuni Murg _ How To Make Garlic Chicken Curry _ Lehsuni Chicken Masala _ Chicken Recipe By Varun

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By now , I'm sure you've realized that garlic or less is my absolute favorite flavor .

And I also know that they're more like me in the room .

This recipe is for people like me .

I'm making lesson chicken .

Hey guys , it's me and welcome to get curried .

Let's begin .

Well , Leon chicken is more of a made up recipe .

It's not a traditional recipe from any state in the country .

This is more of a home style chicken where garlic predominantly rises and takes importance in this recipe .

It's very quick , very simple , very easy , very jackpot kind of recipe and all the are from your kitchen pantry .

First things first , we need to grind a fine and smooth paste of the red onions .

Of course , along with a lot of other things .

This is the only spice mix that we're gonna use while making Lasi chicken .

So this is where the flavor lies .

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Let's add in coriander seeds .

These are untoasted along with this cumin seeds , fennel seeds , car masala garlic .

Well , these are cloves of garlic .

These are some 8 , 10 of these you can increase , you can decrease , but there's more garlic in the recipe in the form of complete whole pods to this .

I'm also adding in green chilies and along with this coriander leaves , we grind this into a coarse paste and then we add in the tomatoes and the rest of the ingredients .

Our spice paste is done and ready .

I've not added even a touch of water because onions have done their job beautifully well to this .

I'm adding in red chilies .

You can add it according to the spice that you or your family prefer to this .

I'm adding in ripe red tomatoes , nice and bright .

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And along with this half a cup of the , let's grind this further into a nice and smooth paste .

Our spice paste is done and ready .

Let's move on to the next step and that is cooking the chicken a walk on high flame and this is predominantly flavored with key .

Let's add in a generous amount of key .

Well , and garlic is quite a classic combination and with chicken and the spices coming in , it's just gonna be fantastic .

Once the key heats up , we're gonna temper this with bay leaves and along with this like I promised and said lots of garlic in this recipe .

I'm adding in the entire pots of garlic .

Well , you need to take very good quality of garlic .

In this case to this .

I'm gonna add in chicken which is curry cut .

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Let's toss this .

Well , all we need to do is ensure that the chicken gets nice and golden on the outside .

And that's when we'll add in the rest of the spices .

But for now , salt has acquired well .

Of course , I've used garlic in this recipe because it's a wonderful and one of my most favorite ingredients ever to be used .

But I'm also using it because garlic also has medicine properties .

Well , India is getting nice and nipper with each passing day because winters have kind of seek in , in this weather .

Garlic is wonderful for health reasons because it helps you with proper aspiration .

It gives you higher energy levels .

It lowers your cholesterol .

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It's wonderful an ingredient .

It's also antibacterial .

It's anti fungal .

I've also heard that in olden times sports stars or athletes used to use garlic to increase their energy levels .

So yeah , if you're one of those , you can also eat raw garlic if you feel .

And I'm also adding in the spice mix which is done and ready at this stage .

Let's crape in all the beautiful goodness and give this a good mix .

We need to stir this on high flame till the gee starts releasing the sides of the pan .

And that's when we cover this and wait for the chicken to get cooked time to cover this and allow this to cook on low to medium flame for at least 15 minutes .

With this .

A Launi chicken is done and ready a quick check .

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Let's do this before everything at this stage .

You can check for salt , its texture consistency .

If you like it nice and thick like that , you can have it with non roti kula chapati or you can add in a cup full of water .

Give it a quick boil .

Also at that stage , add in a touch of salt and that's only for the remaining water content .

A quick boil with this .

Your quick simple , easy Launi chicken using , of course , home sell ingredients is done and ready .

Well , this recipe also reinstates the fact of how much I love garlic .

This recipe especially for all the garlic lovers out there .

On that note , do not forget to like share and subscribe and wait for what makes the Bombay chef gets into your kitchen .


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