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Hey , my cookies today we are going to be making some crispy and juicy southern fried chicken .

Let's cook .

Of course , we need chicken .

I'm using drums and thighs , use whatever part of the bird you want .

Just make sure you remove the excess fat and clean it .

Then we need to make a spice blend .

I'm using Cajun seasoning some poultry seasoning .

I'm using Chef Paul's poultry magic , some garlic powder , onion powder .

Wait , I think the one before was onion and that's garlic .

It don't matter .

Some lemon pepper , a little bit of celery salt and finally a little bit of paprika now mix it all together .

That's pretty .

I like those earth tones , right ?

Sprinkle half of this shit stuff on the chicken and mix it together really , really well coat it .

Well , get it all on there on the front and the back and all that , then pour on the buttermilk and don't be afraid if some of the spices come off .

Don't worry about it .

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It's cold , that buttermilk is gonna suck it all back in there anyway , just take this bowl , cover it up and pop it in the refrigerator .

You can do it overnight , but at least four hours .

Ok .

Now I'm using um self rising flour because the baking powder in self rising flour makes the chicken extra crispy .

So I'm putting that in my batter pro you can use a bag , brown paper bag .

It don't matter a shallow dish , whatever you have is just fried chicken .

Now , I'm adding corn starch because that makes it even more crispy .

We want this crunchy bird today .

All right , my baby .

Now , add in the rest of that seasoning blend and mix it together .

Really , really well .

Now we can take the chicken out of the buttermilk .

Give it a little shake .

Do not rinse , place it into your flour , your batter , pro whatever you're using , give it a shake , flip , whatever dredge it really well in that flour .

So it's evenly coated to fry my chicken .

I have my oil heated to 350 degrees .

I'm using canola oil and I'm gonna carefully place my chicken pieces in .

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I'm using a deep fryer .

You can also use a pan , a frying pan in a deep fryer .

It takes a little less time .

Dark meat takes longer than white meat to cook .

So this dark meat took about 15 minutes in my deep fryer .

However , when your chicken is done , it will start to float and also you will hear a quieter sound from the frying .

It will quiet down and you'll know your chicken is ready , but please make sure you cook it all the way through .

I am not responsible for you eating some raw bird .

Ok .

That's not coop's fault y'all get it and when it's done , go ahead and drain it on some paper towels or a wired rack and cookies .

You will have some good old southern fried chicken .

The recipe link will be down there in the description box .

Thank you guys so very much for watching .

I hope you enjoyed this .

If you did give your girl a thumbs up until next time .

Look at this thief you gotta eat .

Be blessed .


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