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2023-08-06 15:26:09

How To Create A Perfect Whiteboard Animation (7 Easy Steps)

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In this video , you will learn how to create a great whiteboard animation in seven easy to follow steps .

But why should you consider creating a whiteboard video in the first place ?

Well , research conducted by Professor Richard Weissman at the University of Hertfordshire found that when compared to a more standard talking head video whiteboard animations better help the audience retain factual information and have a greater chance of being liked and shared .

This makes them one of the best video stars for creating high impact educational content .

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If you have any further questions regarding creating whiteboard animations , let me know in the comments below , because I'll be checking the comments regularly , and we'll do my best to help .

So let's get going .

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So check them out if you need further help with this .

One thing I will mention here is that when writing the script for your whiteboard animation , make sure you keep it as short and impactful as possible .

A good rule of thumb is to remember that every 150 words of your script will be equivalent to approximately one minute in video duration .

Step two record your voiceover .

Once you've finalise your script , the next step in the process is to record your voiceover .

It is important to record your voiceover straight after you've written your script , because the voiceover will be used to mark the timings for the animation during the storyboard stage , you can either do your voiceover yourself or get it recorded by a professional voiceover artist to a high standard and at a relatively low cost .

If you decide to record your voice over yourself , make sure you use a good quality microphone and have a quiet , soundproof room to do your recording .

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And make sure the tone of your voice is expressive and upbeat as a passive monotone voice will lower the engagement of your video .

Step three story Boarding The next step in the production process is to create your storyboard .

This basically involves creating rough sketches of the visual images that you want to appear in your video during specific time intervals .

Pretty much like a comic strip , it is useful to use a storyboard template to help you with this .

There are numerous free storyboard templates online and available to download Step four .

Create your illustrations once you've finalised your storyboard .

The next step in the process is to create your illustrations using a software tool such as Adobe Illustrator or Ink Scape .

If you don't feel comfortable drawing your own bespoke images or simply don't have the time , don't worry .

You can use preexisting ones from the stock image galleries available in popular whiteboard animation production software such as video scribe and doodly .

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Just go and open up a good document or a word document , whatever your preference is , and just literally type out everything that you enjoy most and have an interest in .

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Now .

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An important thing to remember when adding music and sound effects to your video is that they should complement your story but never overshadow it .

So it's important to make sure that the volume of your sound effects and background music doesn't overpower your voiceover .

Step seven .

Thumbnail and video activation .

Having an engaging thumbnail is essential for making sure all the hard work that you put into creating your video finally pays off .

The more engaging your thumbnail , the more compelled people will be to watch your video .

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The link to which I've included in the description below promoting your video is another important component to consider .

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Just go and quickly make a digital 24 account , and this really shouldn't take any longer than , like a minute to do so .

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And once you have your account , you just want to go back to your product , and you simply want to click on the promote now button .

And just like that , you will have your partner link .

Now that you've got your partner link , something important that you want to do is mask this link , and what I mean by that is shortening the link and making it look a lot nicer .

And to do this is very simple .

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Another key factor , which separates great whiteboard animations from the more standard ones , is that the higher performing ones do a significantly better job of generating the desired emotions in their viewers .

So make sure you take into consideration how you will accomplish this through your narration , the tone of your voiceover and the use of visual images .

Upbeat and expressive videos almost always deliver better results than monotone ones .

Tip three .

Keep it traditional .

Most whiteboard animations stick to the same format of a white background with black sketches .

There is a very good reason why this formula keeps getting repeated , and that's that it simply works in general .

Diverging from this time tested approach and over using colour , particularly in the backgrounds , tends to reduce the impact of the video as it can distract the viewer from its message .

Now this doesn't mean that you should never use colour just that you should use it more conservatively .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Just go to a website like bit dot com , then paste in your link on their shortener and boom .

Just like that , you would have shortened your partner product link .

And as you can see , it does look a lot better like this .

Now that you've got your partner links sorted , we can move on to step three , and step three is going to be the lazy content strategy .

Now , for the first part of this step , you need to go ahead and get your ideas for this lazy content strategy .

So to begin , simply head to youtube dot com , and you want to type in niche that is related to your interests from the first step and then simply hit search .

Then you want to go to the top six channels within that niche , sort their videos by the most popular and take five of their most popular videos come into a total of 30 videos , and you want to write them down along with the links each of those videos in somewhere like a Google a word document .

And once that's done , we can move on to the next part of this step .

It does require a tiny bit more work , but trust me , it's a lot better than all the other methods being promoted out there because once you set this up , it can continue to pay you well into the future , meaning you can do the work once and truly enjoy passive income .

So make sure to keep watching .

This will all make sense in just a few moments .


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