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2023-08-08 07:05:28

How to Make the Best Light and Crispy Waffles

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We're Adam and Joanne from inspired taste dot net and welcome to our kitchen .

We're making crispy homemade waffles .

You don't want to miss this easy recipe .

Now , there are a few secrets for the best crispy waffles .

Look out for them in the video because nobody wants a floppy waffle .

At least I do .

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Now let's get to it .

Let's make some waffles .

Let's go .

We start with the dry ingredients , all purpose flour , corn starch .

I'll get to that in a minute .

A little sugar , baking soda , baking powder and some salt .

Everything probably looks pretty normal to you .

But one ingredient , the corn starch .

It may seem odd but it's the corn starch that makes our waffles crispy on the outside and tender on the inside .

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Once everything's in the bowl whisk well , so everything is combined .

Now for the wet ingredients , there aren't too many .

We'll need milk .

A neutral flavored oil like canola or grape seed , a whole egg and some vanilla extract .

If you can mix everything in a measuring jug , that means less dishes and more time to eat waffles .

Ok .

Now it's time to combine the wet and dry ingredients .

Pour the milk mixture into the flour mixture and whisk until blended .

Now , set the batter aside for about 15 minutes .

This helps to make sure the baking powder has time to activate another trick for the best waffles .

After 15 minutes heat your waffle iron .

This one is pretty standard .

It's simple and hasn't failed us yet .

Lightly old the mold then add just less than half a cup of batter .

I know it looks thin .

That's ok .

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Oh , and no matter how many times we make waffles , which is a lot , we always have some batter that tries to escape .

It happens to the best of us .

Plus it means the cook gets a little snack with our waffle iron .

This recipe makes five waffles .

All right .

Here's one more trick heat the oven to 200 degrees .

Then place the cooked waffles directly on the oven rack to keep them warm and crisp .

And that's it .

Easy .

Crispy homemade waffles .

Everyone will love .

Now , don't forget that you can get the full recipe with extra tips by going to inspire taste , which is our blog .

Just click the link below .

Thanks for watching .

See you next week .


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