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2023-08-06 16:12:46

How To Clean Dirty Sneakers Tutorial!

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On my feet .

Keep my cycle .

Bye bye bye bye .

He's on my feet .

Yo , what's going on ?

Everybody at Sneaker head in the bay right now .

I'm gonna show you guys how to clean pretty much any type of shoe .

A lot of people have been asking me how to clean certain type of materials .

This goes for suede new book , tumbled leather , patent , leather mesh , all those kind of materials .

So that's basically what this is for .

So all this stuff works on any type of material .

It doesn't mess anything up .

Um Jason Mark is pretty much composed of natural oil so it won't ruin the materials that you're working on .

But like I said , this is just to clean the shoe .

If you guys have any nicks in the , in the leather , any scratches , anything like that .

Um I'm pretty sure I won't get it out , but you never know .

This is just for the basically just to get the dirt off of your shoes to make them a little more uh more clean and presentable .

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So , uh for example , this yellowing right here is probably not gonna come off .

It's just the dirt on the uh , white right here .

But you guys can go ahead and feel free to check out my videos on how to get rid of the yellow Wink , remove creases , stuff like that .

But like I said , this is just general cleaning and , uh , it's pretty straightforward .

I know you guys have seen this before .

So let's get into the materials list and I'll show you guys how to do this .

The first main and most important thing you guys will need is the shoes that you are cleaning .

Also , you'll need adjacent mark cleaner .

You can go ahead and find the link in the description .

I will link you guys .

I'm not sure about the price .

I haven't bought this in a while .

Um It's lasted such a long time , but I think it's around 10 to $15 shipped .

So the cleaner comes with um the brush and the bottle .

I think it comes with something else , but I don't really use that .

So there's a brush in that .

There you go .

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You'll also need a container to hold water , anything that will fit , um , fit the brush , make sure the brush can fit in it , something like that .

And then lastly , you will need any old t-shirt rag , something soft , something clean .

And that's all you guys need .

First thing you want to do is go ahead and unlace these shoes .

So real simple , just take the laces off .

This will be a lot easier with the laces off and while they're off , you can go ahead and check out my video on how to bleach the laces and widen them .

If they're white .

If there's something else , then I just recommend just keeping them off to the side .

I'm pretty sure that they won't be super dirty .

But anyways just try to unlace these real fast and then we'll move on to the next step .

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Now that the shoes are unlaced , it'll be a lot easier to knock some dirt and dust off .

So you want to get your dry brush , knock off some of the dirt if you can .

Um , you won't notice a lot of change at first , but right now you're just kicking the dirt off .

So it's a little bit easier to clean .

You want to hold the brush , not like that , it's kind of harder to , I mean , whatever works for you .

But , um , I , I always hold the brush like this .

You put your pinky on one end and then you put your thumb on the other end , you kind of or like that and you could just brush it off like that real easy .

I just want to do this to , uh , both of the sheets .

Next thing we're going to do is get our solution ready .

So we're gonna pour some water in the container that you have .

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Uh , cold water , hot water doesn't really matter .

Both work , fill it up like 75% .

By the way , we return back to our workstation just a quick look before I clean this up for you guys .

So you guys could see a little bit of the , uh , the differences after they're done a little bit of dirt up here .

The tongue is a little bit dirty .

Like I said , guys , this is just for dirt .

It doesn't really get , get rid of the Knicks .

Um , like right there won't get rid of that .

That's some actual damage on that .

So , yeah .

All right , guys , let's get started on the cleaning process .

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First thing you wanna do is get your little container with the water , throw your brush in there and let it soak up a little bit and then you wanna pop the cap on your Jason mark , you can get the shoe real quick .

All right , so once the brush is pretty wet , you can set it off to the side like that .

Then all you're gonna do is Sprinkle some goodness up on this .

You need a couple drops and then you just go to work , you just hold the brush like I told you or whatever works for you and you just so I like that and you'll see it start to foam up .

That's how you know that it's gonna work .

It's working .

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So you just go like that , go around everywhere and if it stops foaming , then you just go ahead and dip your brush back in the water and maybe apply a little bit more of Jason Martin to it , but I like to put my hand in here to hold it warm .

Sounds perfect , I guess .

And I'll do the whole so then you guys can see um just the technique of that .

So before I move on to the other side , I wanna go ahead and dry this side .

Um get your little rag just dry the area real fast .

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Um You let these air dry , you don't have to get them super dry , but for the sake of time , I'll just show you guys how to do all this , just wipe it down and then I'll continue it on the other side and then show you guys the uh the results after .

So here's the shoe after like I said , it doesn't get rid of nicks , scuffs , scratches , anything like that .

So all the stuff that you see that's still there , that's some actual damage done to the shoe , but most of the dirt is off and the tag is cleaned .

So that's how you clean pretty much all of your shoes .

Like I said , if you guys want to know how to un yellow stuff fix scratches , um please feel free to check out my other videos and yeah , one last thing before I let you guys go , if you guys would go ahead and follow me on Instagram , that'd be greatly appreciated .

The Instagram is sneaker head in the bay .

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Also , one more thing if you guys could go ahead and check out my cousin down in Texas .

Uh His new youtube channel is Retro Snickers .

He's doing the same restoring that I'm doing .

So if you guys want to go ahead and learn some new stuff from him , go ahead and feel free to check him out at Retro Snickers .

The link will be in the description .

Thank you guys for all the support and feedback .

I really appreciate all the comments and I'll catch you guys next video .

I'm out .

Have a great day .

Peace .


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