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2023-08-06 16:22:07

How We Make Cheese Popcorn

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So at Palsy's , what's unique about our cheese popcorn is several things is the way we pop our popcorn and the way we mix our cheeses and spices , the popping of the popcorn is unique because we use two methods .

We use canola oil for some , but we use coconut oil for most .

And that makes our popcorn last 4 to 5 times longer , have a better flavor and aroma .

In addition , we uniquely pop our popcorn for cheese popcorns differently than we do for the caramel .

As you can notice , most of the cheese ones have a crinkle look to it and some of the bigger blooms that we see right here with caramel .

So it holds the caramel a little bit different .

So we have a unique process to have more ratios of crinkle popcorn versus more round .

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And it's also the type of popcorn we use , we use mushroom blend , which is a species of popcorn that gives a bigger rounder bloom .

So what Pam is doing here is she's taking white cheddar mix , which is cooked in coconut oil .

She put it in a mixer to mix it up ahead of time and then she blended in our cheeses and our vegetable oil .

So that's what's unique about palsy's is we have not only the right cheeses , but we have the right equipment that gives a real fine coating of cheese throughout the popcorn and avoids what usually happens when you do it at home where you put cheese on it and it gets on the bottom of the bowl and you have to sort of mop up the flavor .

At the end , we have a really unique process to get that flavor distributed throughout the popcorn consistently .

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Yeah , what she's doing now she's going to mix it on our mixing table .

And this is also one of the ways that we get our popcorn to have very little breakage or very little seeds in it is we have this unique table here that is milled with holes in it and she's going to scrape it over one last time .

So we make cheese popcorns like four or five times a day on busy days on a slow day , two times .

And she's putting the first in first out type of mentality .

So she's raking to make sure that all the small particles go to the bottom of the tray in the table and we maximize the size and flavor of popcorn .

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In addition , when we pop our popcorn , we pop it on that table as well .

And it also minimizes the small bits of popcorn and pam step aside real quick .

You can see right here .

Those are all the things that you don't want to eat in popcorn .

And maybe if you had a gerbil , this would be good for you at home .

But these are all the small bits of popcorn that don't get popped .

Right .

And we , we constantly take great care to make sure that doesn't get in your bag .


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