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2023-08-06 16:11:49

Vick Almighty Restores SUPER TRASHED White #Nike #AIRFORCE1 With #Reshoevn8r

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What's going on youtube ?

Welcome back to this new episode of restorations with Vic .

What I have on my table today that I'm gonna show you guys how to restore are super disgusting .

All white Nike Air Force ones that Jake wants to get .

Got a hold of .

He threw a bunch of random crap on it .

They stink really , really bad .

Two things that I know are on the shoe is ketchup and mustard .

I can just smell it .

These shoes are disgusting .

Guys are a shoe made products are definitely gonna put up to the test of this video .

So without further ado , let's get it started .

First step we're gonna do is put the shoe to the side since we're only working on the left shoe for before and after purposes .

Now , before we do anything else , we're gonna want to grab our medium bristle brush so we can brush off some of this junk off the shoe .

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Yeah .

Damn .

You Jake .

OK .

So as you can see , we got a good amount of the junk completely off the shoe .

So we're gonna put this brush to the side since it's not really doing much for us .

And take it up a notch and use our steps or brush .

We're gonna want to be very careful using this brush .

You don't wanna brush all over the place because it can damage the uppers .

We're just gonna brush in one direction very gently .

Good to go with that step .

We got a good amount of the junk off , but the shoes still has a lot of crap on it .

Specifically on the shoe lace area .

I had very little luck getting the shoelaces off .

They're just too crusty .

So we have to leave them on during the cleaning process .

They're gonna soften up and then I'll remove them and clean them separately .

So moving forward , we're gonna go ahead and insert our adjustable shoe tree and adjust it to size .

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Now , the next thing we gotta do is grab a bowl of water and squirt a couple of squirts of our solution .

All prep ready to go .

First brush we're gonna be using is our Stop Bristol brush .

So it can start breaking down all the grime and dirt on the shoe .

All right guys .

So here's a quick update on the shoe .

It is super disgusting as you can see by the suds .

It's like brown and yellow , it's super disgusting .

It smells just as bad .

Um But the shoe is looking a lot better .

The Lacs are back to being soft , so we're gonna go ahead and move the laces now .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

All right , next step , we're gonna do is let the sun sit on the uppers for a little while .

We'll move on to the medium bristle brush to finish off with the uppers while we start the top bristle brush .

We're gonna go ahead and clean up the insides .

All right , guys .

So here's an update on the shoe where we're at right now .

The shoe looks a lot better .

The sock liners are starting to come back to life .

Same thing with the uppers .

We got most of the junk off the shoe , but right now we have a lot of yellow stains all over the yellow leather and a sock liner .

I'm hoping that comes out with the medium bristle brush or the washing machine .

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If not , we're gonna have to figure something out right now we're gonna move on to is the medium bristle brush so we can continue cleaning up the uppers all done with the medium bristle brush .

Guys , those stains are still in the leather .

Hopefully the washing machine will take them out .

Now , moving on to the last brush , we're gonna be using our state bristle brush so we can clean up these soles all done with the pre treatment guys .

Before we put it in the washing machine , we gotta go ahead and take care of these insoles and shoelaces .

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Alright guys , everything is fully pretreated .

Now let's go ahead and put everything inside our single laundry bag and put them in the washing machine .

Time to put these air force ones inside the washing machine .

As always , we're gonna be using cold water with the regular cycle and of course our sink detergent all done with the washing machine process .

Guys .

The shoe is fully dried and cleaned and disinfected .

The shoe is good to go .

Got all that nasty stuff completely off the shoe .

Thanks to our three brush and advance alarm system and our detergent .

One thing I do want to mention is you do not want to get mustard on your shoes .

Mustard stains really , really bad .

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As you can see here , there's a bunch of yellow stains on the leather and the rubber sole .

Be careful with that .

If you ever get mustard shoes , wipe it off right away because this shoe , it sat for a while and as you can see its stained it , I'm not too worried about it because we are gonna be repainting the uppers and we are gonna be removing the yelling off the soles .

So let's go ahead and do that .

Use 40 the sun .

So long care 40 is applied .

Let's go ahead and put the shoe outside and then bring them back in a couple of hours .

We are bad guys .

We got the shoes fully oxidized .

Not only did the yelling come out the but it also came out the uppers .

I can't explain what happened .

The sun out here is really , really strong .

The UV rays must have just wiped off all the yelling on the uppers .

Like I said , I can't explain what happened .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So if you guys have any shoes that have mustard stains on them , go wipe it off , put them in the sun , there's a good chance the sun will take care of it for you .

Now , moving on with this restoration , we gotta do some work on the uppers on the uppers .

The yelling is gone , but there's still a lot of paint scuffs all around .

There's faded areas this area right here specifically and back here , the previous owner tried to repaint .

Um , he covered up on scuffs .

It looks very uneven .

So we gotta wipe all that stuff off , wipe off all the factory finish so we can paint it first things first use some and balls to wipe all that stuff off , all done with the prep work .

This step is very important .

If you don't take your time doing the step , the paint won't adhere to the material properly .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Now , let's go ahead and move on to the next step by taping off the and the sock liner all taped up .

Let's lay down our paint .

We'll be using the cards , opaque white and our airbrush to do so .

We got the white paint laid down looks super smooth .

Got to pop it again .

It looks almost brand new .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

We already let them dry for a couple of hours .

Now , we gotta go outside to protect this paint job by spraying some car mat finish .

Let's go .

All right , guys almost done with this restoration before we lace it up .

As you can see right here .

The tongue patch is super frayed up covered in limp balls .

We're gonna use my limp shaver to shave it down .

All right guys , that is gonna bring us to an end on this full restoration on these all white Air Force ones .

This right here is a true day and night restoration .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

The first step I did to bring the shoe back to life was use our green brush and mas alarm system and a detergent to get rid of all this junk and give the shoe a proper deep clean and set it out after the cleaning was done .

We put the shoes outside with in the and wiped off all the yellowing while the shoes were out there , there was some heavy yellowing on the upper thanks to the mustard that the sun magically wiped off .

Super lucky .

Then I brought the shoe back inside , did a lot of prep in the upper , taped it all off and gave it a fresh new paint job to complete this restoration .

You can find all the stuff you see right here guys at dot com .

Use my promo code in the description below .

Hope you guys enjoyed this video since Almighty .

I'll see you guys next Monday .


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