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2023-08-08 06:56:10

Lost 20 kgs no oil chicken biryani in pressure cooker chicken masala biryani @ Masterchef Telugu

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Yank chef's influence check the madness on Instagram .

I have lost 20 kgs during the shoot of Masterchef .

And it is not that difficult and it is not that difficult .

So we're going to learn a lot from this today .

We're gonna make no oil .

Chicken biryani .

Yeah , you heard it right .

Make it like a plow but a little bit juicy so that you can enjoy it thoroughly .

So for this , you know , for two cups of rice , usually I suggest four cups of water .

But here you can add six cups of water .

Had salt , add mint leaf coriander , leaf pitch of doric ginger garlic paste .

A little bit of chili powder , green chili for that extra spice .

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A little bit of chicken masala or masala and chicken and onions .

Let it cook for at least five minutes .

Golden rule for oil .

This cooking is eat it right away .

It tastes best when it is just freshly cooked .

Hm .

No one can say there is no oil because the fragrance is so good in this .

Make it even more healthy .

I'm going to add some vegetables , potatoes , carrots , tomatoes , flavor it even better by adding some curd .

Add the rice .

I'm using regular rice , not even bay , but the amount of water is not two times more than that and mix it .

Now , we're going to cook this for more than two whistles .

That is three whistles , then switch it off .

You want this to be nice and juicy so that you can thoroughly enjoy it .

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No oil , biryani , enjoy it with some masala , salt , chili , chopped coriander , chopped tomato and onion .

A boom , boom .

I can eat all of it by myself .

Everybody wants to be a during this festival season .

And my really , really is helping me .

People from all over the world have taken my challenge .

Somebody wants to lose weight .

Somebody wants to build immunity .

But those coming out , you know , my friend Arun Rajan from Canada has taken my ali challenge and he's challenging me to do the greetings , the yoga expert , business entrepreneur .

He keeps sending me these pictures and asking me to do the greetings , Arun Rajan .

I have done your greetings .

You better continue and spread the word of Mali three S and switch off the flame .

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The experts at that you eat what you love .

Full portion , that means full nutrition but limited portion .

My roti and my other food items , two , I'm going to remove it and add full portion of oil biryani loaded with vegetables , fresh steaming hot , two cutter is gone .

Same portion and doctor Megan Ai will call me and tell me you don't stuff your portions but that's ok .

And slightly full portion , full nutrition and perfect portion .

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20 kgs losing 20 kgs comes with a simple secret throw away all the packed foods , no cookies , no chips , nothing and no leftovers in the fridge .

Always cook fresh and eat .

This mantra worked for me .

Try if it works for you when it is hot and fresh , it gets super super tasty .

Hm .

With full of vegetables , it's even more better .

Mm .

Mm mm .

When it is fresh and hot .

No oil , no problem .

Hm .

Super tasty love .

Don't forget your fresh fruits for the day .

Hm .

We will have a lengthy conversation for a healthy lifestyle but do follow us on Instagram .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

The links are given in the description Yank chefs influence check the madness on Instagram .


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