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2023-08-09 10:16:51

How To Make A Nice Chicken Curry Sauce At Home _ Recipes By Chef Ricardo

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Now I'm gonna show you how to make a nice , lovely curry sauce .

Look at this simple little eye leather pat .

Then next I just cut up some spring onion , white onion and fresh garlic straightening like this .

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So no one straighten up the oil and spring oil and fresh garlic put over the fresh , fresh time and also we gonna put some curry inside of it like this .

Look a bit of current and burn up and curry that for about two minutes .

This is a nice , lovely , this is the best way you can make a nice lovely curry sauce nice .

So as I can see , I'm cooking out the current .

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Now we're gonna for us , I'm gonna pour one tin cans of chopped tomato inside of it trying to get flame a little bit more .

And then they give me the star so that you can see one now that I add a little bit of water to it .

Lovely .

Then next into sugar pinch everyday season like a purple and a pinch of uh purple seasoning and then simply give it a nice little stir like this .

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Turn it on a medium size eat and leave it for the sink for five minutes .

Love it .

So if I remove the cover , take a good look , look at this .

This is a nice lovely curry sauce guys .

As you can see , you might see it red but anything you put it on , right white rice , anything you will see the curry in inside of it .

This is just really nice to go with some nice lovely chicken .

Uh anything you make and you wanna use it when you can use it .

So as you can see , this is the way the sauce is looking so lovely and nice , simple and basic .

So you can make this at home .

A nice , lovely curry and John .


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