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2023-08-06 16:21:59

How To Make JAMAICAN KFC POPCORN CHICKEN At Home _ Detailed Steps For PERFECTION _ Hawt Chef

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What's great .

Welcome back to the channel .

Today is a great day .

Why ?

Because this video has been highly requested , but like all of my videos that went big , they took a time to come out .

They cannot be out until it's right time and today is the right time right now .

I feel like I'm back at KFC , back in at the get the .

So you saw the title , you saw the today , we're preparing some KFC style popcorn chicken .

You know about chicken chicken wearing this red shirt , the black card just bring me back in the day is my very first job KFC .

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So I guarantee you this is gonna be one of the closest you're gonna get it .

I don't have everything that we used to use back then .

But this is one of the closest where you're gonna get it with all of the techniques and everything in place , how to prepare popcorn chicken at home .

Of course , I put a on it because that's what we do here .

First thing we have here is £2 of chicken thighs .

Do not use chicken breast because I guarantee you use chicken breast .

You're not gonna get that popcorn , chicken chicken thigh , dark meat .

It's where it's , we have £2 wash in some vinegar water and we drain off the excess .

Right over here .

We have some all purpose flour and that's gonna be for our breading .

And this is 2.5 cups .

Right .

We need enough flour to coat these nice little fluffy flakes with gonna create on this .

And I'm gonna show you how to create those nice little fluffy flakes .

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See over here now this is the twist .

I don't know .

Yeah , I think there we have here some green seasoning with a repeat of some of the seasonings that you will be seeing here .

I have a video out on how to make your Jamaica and green seasoning .

So go out and check out that video but we have two tablespoon of green seasoning here and then half cup of water right at KFC .

We don't use milk egg and water .

We use to um coat our chicken in but as I said , we have put a twist on the thing , but you're gonna get pretty close to it and we're gonna be using one egg .

Have one teaspoon of fresh grown black pepper , onion powder , salt , paprika , garlic powder , cayenne pepper .

A little bit of brown sugar is the and in here we have some oregano .

So all these spices are one teaspoon with the exception of our sugar and our salt salt is two teaspoons and sugar is half teaspoon .

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Let us mix this , get all our seasonings in , get that in my bowl gonna go in my hand just to ensure that uh that is sugar because you know , brown sugar tends to clump up a little bit .

So we're gonna just get that going right .

So that is our spice rub that we got going on .

See how good that looks .

All right .

So this cutting more totally before get yourself one of these so convenient , easy clean .

Let me pull this out these right here .

They slip right in .

So you don't have to worry to , to get these last and they come with different .

Um We have the chicken , we have one for um greens , we have one for pork , for beef .

We have one for bread and all of these little um silicon cutting boards just fit in the big one and you can just pull them out like this , drop them in the grove and you're good to go .

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You send me all of the equipment that I use .

I know you always ask me .

So now I make it appointed with it to tell you you're in the description box below or the first comment that's pinned .

All right , we're going to cut up the chicken now .

So chicken thighs , as I said , so more or less chicken thighs , we gonna cut them in little squares , you know , about half inch thick .

So we're gonna cut that like soft and we're gonna cut that like , so , so this is what we're working with like little squares as much as possible and those should be fine .

So again , just to show you what we're working with the sizes .

So we're just gonna repeat this process and then we get back at you .

But while I'm at that , I just want to let you know because I know most of you are here are females and you normally tell me that you see me over on Pinterest .

No , we have our official Pinterest account .

That's Morris time cooking .

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So check that out for a lot of ideas .

So stuff that you cannot find on here or Pinterest will be able to provide that at a glance , right .

So check out our Pinterest account , Maritime cooking and you will see not all but most of our post , it's two days old .

All right , we're gonna season this up .

We're gonna go in with half the amount that are seasoning on here .

So we have all of that .

We're gonna rub this up , get that rub up , just rub with the olive oil .

So that , that will marinate nicely if you do this overnight .

The results are phenomenal .

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If your season of your chicken and a recipe in your fridge overnight , take it out at least 20 minutes before cooking so that it can reach to a nice temperature , it's not too cold .

So when you fry it , you know , dry out , you know , all these little things .

Oh , this smell good .

I almost forget the green seasoning .

I thought in with the green , this has some scotch pepper in there in the green seasoning or a K , a habanero .

That's why they say Jamaica and KFC are the best and I can't say it because that's my first job for five years .

Put that to the side and then we're gonna get the flour first .

Wash your hand .

We have decided before .

So we've been a bit .

All right .

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Hey , this , this , this , this Decor recipe just bring back so much memory , so much memory when I share why I'm doing this chicken because you know , I'm a cooking channel .

But so like inspire people .

You know , it's just something I love to do .

So the rest of this , we're gonna add that to the flour and some extra black pepper in this one because we want that black pepper in the breading .

You know , when you go KFC and get a chicken origin and they see the little flakes of black pepper .

Yeah , that's something that I just a little bit in here .

I'm gonna go , of course because we want that to show because you want that to be like a little garnish when they see the little flakes of paper .

Just like , wow , now we're talking not much because we have the Scotch Bonnet in there .

But yeah , doing this recipe brings back so much memory KFC .

My very first job at 17 years old .

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Um , yeah .

And then my work go college friend used to come in from college .

We're gonna add the water to your e I'm sorry , friend coming from college and we're gonna wait .

And they use a lot of saying hot boy .

I work at KFC .

But that job paved the way for me .

You see me ?

I'm a proud at every moment and here I am teaching a whole , forget your chicken .

Don't like KFC .

Whoa general big up KFCRKFC staff and the , you see me sincerely , thanks for the opportunity was a very great workplace .


The recipe , the exact recipe , something close to that though .

So we're just gonna mix this in , in the flour .

Nice .

No , sometimes it's not about the spices that you have .

The ingredients are important .

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You need fresh ingredients for great products , but most of the work is in the technique .

So let's follow these techniques .

And the first technique is are the first rule is to use chicken thighs versus chicken breast , chicken breast .

I give some , you can have this popcorn chicken sitting in .

I can have a barbecue with them .

You know , that's something I ever , ever been to Jamaica .

I get barbecue chi um popcorn chicken and you don't dry out .

You want why ?

Because they use the dark meat .

So we're gonna work with the set of chicken here , flour here and we have our egg wash and a empty bowl , right So first they don't wanna use too much , too much chicken in the flour will result in it being lumpy and it won't get those nice little even flakes .

Right .

So you have to go in it a little bit at a time .

So this is £2 .

Let's say we're gonna go in a quarter pound at a time .

I'm gonna keep one hand dry and one hand wet .

Right .

So let's go and get the dry hand in here .

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Mix that in lightly and then we're just gonna press on that , press on that and this is , we're doing this now to seal that floor on here .

So press down the floor on the chicken , then will root those up .

We're gonna do a motion back and forth lightly to allow the flour to go to our fingers and create little light flakes on the chicken .

So a nice little motion here like so gently get off the floor and then we're left with this .

But you're looking at this and it's saying , but that's not flaky .

You're right because you're gonna double bread this right into that egg wash .

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As I said , that is just water that they use and we just gonna roll again , get that amount in so gently , just get that chicken coated all around , release the little pieces that are sticking together to get them coated with the liquid .

And this is an important part , ensure to drain the excess too much liquid .

Is gonna get the flower clumpy .

So we drain that excess liquid right off .

Hold it like this , it's not dripping .

So you're good to go and back into our floor and try your best to like scatter them at this point because we're trying to prevent lumpy shake .

Hold it still needs more shaking .

You need to hold it .

So you don't see nothing dripping after you hold it still .

All right .

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So you're good to go .

And then now we're gonna go in again .

Bread those nicely cover them properly in that floor lightly .

Then they're gonna press , get that extra floor and bring them out to the center , dry my hand and then now we're gonna toss them through the fingers like that nice at the seesaw motion and dear you , those nice little flakes , those are gonna come out to be that nice little popcorn look and little layers of nice crunchy flakes .

And we don't put that into a nice dry container and we repeat at this stage , your oil should be well on its way .

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So around 330 °F heat of that oil , we're gonna go deep fry .

So you see , I sift this out .

So we see this if needs be , as I said before because when I have more of this and it goes on to the second batch of chicken , then it's gonna be clumpy and we don't want that one nice to the flakes .

So we're left with all of this right here .

Right .

Nice .

And this has all the seasons from the previous chicken .

So what we can do is add another half a copper flour mix that in and we're going to go for the second batch and everything will look identical .

Have a rug if needs be a nice clean rug .

So as I said , one hand should stay wet , one hand should stay dry to reduce the amount of water that comes in the floor to crump it up .

Come in .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

You can just dry that tan , nice clean rug , dry that tan and then you can flower away .

So that way you don't have too much clumping going on in your flower .

Scoop and lift , scoop and lift scoop and lift .

Then I press all , get that flower nicely and bring everything to the center and that see some motion to create a nice little light flakes that we're looking for .

Beautiful .

Add that to the old batch , right ?

So that's all our chicken nicely breaded just gonna go in .

So you realize there's not a lot of flour that's dropping off in here .

That's what you want .

Beautiful .

So he has released those before we drop them in .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So about four minutes , five minutes maximum to Fridays and we're good to go .

So don't do not move that for the first minute .

Moving this will , as I said , destroy the flakes , right ?

So you can realize now it's up to a minute .

Those beautiful flakes .

Look at that .

Now it's a time we're just gonna lift that up .

Give them a shake .

I have to come sideways because there's no room for me shake it slightly to release anything that's potentially sticking .

So we're gonna fry this for 4 to 5 minutes in the first minute .

We do not move that 330 °F .

And we need that internal cooked temperature of 1 65 to 1 75 .

There are both and they should be ready to go nice and flaky yet soft and juicy on the inside .

Alright , so you're looking like nice popcorn chicken .

Now you see that beautiful .

So this fry is like an industrial fry .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So sometimes you'll realize the temperature will drop , do not leave your chicken in because chances are they will become soggy .

It's ok to just rise it up .

We're three minutes in , just rise it up a lot of oil to just reheat and that's where you're gonna get that perfect color and crispiness .

So we're just gonna rest them here for about a minute and a half .

Three minutes has already passed two more minutes .

Drop them back , get that nice color on them as well as to finish cooking them up in the proper temperature oil , right .

So back down two minutes and we should be good .

So let's dig in .

So let us see what we have so far we have here those little flakes of peppers .

We have the crunchiness .

Hold on .

Let's hear it .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

We have crunch .

Let's see if we have moisture and of course I made a little dipping sauce to go with it .

You get whatever sauce of your choice have it .

I have here some sweet chili ali .

You know what I say ?

And it's nice .

Literally running water .

I mean , if you eat more hungry chicken , never look good .

Popcorn chicken .

And let's get that beautiful that you just uh you see it .

So how are you gonna keep this nice and crisp after frying ?

Do not put that on , on a paper towel because it will just lay in its own oil .

What you need to get is like a wire rack .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Let me see if I find one .

So we get a wire rack which comes with like a pan , you put that under and then you just put the chicken on that way it gets the heat circulating around .

So everywhere remains crispy .

If you put that on any paper towel , it's a done deal and all that is as I said , the fryer , the racks , the tons , everything that I use the cutting boards , my equipment , they are on my Amazon link which is in the description box .

One thing I would like for you to do if you enjoy this video , somebody tell me the other and they said no enjoy the video become never tea s a fool .

But if you enjoy watching this video .

Don't forget to give this video a Toso leave below what you would like to see us prepare next before I go .

I just wanna say big up to KFC in Jamaica , big up to KFC in Canada for just believing in me , giving me my very first job did that for five years to the point where I can demonstrate how you make some pop country chicken and other chickens to come and get me .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I , so we got all the stuff at KFCY and abroad .

Don't make nobody make you feel like what I do not enough .

Every experience come .

So don't make nobody be , I get them .

I come from stick to it .

I don't know the future who will still see a , you know , the Thank you very much for watching .

So until next time , you know .


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