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2023-08-09 10:08:51

Japanese Chicken Katsu Curry _ Gizzi Erskine

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Hi , YouTubers .

It's Gizzi here and I'm gonna be showing you how to make chicken katsu curry .

It's probably the simplest curry to make , but it's also one of the mildest to eat .

So if you haven't felt like you wanted to give curry go till now .

This is definitely a way to do it .

So let's get cooking .

So just about a tablespoon of oil in the bottom of the pan just fry off onions almost in the same way as if you were making a stew .

Base the onions .

As they cook down , they're gonna add a sort of savoury tinge to the dish , and then the carrots add a sweetness to it .

Cook these down until they've lost quite a lot of their water and they get a tiny bit caramelise around the outside .

Now we're just gonna bnk in some whole garlic cloves here that have been peeled and then I'm gonna bay leaves in there .

Fresh bay , really not a Japanese ingredient .

This is really starting to come down now , But what I'm gonna do , in the meantime , is pan my chicken .

You have to .

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Something is to coat it in bread crumbs generally so to do that , just flour it from the flour into the egg and from the egg into the breadcrumb .

So it's really perfectly coated , and it's not gonna be going anywhere .

So about 100 grammes of plain flour .

I'm gonna season that with some salt and some pepper .

Just get that bit of stir .

It's coming on nicely .

Then I'm gonna get a couple of eggs and then I'm just gonna break those up and give them a bit of a whisk .

We've got some bread crumbs .

I use panko bread crumbs .

Now , this is Japanese type of bread crumb , and they stick out when you fry it .

They could come really crackly .

And if you can't find them , you can obviously make normal bread crumbs .

I'm then just gonna put in some curry powder .

It's about two tablespoons of that , and I've used Japanese curry powder just because it's more authentic .

If you can't find that , just get the most basic mild curry powder you can get your hands on .

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Add in some plain flour .

This is just gonna be used to thicken it up , and it sort of makes a ro at the base of this .

It kind of goes a bit claggy for a stage , but work with it .

We are gonna very slowly pour in some fresh chicken stock .

So as if we're making a white sauce , We're kind of bringing this together , knocking all of the lumps out .

We're just gonna let this bubble away for about 20 minutes .

15 , 20 minutes .

We want that to reduce down , to become a pour thick gravy somewhere between gravy and custard .

That sounds a bit gross , but yeah , that's about the right thing .

Chicken time .

We coat it in the flour , then in the egg , which acts like glue and then in the bread crumbs .

And you only do it the once .

A lot of people think you have to twice penny things you really don't .

All right , it's thickened up .

I mean , that custard vibe I was talking about earlier kind of makes sense now , doesn't it ?

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We're gonna finish this off by doing a dash of cara , two teaspoons of brown sugar and about a tablespoon of soy sauce .

Some people like to serve their katsu curry with the chunks in it .

I'm gonna go more for the purest version , where you actually just sieve out all the lumps .

Some people even like to whiz their katsu curry and you can totally do that .

And the thing you're taught not to do when you're in school is to sie it all at one go like I just did Pour this into a slightly smaller pan just to keep it warm , I think .

Now , time to cook our chicken .

Go for a really light oil vegetable ground nut .

Now I'm gonna put in my chicken .

This is actually my favourite thing to eat .

I think you can't go wrong with it , can you ?

I'm just gonna flip the chicken over now and that is looking good to actually fry .

It probably isn't going to take any more than 10 minutes .

How do you know if chicken is over or undercooked that the easiest way to do it would be to cut into it ?

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But also you can listen out .

You can hear now that it's starting to flatter a bit more , which means that some of the juices from the middle are coming out , which means that the centre is getting some heat to it .

Another thing is , obviously one side is thicker in the other , and I'm going to baste the thicker end with some oil just to encourage heat from both sides .

These are pretty much done .

And what I've got here is some cooked sushi rice and then just some salad leaves .

I've gone for a few different Japanese micro herbs to be particularly in vogue .

And then we're just gonna dress those with a few different types of pickle .

So we've got some Japanese pickles here , radishes and beetroots and , um , spring onions , which are in kind of Japanese pickle we've made .

So I'm gonna add some of these pickles to my salad .

And then we've got some of this pickle Dion too .

So Dion's like a radish .

It's like one of those really long , white radishes you get and they eat them all over Japan .

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I'm gonna put some olive oil just to dress these leaves a little bit , going in with my hands , which obviously clean .

It's all ready to go .

So I'm gonna get ready to plate up .

So the thing about sea shore I mean , you can use whatever rice you want .

To be honest , I really like sushi rice because it's classically what you would eat in Japan and I'm gonna slice , Add chicken perfectly cooked .

OK , I'm gonna pour over the katsu curry sauce now .

Good ladleful .

You want that to cover both the chicken and the rice and then plump and salad on there ?

That is my chicken katsu curry .

It's my favourite bit .

I get to eat in .

It's crunchy .

A little bit of sweetness in there .

It's just damn delicious .

If you like this recipe and you want to see more , then obviously like it .

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And please subscribe .

Um and thank you very much .

YouTubers .

I'll see you again .

Try .

It was bye .


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