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A Step By Step Guide To The Hajj _ Toffee TV

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Hajj occurs during the month of Zil Haj and it is obligatory on every Muslim who is able bodied and can afford it .

It is the fifth and final pillar of Islam .

It lasts five days from the eighth to the 12th of the month .

The tha is constantly recited throughout the journey .

Prohibitions .

While in ear , there are several kinds of behavior that are prohibited .

While in the state of her home , just a few are cutting nails or removing hair , hurting or harming anyone thinking or acting on impure , thoughts , wearing perfume during the States of Ira .

One must practice patience , tolerance and kindness as much as possible .

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The first step in preparing for the Hajj is wearing an air .

Men wear two unstitched sheets of white cloth .

While women wear a scarf and their ordinary clothes , the Ira builds a sense of unity and brotherhood for the pilgrims .

The journey of the Hajj begins in Mecca where the and say are performed , the pilgrims then leave for this is also known as the tent city in Minna .

Pilgrims devote their time to prayer and in the remembrance of Allah .

The next day , pilgrims make a 14.4 kilometer journey to Arafat .

The day of Arafat is considered the most important day of not only the hajj but also the most important day in the Islamic calendar .

Arafat is home to the Jab Rahma that is the mount of mercy where prophet Muhammad peace be upon him .

Delivered his final sermon .

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Pilgrims dedicate their time in Arafat to prayer and seeking forgiveness from the almighty .

After sunset , the Haji make a nine kilometer journey to Mohali where they spend the night under the stars .

They collect pebbles for ray that takes place the next day .

At least 49 small pebbles must be collected per person .

The 10th of Zil Haj is Eid Al Aza a day celebrated by Muslims all around the world .

Pilgrims begin the day in Muzdalifah and head back to me before dawn .

Once in Minna , they perform their first ray during Rami on day three , each person throws seven pebbles at the largest pillar in the Jamarat .

This act is the symbolic stoning of the tan as was first done by Hajra Ibrahim Al Salam and his family .

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Once complete pilgrims perform their sacrifice duties .

This is also in honor of hazard .

Ibrahim Al Salam who was willing to sacrifice his own son .

Pilgrims then either trim or shave their hair to demonstrate their sincerity and humility to the almighty .

The pilgrims can now remove their air arm and cleanse themselves .

They then returned to MACCA to perform the wa and say the hajj then make their way back to me .

Pilgrims spent three days in Mina on each day , they perform rummy but this time throwing seven pebbles at each of the three pillars , they begin with the smallest pillar and proceed to the largest one .

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After their time in Minna , pilgrims returned to Mecca for the farewell known as the weather which mars the completion of their hud never ever miss out on an update from Toffee TV dot com .

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