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2023-08-07 14:23:16

The Only 5 Sneakers You Will Ever Need

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Welcome to my humble shoe closet .

It's nowhere near DJ Khaled's collection , but I've acquired a few pairs over the years and I especially love my sneakers .

But as much as I love all of them , you know what they say , every parent has their favorite kid .

And I'm not gonna lie .

There's definitely some sneakers that I wear far more often than others .

And to be honest , I think we can boil it down to five essential pairs .

These are the five types of sneakers that I wear the most often .

And with these in hand , you can pretty much cover all of your bases in terms of styling options .

So first of all , we have your all time Classic King of versatility , minimal white sneakers .

You saw it coming .

There's no way I could make this video without talking about white sneakers .

I have a few different pairs .

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But if I had to choose only one pair that I could wear , I would choose these Oliver Cabell low ones .

The leather is good quality .

The silhouette is super minimal , which we love .

The price is reasonable for full grain leather and they do take a few wears to break in but once broken in , they were actually quite comfortable .

So I've recently upgraded from these white soles to these with the transparent soles , which I still make a bit more of a statement .

A little more fashion forward .

But if you had to choose only one pair between the two , I would choose the white sole just because they're more classic and easier to wear .

What I love most about white sneakers is their versatility .

The range of outfits you can pull off with white sneakers is insane .

Whether you go for a casual chill put together , they look a super casual home outfit or go to the formal end of the spectrum with a suit .

You can always rely on your white sneakers .

You can pretty much slap them onto any outfit without it looking bad .

Are they always the absolute best possible choice for a given outfit ?

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No , of course not , but it's very rare that white sneakers will actually make an outfit look bad , which is why they're first in line in my list of essential sneakers .

At number two , we have the that shoe .

It's no secret that dad shoes have been at the forefront of fashion trends these past few years , but I would say they're more than just a trend .

Now , they've made a huge resurgence and claimed their well deserved spot in many people's wardrobes and I think it's safe to place them in the sneaker essentials category .

Now , when it comes to dad shoes .

The range of styles available is wide from chunky to colorful to futuristic .

You've got your pick of the lot .

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My favorites are these new balance 997 H I know they have , I have them in a bunch of color ways and I think this gray model is not exactly available in every country , but I'll try to link to some similar ones in the description in terms of styling that shoes naturally go well with casual outfits , especially the ones leaning to the sportier side , for example , sweatpants and an oversized T , but I would encourage you to experiment with less common pairings as well .

For example , I think that with the right outfit , you can totally pull off that shoes with looks that lean more formal , think ple a trouser perhaps a button down shirt , but the key here is to dress down the look .

So don't go full formal with the superstructure suit , keep the silhouette low key .

I think this shirt works , for example , because it has a relaxed fit , you can tell it's not meant to be worn with a suit and tie .

I might even go a step further and add a vest to the look to emphasize that contrast between formal and casual pieces .

It's all about trial and error and figuring out the right balance in your outfits .

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So don't be afraid to experiment .

My third sneaker that I would consider to be essential for any wardrobe is the all black sneaker .

The reason why I love all black sneakers so much is I feel like they're the black Swan of sneakers .

Quite literally , let me explain .

We often associate black leather shoes with the more formal shoes , Derbies Brogues monk straps , loafers , boots .

But sometimes you just want to go for that sharp all black outfit while still keeping it casual with sneakers and not dress shoes .

And that's where the all black sneaker comes in .

I wouldn't say it's as versatile of a color as white , but it is very much one of those sneakers that will come in handy quite often , especially if you enjoy wearing black personally .

You know me , I really enjoy that minimal aesthetic .

So my go to is the same as the white ones except in this black model , the Oliver Cabell low ones , you can never go wrong with an all black look .

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Here , I paired the low ones with some cropped trousers from Unico and this oversized sweater , simple , sleek and chic with a look like this , feel free to add or subtract layers at your own discretion .

You could easily add a vest , for example , on a chilly evening and it also creates some differentiation between the layers which is always welcome in a monochromatic look .

Don't think you can't wear black in summer .

By the way , you can easily swap all these layers for short sleeved Cuban color shirts for a breezy summer look that feels casual , yet elegant .

The color black inherently has that elevating effect , which makes any outfit look more elegant coming in at number four , we have high top sneakers and of course , we cannot talk about high top sneakers without mentioning the OG the king of high tops converse .

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My personal favorites are these converse run star hike , high tops in general , pair great with crops trousers or any pair of pants that you would cuff to show off the sneakers .

What I love about this model in particular is that unlike the classic converse Chuck Taylor silhouette , they have that chunky sole which gives it less of a high schooler vibe and makes it more elevated .

It makes more of a fashion statement here .

I paired them with some plated leather trousers and an oversized white t for simple but not basic look , the leather , the silhouette of the t-shirt and the sneakers and the accessories give the look a cooler edgier vibe than if I had just worn simple jeans and a slim fit t-shirt .

And for even more of a statement , I would add a vest on top and I think this is like the third vest I wore in this video .

I promise it's the last one .

I I've just really been into vests lately .

You know , this is definitely not the only way to style them though .

You can also ditch the streetwear chic vibe and go for some completely different .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I think these shoes also lend themselves to a grandpa chic vibe with some cuff trousers , a relaxed fit button down shirt and a cardigan .

I'm a big fan of this cropped cardigan from Florence black .

I think the cropped silhouette ties in nicely with the fashion forwardness of the shoe .

But whatever your style is high , top sneakers can definitely find a place in your wardrobe , especially when worn with cropped or cuffed pants .

Last but not least the number five of essential sneakers .

We have the statement sneaker .

This is the sneaker you wear .

When you're feeling extra snazzy , you're confident you're not afraid of drawing attention .

You love your sneakers and you want to show them off .

You can make a statement either with the color of your shoe or the design of it or actually even both .

And yes , these are once again the Oliver Cabell in blush pink , I'm not sponsored by them or anything .

This is just the most colorful shoe I have .

So I thought it would be perfect to illustrate the example of a statement sneaker when wearing a statement sneaker .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Since you obviously want to make that your statement piece , it's often a good idea to tone down the rest of your outfit .

It's definitely not the only way to do it .

Some people like to go bold and clash a lot of different bright colors in the same outfit .

Me personally , I prefer a route of letting one statement piece shine and in this case the sneakers .

So I would wear these with monochromatic outfits .

The beauty of blush pink , I feel is that you can wear them with both the cooler neutrals and the warmer neutrals .

As you can see , it pairs quite nicely with both a gray tonal outfit and a warmer beige slash cream tonal outfit , which makes it in my opinion , one of the most versatile statement colors .

So to recap for our top five essential sneakers .

We have number one , the white sneaker .

It's the most versatile option .

It's a good default choice and it pairs well with the majority of outfits .

Number two , the that shoe , it's great for casual sporty looks , but also don't be afraid to experiment for example , by contrasting it with more elegant looks .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Three the all black sneaker , it's perfect for all black looks and it's a great casual alternative to the typical black leather dress shoes .

Number four , the high top is perfect for crop pants and it's a very versatile option .

And number five , the statement sneaker for when you want to be bold and you can never go wrong by pairing it with neutral colors .

Hope you enjoyed the video guys .

If you did share it with a friend who you think might learn a thing or two and enjoy it as well .

I wish you all a beautiful day and I'll see you in the next one .

Peace once broken and in broken in subtract or subtract , subtract the statement sneaker .

Why am I showing the fucking soul of it ?


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