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2023-08-06 15:30:22

Best Free English Speaking Practice App with Foreigners _ Practice English Speaking with Partners

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Hi , everybody .

Welcome to my new video in this video .

I'm going to show you based English speaking app with foreigners .

You can find here a number of foreigners for practicing your English is spoken even it's quite easy to use for doing this .

I don't wanna let it .

I'm going to play store .

So just go to your Play Store .

It's ok .

Then at the top of the side , you can find your search option .

So I'm going to search here a app name , the app name is Open talk .

This is the open talk application or open talk app .

Next , just click on here on this application .

If you need the link , I will give the link in the description and you can download .

So from here it's ok .

Also you can download from Plays Store , whatever you like .

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So just I'm going to install it .

It's installing guys .

So I'm gonna tell you guys please watch this video until the end or you want to be able to talk here because you have to also know how to use this application without knowing you want to be able to use it .

It's ok .

So just it's loading 70% down .

It's loading guys just , I'm waiting for an installing .

So just keep connecting with me and it's about done right now .

88% 90% down and 94% down .

And you can see here that is 99% down .

And right now it's in installing , you can find here it's ok .

So just , I'm waiting for in installing it and my app is already installed .

So after installing , you can find here open option .

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So just click on open and it's opening , then you can find here that is open with Facebook and open with mobile phone .

So I'm going to open with Facebook .

If you want to open it , mobile phone , you have to give your phone number .

So I'm going to open with Facebook and it's quite loading .

Then you can find here that is my Facebook name is Smith .

So I'm going to start or I'm going to continue with this park and it's quite looting .

It's ok .

And I got a notification here on Facebook that is you logged into open talk .

Then you can find here that is continue as a spark and it is Facebook registration .

My name is going to register here .

Then I have to select something that is first name , second gender .

I'm going to select here , gender male .

That is , are you a student ?

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So I'm going to hear yes , then continue and it's updating my profile .

Then I have to select my languages .

I'm gonna select my languages that is only English and Bengali .

If you want to select any kind of language , you can , I'm gonna say select here Chinese .

So it's selecting and you can find here , there is a pop up for .

So I'm going to allow it's OK .

So I'm going to continue and you can find here a kind of interface at the bottom of the side .

I'm gonna show you this one is to and call your body .

So I'm not going to continue next one at the .

You can find here it is , it is your profile and you can find your credit balance .

My balance is fine but no one is no need any kind of balance for talking in my country and you can change your country .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

It's OK and you can change here your voice into or you can change here your location .

It's OK .

And if you want to , you can also verify , you can see this is verify , you can verify your Gmail address , then you can see here that is your map .

It's OK .

And you can find here there's a notification box and now I'm going to hear that is home option .

And I'm going to start talking before talking anybody .

If you select your gender , you can find here the gender any I selected , that is any gender .

That's right .

Any and level is any code uh called just now I started then whenever my level will be uh upgraded , then everything will be upgraded .

Next , I'm going to talk here so just click on talk now .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

It's ok and you can see here many reference praise talk now and call started .

So guys I'm going to continue then continue .

It's ok .

Right now we have found a match that call really starts on .

Please wait .

So I'm going to wait in here just for , for my match and they are so hello .

Do you hear me ?

So thank you so much for watching my video .

And if you are new in my channel , please , please subscribe to my channel and hit the icon .


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