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2023-08-07 14:24:21

How to Clean Nike Air Max 270

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What's going on guys , Johnny Bubbles back with another cleaning video .

Today , we are gonna be cleaning these dusty cactus air max two seventies that you can see .

Pops got super dusty .

I guess you can say that's beyond dusty because there's a lot of stains on here that we're gonna get out today .

I'm super excited to get this video started .

So let's go .

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So today guys , we're gonna be using our advanced three brush sneaker laundry system and our sneaker laundry detergent that is available at rejuvenator dot com .

So first up guys is picking which shoe I'm gonna clean , which I'm gonna go ahead and do the right shoe .

Put the left one to the side , grab our adjustable shoe tree , adjust it to the proper size , entered it into the shoe and remove the laces .

Now that the laces are removed , guys , our next step is to grab our bottle solution .

Pour two small squirts into our bowl of water .

Oh Drop the bowl and then start beginning the cleaning with our soft bristle brush .

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All right , guys , one quick tip .

I want to give you any time you're cleaning any needed material .

You always want to start with our soft bristle brush .

This isn't gonna snag any of that prime knit fly knit material .

It is really safe to use on all those .

So , always start with the soft bristle brush tower .

Thank you .

All right guys .

After wiping them down , I do notice that we still have a few deeper stains in the knitted material .

And here on the lace hoops , as you can see , we're gonna go ahead and grab our all purpose brush .

I'm gonna go very gentle because I don't know if it's going to snag it .

I highly doubt it , but I'm gonna be gentle at first and if there's no snagging , then I'm good to just go ahead on it .

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All right guys .

So that stain is very stubborn as you can see , I've only got some of it out , but I just want to say that this all purpose brush is not snagging any of the material .

So as you can see , you can go as hard as you want and it's not gonna fray it at all .

It doesn't snag none of that .

So I'm gonna try my best to get as much as possible out .

But once I have my desired result , hopefully the laundry system will go ahead and take care of the rest of it .

All right guys , I think I'm done with the uppers .

I'm gonna go ahead and use the same all purpose brush on the mid .

So , and then I'm gonna move on to the out .

So using our stiff bristle brush .

OK .

Check this .

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Hey , you wanna know a fun fact .

Really ?

I'm gonna tell you one .

Anyways , did you know it takes a cactus about 100 years to grow an arm .

I didn't .

Well , now , you know .

All right , the , the are looking good .

Next step guys is to grab our laces , dip them in your bowl of solution and water mix just like so sounds good .

Go ahead and just rub them between your hands .

Try to get them all cleaned up .

The solution is not good .

Cool .

Now the laces are done .

I'm gonna go ahead and just toss them in the shoe like that .

Grab our laundry bag , can leave the shoe trees in the shoe .

I know that's a question .

We get a lot as well .

Put the shoe in the laundry bag , seal it , lock it both sides .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Let's go put these in the wash .

Thank you .

All right guys .

So like I said , the next step is to put them in the wash .

Just take the shoe like so toss it in there , grab your sneaker laundry detergent that is available at Reuven dot com .

Loosen the cap .

Ok .

I think we need a new bottle here , Ron .

What do you think ?

I think we're good .

Well , go ahead and pour it in there like so should be good .

Seen better days going past that .

All right , close it up , turn it on .

You wanna make sure you use small cycle .

If you're only washing one cold water , normal cycle , that should be fine .

Hit the start button and we'll be back in 42 minutes .

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All right , guys , we are back .

We went ahead and let these dry overnight and you can see they came out super , super crispy .

One thing I do wanna point out guys is this little lace hoop right here .

It's still a little stain .

I don't know if he Steve may have kicked out like a tire or something , but it didn't wanna come off .

I'm sure if I would have used one more wash , it would have came off completely .

But go ahead and check out that shoe guys .

It is amazing .

I'm sure Aron is gonna hit you with some beautiful b roll shots sometime after this speech that I'm giving .

But yo , rejuvenator is the truth .

Don't forget guys .

We did that using our advanced three brush sneaker laundry system and our sneaker laundry detergent that is available at rejuvenator dot com .

Guys .

Make sure you check out this past Monday's video with Vic because we are doing a video promotion , the promotion with Sneaker Ink , right ?

A contest .

I don't really know .

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But if you wanna find out , go ahead and make sure you watch that video on Monday , it'll come up video super dope .

Also don't forget guys to sign up for our Y raffle that we're doing every single month this year .

We're on month .

Number five .

Make sure you guys go sign up now because month number five is a lucky one .

It's my birthday guys .

My birthday just passed on Tuesday .

So shout out to your boy .

Go ahead , Aron hit me with some cops real quick .

Appreciate it guys .

Thank you guys again for getting us to 500 K .

We're almost at 530 .

So shout out to all the subscribers if you're not already subscribed , make sure you hit that subscribe button , notification bell .

That's it guys .

We're gonna go ahead and wrap it up .

I'll see you guys in the next one .


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