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2023-08-07 14:12:23

How To Tie a Tie - The Matrix Knot

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Hi , everybody .

I'm Patrick Navan and I'm the Thai guy and this is my youtube channel and I'm doing how to videos on every single neckie not known to man .

And I'm bringing that to you .

So if that's the kind of thing you're looking for , then please subscribe .

All right .

This time , I've got my last invention for this week that I'm bringing out and it's been inspired by the A K not , which is nicknamed the Mayor of India Knock and Boris Newco invention called the Vix Knot , which is also named after the Matrix movies .

So this time , uh from the same inspiration , I'm a big fan of the Matrix movies .

I'm calling this one the Matrix not .

And I want to show you how to do that right now .

So first thing is you thought I was gonna say , put it over your neck and get started , but this knot is tied with both ends .

So you're going to need to figure out the first thing is how much do you want on the bottom loop .

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So that's how we're gonna start out and the , and the rest is tied with the big end .

So let's have a closer look at that .

And of course , if you want it all to show , I was wearing a waistcoat , not a vest .

The vests are typically these days cut really high and jackets are cut high .

So you would need something that's a little bit lower cut , uh , to make this work .

So , let's get started on showing you how to do this .

Exactly .

So , here we go , we're gonna drape your little end over your necktie and you want it to be just enough length to do this loop like so , and now you're gonna tie the rest of it with the big end .

So holding on , holding on to your loop with your thumb , you're gonna wrap the big end around the part , the loop that you got here .

I'm gonna start pinching this with my other two fingers that I have free .

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And now I'm going to feed , I'm going to feed this through the back here .

I wanna go twice around like this .

So there's one two , I'm just pushing it through with my thumb and my fingers .

So all the way around .

So now I've kept my loop at the bottom intact .

I've got my fingers through here .

I want to sort of stretch out , give myself a little bit of extra room .

Oops , I wasn't holding on to everything .

All right now , I got it back .

All together .

Everything is still in place .

Taking the big end to pinch the two ends together .

I'm gonna remove my finger .

I have a hole there .

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Now , I could feed this through with my thumb and my fingers .

I'm pinching this whole knot together .

I'm gonna pull the remainder of this all the way through until the very end here where I wanted to fold just right .

I wanted to twist on the other side .

I'm gonna pull this tight .

This is going to stay loose here .

But I , I was pulling this part tight so it doesn't fall apart .

Now , from here , I've got the seam side facing out .

This is your knot that's gonna be in the center of your neck , going to take my big end again , pinch it , pinch it in half , fold it in half .

I'm gonna feed it back through that same hole .

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So now when it's on your neck , you will have the seam side facing out all the way around .

OK ?

So at this part , it gets easier .

Let's put this on our neck now .

So over your hand onto your neck .

Yeah , I know this is a bit of an unusual way of doing it , but that's how I figured it out .

So from here , this is the part where we cinch it up to your neck all the way pulling on the end that you pulled through , leaving your loop here .

You can't mess up your loop .

This is like the prize part of my whole creation here .

So now as you might find like this is quite loose to pull through .

Now , being careful , this is how you tighten it up .

Uh There is the top end of your loop here that this is the end of it .

You don't want to pull on that end , you wanna pull on the back end .

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So holding on to your knot like so you can tighten up this loop that's in behind , that holds your neck , your part that goes around your neck and now you can cinch it up and you could be , you could feel good about it being secure .

Ok ?

Now , we've got the big end .

That's the last part where this is where the sort of sort of loop and wrap come through .

So feeding this part through the back of your neck .

I know it's all cinched up now , but that's the way it's gonna be .

So I just pushed up through there .

I don't wanna tighten it .

I don't wanna , if I pull this too tight , it's gonna drag this part up and twist it and look funny .

So I leave a little bit at the very end hiding there .

It's all gonna get hidden by this anyways .

So this goes underneath and it feeds up and through like down the , the , the front portion and back down .

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And if you're familiar with the A knot or the cape knot or engine , you're taking the big end through that loop .

Like , so now you can tighten that up to how you see fit .

I like having it a little bit loose .

I like having this sort of wide mouth .

Look here to my knot and now we have this bottom part here .

This is our finishing touch .

I'm gonna pull this through and there we go .

That's how you do the matrix .

Now , pull down your collar and ready to rock and roll .

That is how the matrix knot is done .

I hope you guys like that .

Please let me know what you think in the comments .

If you come up with any of your own ideas uh based on this new method , then I'd love to see that you could share videos or instructions with me on my Facebook page or email me .

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Uh and don't forget to tag me in your Instagram photos or share that , share your photos on my Facebook page as well .

So , thank you so much and we'll see you next time .


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