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2023-08-09 10:13:51

Balti Chicken Recipe _ How To Make Balti Chicken _ Aromatic Chicken Curry By Varun Inamdar

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Hi guys , welcome to get curried .

There's the bomba chef Nadal .

And what I get into your kitchen today is a specialty from Baltistan .

Yes .

It's the Balti chicken for that .

The first thing that goes is some oil .

I'm gonna heat the pan on moderate heat .

I'm gonna add in whole mixed spices .

Just let them saute for 30 seconds and next chopped onions , I'll be cooking this on moderate heat till it just becomes light brown in color .

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I'm adding in ginger garlic paste and I'm gonna let this cook for another 30 to 40 seconds .

Once this becomes nice and full of aromas , I'll start adding the powdered spices .

The first thing is turmeric red chili powder , salt and coriander powder .

Give this a nice mix that the masal kind of just cook completely .

Once these masala are cooked and are nice and aromatic , I'll be adding in the tomatoes and along with this , I'll be adding in some curd , give it a nice , gentle mix .

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The sign of cooked masala is when the oil starts releasing the sides of the pan .

So here if you see the masala is almost ready .

Now , I'm gonna add in the cut pieces of chicken , give it a nice mix .

And as soon as this is well mixed time is to add some water .

Once this is nicely and evenly mixed , I'm gonna cover this and let it cook for 15 to 20 minutes .

Make sure the chicken is absolutely well done and well cooked .

It's been 15 minutes .

The chicken seems to be cooked .

Let's have a check .

Absolutely well cooked .

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Let's start plating and finally garnish this with a lovely spring of coriander .

So , here you have this beautiful chicken recipe .

And needless to say I've served it in a balti .

Do wait for what next the Bombay chef gets into your kitchen .

Do try this at home and do let us know .


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