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2023-08-08 12:48:44

How to Tie a Tie the Fastest Way

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What's up everybody ?

Welcome back to my battery where safety is number one priority .

My battery is about to die on a camera and I cannot find a charger .

I order a new one .

So , but today I gotta be quick before my camera dies .

So I thought of , I make a video how to tie a tie the fastest way possible .

So first , I'm gonna demonstrate boom , boom , boom , pull it over , push it in and done .

Of course , fix yourself up right here .

But that's the fastest way .

Let's see how to do it .

What you wanna do is put your tie in half or whatever .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I gotta do a little bit longer cause my toes is so long and what you wanna do is go up this one , the F one , the thicker one and put it over here and it's gonna be like a cast over here .

So let's see it again .

Thicker one or F the Tanya one over here .

So you go up it , put it here , you got a course and then go up it like that .

You see , make a loop and put it in your hand .

Let's watch that again .

Grab it from here .

Make a loop , put it in your hand next , you just put it over your neck .

Grab it this part with your fingers right here .

Push it to pull it down this part and then adjust .

Simple , adjust here .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Adjust it with the done super fast and easy .

Let me know .

What do you think ?

Comments below .

So if you didn't like it , but I only had a few minutes to make a video before my camera died .

But tomorrow I'm gonna have a chargers and extra butter .

So that's never gonna happen again .

Anyways , thank you for watching .

Thumbs up this video , check out my second channel .

We'll be posting a lot of cool stuff , links in the description and as always , thank you for watching and I'll see you next time .


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