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2023-08-09 10:19:49

Guyanese Chicken Curry

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Hi , I'm Jean and welcome to my channel today .

I'm gonna share with you one of my favorite recipes how it is .

So it's no secret , but we love our curry and I'm gonna share with you my recipe for the best chicken curry .

Now , recently I shared a video from my roti recipe .

So be sure to check that video out before you go .

People food curry .

You need these things together .

Now , while you're here , please be sure to subscribe to my channel and we're gonna get started on how to make the best chicken curry .

The first thing we need to do is to season the chicken or we're gonna do this by adding thyme , garlic and boon powder to clean chicken pieces .

I'm using a combination of legs , thighs and wings .

Once the chicken is nicely coated with the seasoning , we're gonna then place it in the refrigerator for at least four hours .

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Now that the chicken has had time to marinade , we're gonna start by making a curry paste .

We're gonna add curry powder , kamaal and Jiro also known as cumin to a small bowl with a little bit of green season mix and a little bit of water and then we're gonna stir it together to form a paste .

Next , we're gonna add oil to a pot over medium heat .

And once the oil is hot , we're gonna add over curry paste and fry it for approximately 4 to 5 minutes .

Frying the spices enhances the natural flavors of the spice .

So it's important not to skip this step .

The curry will develop a darker richer color as it fries .

This is exactly what we're looking for .

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If the paste becomes too dry , just add a little bit of water just about a tablespoon .

Now , we're gonna add the seasoned chicken to the curry paste .

We're gonna stir this to coat it well and let it cook in its own juices for about 15 to 20 minutes .

Do not add any liquid at this point .

The chicken will release its own natural juices as it cooks and that is exactly what we want .

Once the chicken has cooked for about 15 minutes , we're gonna add chopped onions and a bay leaf and we're gonna stir the chicken to release it from the bottom of the pot and cook it for an additional 2 to 3 minutes .

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Next , we're gonna add potato that's been peeled and sliced into smaller pieces .

And then we're gonna add enough water to cover the chicken and the potato go in there with a spoon and nestle the potato right in between the chicken just to be sure that it's covered by the liquid .

Now , we're gonna bring it to a boil .

Then we're gonna cover the pot and reduce the heat to low and allow it to simmer , let it cook until the chicken is completely cooked and the potato is tender .

The sauce is also gonna begin to reduce and thicken .

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This should take anywhere from about 15 to 20 minutes .

Now , I'm gonna add salt to taste .

Keep in mind that the chicken was seasoned with pow , which tends to be a bit salty .

So just add salt sparingly .

Next , we're gonna add freshly chopped scallion just to add a brightness to the dish .

This is what you're looking for .

A big rich stew , tender potatoes .

The chicken is cooked perfectly through .

This is great when served with rice or roti .

I hope you've enjoyed this video and please be sure to subscribe .

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