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2023-08-08 07:01:23

Recreating the famous Dindigul Biryani Ft. Sanjna _ Better than the Best - Episode 04 _ Cookd

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Hi and welcome back to another episode of Better than the best where we take popular restaurant and fast food menu items suggested by you and make them better today .

Without any further ado , I'm jumping straight into the recipe and we are making biryani .

Wait am I allowed to say that traditional Biryani here in Tamala are usually served with an onion , Rita and Salma .

But today , I'm only going to be making the flavorful biryani .

There are two main components to this biryani , the flavorful saba rice and the also aromatic biryani masala , which will be the best that you've ever smelled .

I'm adding some peppercorns , some , I actually forgot what this is called in English .

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So you can let me know in the comments section if you know that some clubs , cardamom , cinnamon and star .

I'm reserving the bay leaves to use them later .

The spices in this blend can be dry , roasted for a few minutes , but it's not compulsory .

So I'm blending as is I want a coarse powder for this masala .

And here you have the best ever South Indian Biryani masala and just like I said , it's coarse and texture .

There are many versions of this dial Biryani , but this is my version .

So let's get cooking .

Today's episode is going a little too fast .

No less talking more cooking just like someone told me in the previous video in the comment section .

But Rena tell me , is it even my video or my series if I'm not talking ?

Ok .

Anyway , let's get to it .

Sure .

I have some ground nut oil .

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Wait before that if you wanna cook the recipe , don't worry because I'll be attaching it in the description down below .

Equal parts of ge .

I'm adding the bay leafs that I reserved in the beginning .

Next time adding my sliced onions .

You can also add chopped onions .

Like I said , there are many versions to make in this biryani and this is probably the first difference .

Some versions also use shallots or Chinna manga like we say , but I prefer to use regular onions .

If you want to saute the onions until they turn translucent , they don't need to be golden brown .

I've used equal quantities of ginger and garlic in this recipe .

Again , I want to sort it this until the raw aroma goes .

I go my tomatoes .

I finally chopped a tomato for this .

Again .

You barely just wanna cook this for about one or two minutes .

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But in the meanwhile , I'm also gonna add my green chilies , the best meat for the chicken mutton or I think that's , I think I am going to give a very diplomatic answer for the best meat in Biryani .

It completely depends on your preference .

Completely depends on your restrictions .

Again , not everyone eats all meat as you know that it's more than controversial and I don't think I want to go there .

But yes , this specific Biryani in this specific restaurant that we are talking about , I think Mutton Biryani sells the best over there .

Next is my favorite Biryani masala , red chili powder and salt .

Next , I'm adding some whisked card .

This , no , I'm afraid to make a mistake .

Also , you guys will make me a joker then and mint and coriander , I finally chopped the mint and coriander .

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There's slightly more coriander than there is mint .

Now that my Biryani masala is almost ready fast and easy , right ?

It's time to add my meat .

I've chosen to add chicken , but you can add button or the forbidden meat .

However , you wanna call it , you can add whatever meat you want .

You can also add vegetables .

What I'm gonna do now is just give this a good mix and ensure that the meat and the masala is mixed together and then I'm gonna cover it and cook it for 10 minutes .

You don't have to add any water here because the meat will release its own water .

Now that we have a 10 minute break , let's do a history lesson .

10 minutes has passed .

So it's time to finish this Biryani .

Now I'll add the required quantity of water and bring it to a boil .

The ratio that I typically use when making chicken biryani is one , is to 1.5 that is one part of rice to 1.5 parts of water .

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And let's quickly bring this to a boil .

Speed up the process by covering it .

So the rice that I'm using in this biryani , I soaked it for roughly about 20 minutes .

And once the stock comes to a boil , I'm gonna add in the rice .

I told you how long to soak the rice for roughly about 20 minutes .

But I forgot to mention that you must wash the rice really well , at least 3 to 4 times until the water starts running clear .

Now , we want to continue boiling this until the level of the water and the rice are even .

So I'm adding the lemon juice right at the end .

Since this is the stage where I'm finishing off the Biryani , it's also where I urge you to taste for the required amount of salt and spice and you can adjust it as per your liking .

One final mix time to cover and cook on a low flame for 15 minutes .

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It's done cooking and I've switched off the flame after all .

Better than the best is my series and I want to win every episode .

So let me do my final magic touch before we head onto the plating .

This is my magic touch .

Two generous spoons of gay .

Just before I mix it , one is ₹300 Chicken Biryani and the other one's mine .

I tried to make them look as identical as possible .

So let's call our judges .

Here are our judges .

So I request you to taste both and tell me which one tastes better or anything else that you would like to add .

OG Biryani .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Yeah .

And so I thought we have the window in the area .


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