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2023-08-09 09:56:56

I Restored These Trashed Air Jordan 1's

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What is going on everybody today , we're gonna be restoring these OG Play Green Jordan one .

I didn't really find them in the trash can .

I actually found these on ebay for a great price .

They must have belonged to a mechanic because these are super big right now .

They look like we need to get them back to its original state .

So without further ado , let's get it started .

And so and laces out , we'll focus on this later .

Next , let's grab our shoe tree .

We are gonna be using an extra large sho this shoe is a size 14 .

So therefore , we need a bigger shoe tree .

So we're just gonna adjust it , put it inside the shoe and help us remove the creasing from the toe box .

Good to go with that .

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Now , we're gonna grab our solution score two squirts inside a bowl of water .

Now , the first brush we're gonna be using is our so bristle brush .

So we're gonna start breaking down all the grime on the uppers .

All right , so far , so good , the green is looking really good .

I can see the color once again .

Now the next step , we gotta focus on is the soles right now in a bit .

I'm gonna switch out the water to some clean water as you can see it is black .

So , while we have this dirty water and some soap , we're gonna grab a slipper .

So , brush and start focusing on these grimy soles all done with the soles .

We got all the grime off using the bristle brush .

I also switched out the old dirty water .

We're going to score some more solution inside and keep it going .

Our next brush we're gonna be using is the medium bristle .

We're gonna be focusing on getting this white leather as white as possible .

Same thing with the white stitching all around the sneaker .

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All right , we're all done with the shoe while I have this medium Bristol brush out .

We're gonna grab the insole and give this a good scrubbing cleaning is all done on the in in the shoe .

Originally , we're just gonna stay with the essential shoe cleaning kit and not put them in the washing machine .

But after seeing how dirty the shoe was and dirty the insides were as well .

We're gonna put this inside the washer fully flush them out .

Thank you Miguel .

So we're gonna put this into the bag before we do that though .

We're gonna grab a lace and give it a quick scrub .

Let's put them in the washing machine , got the shoes out of the washing machine .

We got some great results as you can see .

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We got the green back to green originally , they look like not anymore .

Same thing with the rest of the shoe .

We got all the grime and dirt inside and now fully flushed away .

Thanks to our signature shoe clean kit .

And the next thing we gotta do is remove all the yelling from the sole using our and so vibe and the big 2000 , we're gonna be applying a nice thin even coat all around the sole .

We'll start off with one side , placing some ram wrap .

After a few hours , we'll flip it to the other side .

Got the , so I applied to one side of the shoe .

Now we're gonna put it inside the big 2000 A Ka A bunch of UV rays .

Let's put it inside for a few hours .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

After a few hours of putting the shoe inside the big 2000 , we got some great results later on in this video , I'll show you guys a nice before and after .

But for now we got some white soles .

The next thing is to use some sneaker wipes to wipe off the excess story , wipe off the sole .

After that , we're gonna move on to using our brass bristle brush to bring back the soft texture on the green suede brass bits of brush did its thing .

These shoes were submerged in water .

So when they fully dried , the was really crunchy .

But thanks to this brush , we got it back to its original texture .

So the next part we gotta focus is this back piece on the , there might be an oil stain that didn't fully come out during the cleaning .

I don't think it'll come out with a solution of water .

So we're gonna try to use some sand paper to remove it .

We gonna be using 400 grid and 600 g .

Basically , what I'm gonna do is go back and forth or in a circular motion to get these three little stains fully out .

Let's see how it goes .

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Got the mark off using the sandpaper method .

It's a good trick .

You just gotta use it on the right swing .

Now while we have the sandpaper out , we're gonna move on to the black leather .

It's not really that bad , but all around there's some scuffs , not deep ones .

So we're gonna go in with some 800 gra sandpaper and lightly go over it before we go in and paint it .

Prepper is complete .

We'll come back to the painting in just a bit .

Our next focus is a tow box .

The shoe did do a good job of reshaping the sneaker , but there is still a lot of heavy creasing on the tool box .

So for this , we're gonna be using the iron method .

First , we're gonna stuff the tow box with some towels .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Then we're gonna place a wet towel over the tow box and then simply iron it out with this little iron , iron method complete .

The tool box looks a lot better in just a bit .

I'll take up the towels and put the shoe tree back in .

Once it's fully dried right now , we're gonna grab some scissors and clean up all the loose threads around the shoe .

This part really bothers me .

So we're gonna get it out the way .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Tool box looks so much better .

It's almost back to its original shape .

Now we're back on to the black leather .

We're done with the prep work .

So we're gonna lay down her Angela flat black paint with an A brush and with my brand new Wagner Heat Gun .

Thank you Wagner .

Now we're on to the white leather before we go in and touch it up , we're gonna grab our sneaker wipes .

Once I was done decreasing these tool boxes , I was able to see that there was some dirt tucked inside the crevices of the crease leather .

Now that we have a flat surface , we're gonna go in and wipe it off with the texture side of these wipes while we're at it , we'll also take care of the sides real quick .

Yeah .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Now , for the touch ups , we're gonna be using some flat white paint mix with a little bit of cream .

The shoe isn't brand new .

The white looks white , but it's not exactly a brand new white .

So we're gonna tone it down with a little bit of cream and then we'll go in and touch it up with this little angler brush .

The little touch ups is really this little spot right here in the toe box and a couple of mix right next to the swoosh .

Nothing crazy .

Mhm .

The stray right now is pretty faded .

So we're gonna bring a lot of the color back using some Mink .

We're gonna go outside , spray it , we'll spray a couple of coats , brush it in with our horse hair brush .

We'll keep on reapplying until we get the results we want .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Let's go outside and Lassie , let's lace it up .

All right , everybody that is gonna bring us to an end on this restoration on these og clay green joan ones .

Now , this is a before and after and the process was pretty straightforward .

Simply what we did was give the shoe a proper deep clean using our resin products .

We gave it a good scrub it out .

After that , we put some solar on the soles , removed all the yellowing things to the 2000 and our solar vive then we took care of the creasing on the tool box .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

The did do a good job of reshaping the sneak , but we finished it off using the iron method to fully remove all the creasing from the toe box .

We also went ahead and took care of the green sweat in the back .

There were some stains that were still there .

So we reset the nap using a brass bristle brush and took care of the stain using the sandpaper method .

All in all this was a simple restoration .

Didn't take much effort .

Anybody could do this at home .

You can find other products at dot com .

Use my promo code down below to save some money since al mighty I'll catch you guys next Monday .

See y'all .


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