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2023-08-09 09:59:58

Trashed Gucci Sneakers Complete Restoration

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What's up everybody ?

Welcome back to this episode of restoration the Vic .

Today we got these Beater Gucci a be that need some work .

I'm gonna show you guys how to properly clean up the designer shoe using products also how to fix the deep scratches on the toe box and of course , fix the damage foil on the back .

We got a lot of work ahead of us .

So let's get started to start this project .

We're gonna start with the cleaning .

We're gonna be using essential shoe cleaning kit that comes with all three brushes , soft medium and as well as a solution and towel .

We're gonna start off by putting the shoe aside for before and after purposes and taking out our shoelaces and insole .

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Next , we're gonna grab our shoe tree , adjusted the size and put it inside the shoe .

This will help us reshape the shoe back to its original form and help us apply pressure in the tool box with a soft bristle brush .

Now , we're gonna grab our solution and square two squirts inside a bowl of water .

Now , before we start cleaning the shoe , we're gonna grab our compressor and blow off any surface dust on the inside , you have to go with the compressor .

If you guys don't have one of those , you can easily use a brush brush to brush out the surface dust .

Now , we're gonna use this brush to start the cleaning so far .

So good .

The stop bristle brush is doing its job .

We took care of the outsides and the insides .

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Now we're gonna move on to our medium bristle brush to give the stitching a deeper scrub right .

All done with the uppers .

One thing I do want to point out is this back area .

When I was scrubbing the bristle brush , I was only brushing in one direction .

I did it very carefully because I didn't want to ruin this foil print even more or possibly wipe off the Gucci print .

Now we're gonna move on to the state Bristle brush to finish out this cleaning .

This brush is only used for the soles .

Now , we gotta clean the insole and the lace for the insole .

We're gonna be using a sharpest brush and for the lace , we're just gonna let it sit in our leftover solution .

I don't want to further damage this back full area or remove the Gucci print .

However , I will be putting the lace inside the wash .

Now , let's let the shoe dry .

We're back .

We got the shoe fully clean .

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Thanks to our rejuvenator products , the shoe is fully dried and ready to go .

The shoe naturally has an off white tone on the upper and the mid sole , but there is some yellowing throughout the entire soul .

So we're gonna be using some rejuvenator so wipe to bring it back to its original tone .

Also using the big 2000 while it's in the big 2000 , it's also gonna do its magic to help bring back the whiteness on the stitching and the shoelace got the shoe out of the big 2000 after letting it sit overnight .

And honestly , I didn't realize how much yelling there was throughout the entire soul .

This goes back to its original bright white and saving with the upper .

Now there is some leftover vibe on this rubber .

So we're gonna wipe it off using some venator wipes , time for some prep work on the tool box .

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There's a deep massive scratch .

One of the worst I've seen on a pair of Guccis .

There's also a lot of deep scratches throughout the entire leather before we can start painting the sneaker .

We got to take care of that first .

Get it nice and smooth .

So for this , we'll be using 400 grid and 600 grand sandpaper .

We'll take care of all the easy stuff first and then we'll say the worst scratch for last .

I don't want the easy stuff .

Now we're on to the hard part .

As you can see , the scratch is really deep on its toe box , the leather shredded up before we start standing we're gonna grab an Exacto knife and remove those shredded pieces .

Then we'll start standing .

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Step .

One of the prepper is complete .

The leather on the toe box is nice and smooth .

But if I leave it as is and start painting it , you will see two little dimples on the toe box and it will be off .

So we got to fill in those little craters using some leather filler .

Second coat of leather filler is fully dried .

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Now , we're gonna use some 600 grit sandpaper and we're gonna finish it out with some 1200 grit sandpaper to get it nice and smooth before we move on to the next step , got the tow box , Buttery Smooth .

We also finished up the tape job .

Now we're on to the painting .

We're gonna be painting the toe box , the small side panels , the sock liner and our leather and sole .

We're about 90% done with the paint job .

Overall , it looks great , but the feel isn't quite there on the areas where I didn't paint , the leather is buttery smooth .

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I need to get these areas to match those areas as well .

So for this , we're gonna be using some 50 100 gra sand paper .

We're gonna go over the entire area after that , it should be buttery smooth and we'll hit it with one more coat of paint all done painting the leather .

I'm really happy with how this tool box turned out .

It's back to its original condition that scratch .

You can't even tell it was there .

It's buttery soft .

The color matches on point .

I couldn't be happier .

We're gonna be doing the exact same method I did on the restoration of the Legend of Summer Jordan threes from a few months back .

But first we gotta do some taping .

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Yes .

This back piece is looking great .

We're almost done with the green foil .

The old foil was so dull and flat and cracking as well that this new foil looks so much better .

Now , now this Gucci print needs some work .

It's gonna be really tricky to get in there , but we're gonna do our best with some silver paint and this tiny detail brush back piece is fully complete .

Touching up those Gucci letter was so hard , but I'm happy with how it looks .

Now , let's take off the tape so we can lace it up .

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All right , everybody doesn't bring us to an end on his full restoration on his Gucci .

A so much work went into him , but this restoration almost turned out flawless .

It's taken on the top and exactly what I did to bring the shoe back to life using resumed products .

We gave the shoe a proper deep clean and set it out .

We also use the 2000 to remove all the yelling from the uppers and the soles .

After that , we did a lot of prep work on the leather .

There was tons of crap and scuffs throughout the entire leather .

Same thing with the sock liner , but the worst part was a toe box .

There was a big deep scratch throughout the entire thing .

We were able to go in sand it down , get it nice and smooth , use some leather filler , filled it in , painted it and got it back to its flawless original shape .

The tow box was a lot of work but it was really easy compared to this back fold area .

Originally , it was completely dull , flat .

A lot of cracking going on .

Same thing with the Gucci print .

It was almost fading off .

We went in with some brand new green hot foil tool and filled it all in and we also went in and touched up the Gucci overall .

This restoration turned out great .

I couldn't be happier .

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You can find all our products at dot com .

Use my promo .

Go down below to save some money .

This is Vic Almighty .

I hope you guys enjoyed this video .

I'll catch you guys next Monday .

See you guys .


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