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2023-08-09 10:15:36

Chicken Tomato Curry Recipe Video – Hyderabadi Tamate Murgi Ka Salan – Easy & Simple

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Welcome to Hyderabad wala dot com .

This is Sayed Yasser today .

I'll show you how to make tomato chicken in a frying pan .

Add oil for frying when the oil is hot .

Add two onions chopped and fry them to crispy .

Take out the excess oil and leave only four tablespoons of oil in the pan .

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Add 1.5 tablespoon ginger garlic paste , stir for a minute and add half kg , medium-sized pieces of chicken with bones , add half teaspoon turmeric powder and semi fry the chicken pieces for about 10 minutes at six medium size tomatoes chopped , add two teaspoons of salt .

Two teaspoons of red chili powder , make swell and close the lid .

Keep stirring till the tomatoes get dry .

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Cook for approximately 10 to 15 minutes .

Add 1.5 cup of whipped curd , one teaspoon of spices or girl masala powders add fried onions , half a bunch of mint leaves , half bunch of coriander chopped and three whole green chilies mix well and clot the lid stir at times carefully without tearing the chicken pieces simmer for 20 minutes .

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Tomato chicken is ready .

Thank you for watching this video .

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