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2023-08-08 12:45:02

Professional Baker Teaches You How To Make WAFFLES!

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I'm going to make first a real classic big buttermilk breakfast waffles to make waffles .

You do need a waffle iron .

I'll start mine preheating and get right into the batter , which is as easy to make as a pancake batter .

First , I'll measure a cup and a half of all purpose flour into a large mixing bowl .

And I'll add a little bit of sugar but not too much because really the sweetness from waffles comes from what you put on top .

You can top it with just fresh fruits or of course , lots of maple syrup .

Now to make these waffles nice and fluffy , you need baking powder , three teaspoons and half a teaspoon of salt .

I'll just give that a quick little stir with my fingers just to blend it in .

And now I'm ready for the wet ingredients .

I think what makes a waffle ?

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So inviting is you have the crisp outside , all those little pockets , but yet the inside is soft and really just sort of light and fluffy buttermilk helps to achieve that one and a quarter cups .

And then you do need to add oil , half a cup .

I need eggs too in this case .

But here's the big difference between a waffle batter and a pancake batter .

You have to separate your eggs for a waffle batter because I wanna whip the whites .

So the whites go into a bowl on their own and the yolks into the liquid mixture , just give this a little stir , pour it into the flour mixture and then I just whisk it until blended .

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A few lumps are OK .

You don't want to over mix your batter to clean whisk .

I'll just whisk the egg whites by hand because this is what makes the waffles fluffy .

We go and I add this all at once to the waffle mix and just fold it in .

Of course , you can flavor your waffle batter .

You can add chocolate chips or blueberries if you want , you can add a little lemon or orange zest .

You can really see how this batter has changed by folding in the whipped egg whites .

It does have a wonderful lightness to it for this size waffle iron .

I get four giant waffles .

It's already heated .

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When you add the batter , you don't have to fill the waffle iron completely .

That batter will expand and fill every little space .

I'll flip it over .

I find generally a waffle of this size takes about three minutes to come .

I love this waffle recipe because you can make them ahead and if you don't eat them all , you can reheat them and they also freeze really Well , here we go .

It's waffle time .

The smell of these cooking .

Could coax anyone out of bed ?

Look at those who and hot .

I might as well make waffles from the rest of this batter .

Oh , they smell so good .

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Oh , you , mm .

You can really feel how light they are .

I think a little fresh fruit is a good idea .

Dusting of icing sugar .

And ok , if it was dessert , a scoop of ice cream or maybe a little whipped cream would be nice .

But as a breakfast waffle , of course , nice drizzle of maple syrup on top .

Now , that is a breakfast treat .

I can't wait to dig in .

Mm .

So fluffy and light .


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