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2023-08-09 09:56:18

Cleaning WHITE SHOES ... Toothpaste Vs Baking Soda

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Hi again .

My name is Rosa and I am here today because I got the video for the week who doesn't have white shoes ?

The thing is like how to clean them , how to clean a white shoes .

Well , I went on wiki how and I took two methods and I apply them and I'm gonna let you know the results of them .

I recommend you to first to watch all the video and then with the conclusions , you take a method .

Let's just start it , let's just start it .

Let's just before using any method , we want to take the laces of your shoes .

So we start with this pair and then we go to the next pair method .

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Number one bacon soda paste .

For this method .

You will need white vinegar , baking soda , hot water and a toothbrush that you don't use anymore .

I mix 20 g of baking soda , one tablespoon of hot water .

You can see and there are the fumes here and then I added one tablespoon of white vinegar .

Now we are gonna mix it and create a beast .

Now you will spread the bacon soda paste on the shoe's surface all over once you are done .

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Let them drive for 3 to 4 hours indoors by a window with direct sunlight for the shoelaces .

I left them in a container with baking soda solution for the same amount of time method .

Number two white toothpaste .

For this method , you need a white tooth paste .

So it doesn't stain your white shoes and a toothbrush .

I went directly and I added the toothpaste on the surface of the shoes and I started brushing with the toothbrush .

You wanna remove this stains so brush as much as you can .

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Once all the surfaces are covered , let them dry for the same time as method one .

So about 3 to 4 hours for the shoelaces , I added toothpaste and let them on the side for the same amount of time as the shoes before that though , I used it as a soap and I washed them a little bit to remove the baking soda paste , clap your shoes together .

The paste would fall for the remaining paste .

You will need a dry toothbrush , keep brushing everywhere that it's needed for the shoelaces .

I washed them by hand and once I saw that the stain were not coming off .

I rinsed them , let them dry overnight to remove the paste .

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I got a wet cloth and I started washing off the paste .

You will notice that the stains come off easily with the wet cloth .

Once I finish rinsing the shoes and the laces , I let them dry overnight .

Now , here are the results for method one .

What I notice is that the thread of the shoes are way cleaner .

With this method .

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Baking soda paste works pretty well for fabric , white shoes .

It took the stains from the laces .

It was good .

Also , it did a great job in the mesh of my shoes between both methods .

This is the one which took most of the stains out of my shoes .

Fabrics .

Unfortunately , it turned the leather part of my shoes yellowish , you can tell here and also the paste didn't take the stains from the leather as much as I would have liked it .

Method .

Number two , the white toothpaste , it works better for white leather or synthetic white shoes .

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The threads are still dirty but you can't notice much because of the white color from the shoes .

It doesn't get the stains from the fabric pretty well .

But again , because of the white shoes , you can't notice much you can see on this one .

It's still very dirty , didn't take much out of the mesh , but I really like what it did for the leather .

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I didn't see the stains , the yellow stain that I saw on the older shoe on the other side of the shoe , this side of the shoes look way cleaner than the other side except for the mash , the mash , it looks dirty at the end , it will depend a lot .

What kind of white shoes you want to clean .

For example , if you want to clean a fabric , white shoes , I recommend you the baking soda method .

But if you want to clean like leather , I will recommend you the toothpaste method .

All right .

Thank you for watching .

I hope you enjoyed and see you in the next video .

Bye .


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