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2023-08-06 16:12:54

The Best Product To Clean White Mesh Sneakers

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I wasn't actually sure if there was a way to revive the ultra boost after a year's worth of wear .

As you can see , unfortunately , you can't replace the soles , but you can lighten up this boost material .

So it looks almost brand new and I'm going to show you guys how to do that in this video .

What's going on guys ?

This is he from collective kicks dot com .

And I wanted to bring you guys a video today show you guys me kind of restoring this ultra boost that I previously did a video on I showed you guys a video recently of this ultra boost after a year's worth of wear .

If you guys missed that video , go check it out on my channel .

A lot of you guys in that video mentioned that I should go ahead and try this product here on the boost material to give it a better look .

So thank you to you guys that left a comment saying to try this out .

It is the oil based sharpie and I will link this in the description if you guys want to buy one of these pens .

But I'll you guys what it does to this boost material and how you can go from this to this in a very , very simple step .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

But before I apply this marker to the ultra boost , I need to go ahead and clean up this ultra boost with rejuvenator like I did the previous one to get it as clean as possible before we go ahead and apply that oil base .

One thing that I will note you guys called me out on this in the comment section also previously and that is you should not be using the medium bristle brush on the upper .

You should be using something like this .

This is a premium soft bristle and it's basically used for sued and ash and delicate materials .

And this is what happens when you don't use that brush , it basically ripped apart the seam right here on the ultra boost when I was scrubbing too hard .

So that was my mistake .

I definitely advise that you guys buy separate brushes on rejuvenator website .

And if you guys want to buy the cleaner or the bristles or anything else on the website , use code , he kicks and you get 10% off of your entire order and I will link rejuvenator website in the description below and you guys can go shop around all of their sneaker products .

So that being said , let's go ahead and clean this guy up before we apply the pen .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

If you do get a little bit of extra stuff outside of the lines , you can use some nail polish remover .

So there you have it .

This is pretty much the final results of the ultra boost .

You could see that the boost material is definitely white comparison to that on the bottom .

And so that's a big plus I was thinking you could apply it to the bottom if you wanted to , but honestly , it'd be more of a pain in the ass to do it .

So it's probably not worth doing it .

Especially since you walk on the bottoms of the shoes .

So you can see how close I did pretty sloppy job painting it , but all in all it looks pretty good and it looks pretty revived and almost like a regular Ultra boost .

Does you can see that the white Ultra boost looks pretty spot on comparison to the retail below .

And just with that little pen , this pen is pretty magical .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Again , I'll link it the description .

I think it was like six bucks .

It is a sharpie white oil based pen .

The results are pretty impressive .

I'm actually really impressed what this thing was able to do to this old Beater pair of Ultra boost now looks pretty decent .

It looks almost like a new pair considering how much wear and tear was on these .

Hopefully my buddy Jamal will like these .

I did however , still buy him a new pair of Ultra boost .

I actually ended up getting him a pair of these in his size .

So hopefully he enjoys the new Ultra boost as well as the ones that I ended up cleaning up for him .

Again , if you guys are interested in using any of rejuvenator products such as the cleaner or the deodorizer or the brushes , uh go ahead and check the link in the description 10% off of your order .

But thank you guys for watching and I appreciate you guys for checking out the video .

I think that this is a really cool suggestion from you guys that mentioned it to use this pen so much .

Appreciate it to you guys and that's the end of the video .

We'll catch you guys for some more videos soon .

Thank you again for watching Peace guys .

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So now that we've done the pretreat , we're gonna take this dirty shoelace and just gonna clean it up a little bit .

Ok .

Last thing we need to do , take our handy sneaker laundry bag here .

Take one shoe , drop it down inside there .

Shoelaces right in the bag .

Pull us down , block the mechanism and you're good to go .

All we gotta do is go put these in the washing machine and see how they look in .

About 30 minutes .

Come through the office .

We put our washing machine in the men's room .

Um , it's the best place for us to do it here , I guess .

But here we go .

So you can see we're gonna turn it on .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Let's go ahead and put this in there .

Can't show you the secret , but we got a new , uh , detergent coming out here , an advanced sneaker laundry detergent that will be available soon .

We shut that down .

Um , we're gonna do a small load , cold water .

Start pa this year can't really wash clothes without this being hooked up .

So let's go ahead and put that up there .

You make do with what you got .

All right , we turn the water on , start there .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

How's it going youtube ?

We're back .

We clean these as you can see huge difference .

These actually turned out better than I thought they would .

Um , they're still a very , very slight , you know , dirt market in that crease as you can see here too .

Um , we'll show you close up .

We rubbed a little hard and we , we got a little bit of this material frayed , but we really clean the crap out of these things .

Um , so one of the ways that we did it , you saw us on the first video , we pretreated it , put it in the washing machine after the first wash .

I wasn't really happy with how clean it was .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So what we did is we took some hot water , put hot water in our bowl , mixed it with some solution and then clean the shoes again , using the uh softer suede brush and the all brush , put them back in the washing machine after the second wash , they looked really , really good .

So this is where we're at now .

They're still a little damp .

So they'll even look a little better than this probably tomorrow , but it's 9 p.m. and we've been doing this all day .

So um basically , that's it .

We're gonna shoot some uh before and after photos to show you at the end of this , but you can see the washing machine .

I mean , it , it , there's no question that it really brings back the white mess .

So um that's it .

Make sure you subscribe to our youtube channel .

If you haven't already drop a new videos every Monday and Thursday and until next time we'll see you .


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