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2023-08-08 07:04:37

Cheese Corn Rawa Waffles _ Sanjeev Kapoor Khazana

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Hi and welcome to Sanji Kaur Hasan .

Let's make waffle with corn .

Let's first make the waffle batter and waffle butter is what is just really very simple .

What you have to do is you have to take some semolina , which is followed by some grand flour .

Now to this , we have to add in some yogurt .

This is plain yogurt .

We'll add in some corn and now let's add in some spices .

So this is a little bit of some finely chopped green chilies , a little bit of soda by some cumin seeds , salt , mix this up .

Well , and now this needs to form a backup .

So for that you have to mix in some water .

So here goes in the coriander makes this once again .

Ok .

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So this batter is ready but now not just the batter , you also have to make a waffle iron ready .

So this is the waffle machine and it's hot as you can see , this is hot .

So what you have to do is take a brush and just brush this with some oil so that this batter doesn't stick and it comes off easily .

Let's take once you cook the mixture just close the lid and this will cook on its own .

It will come off , it will get a nice color .

It will go crispy .

Everything will be just fine if your batter is right .

And after that , we'll put some cheese on top and serve this piping hot .

This is the perfect breakfast item .

Waffles can be made with various variations , but don't forget to put some cheese on top .

That's what makes the difference .

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So for this recipe , I'm using mozzarella cheese , which I've already grated and kept here .

So once the waffle is ready , we'll Sprinkle it on top , but we won't close the lid once again cause all the cheese may get stuck to it , but we'll remove it and we'll serve it piping hot .

So now let's see if the waffles are done .

Oh , wow .

Look at the color like I had promised you , we're gonna put some cheese .

You just have to place it and this will melt on its own .

Don't need to do anything here .

So let's wait for a minute or so for the cheese to melt as the cheese starts melting , we will remove it .

We won't even wait for the cheese to melt completely because I really like it that way .

Just that the layer of cheese shouldn't be too thick also .

Or else it may not melt easily .

But you can see this waffle it's almost done .

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Keep it on a plate .

Simple waffles with some corn coriander and lots of cheese will surely add a difference to your breakfast table .

Try this recipe for your next breakfast and your family at the table is sure to be happy .

I'm sure you all love our recipes .

So to stay connected , please don't forget to subscribe to our channel , Sanjana .


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