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2023-08-06 16:21:29

How To Make Stovetop Popcorn

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Contrary to what most Children probably believe today .

Popcorn does not grow inside of microwavable bags .

It is possible to make popcorn at home .

And in fact , it's one less expensive two way healthier .

Three in my opinion , taste way way better .

It's not chemical popcorn .

This is real popcorn .

So you start by putting olive oil , I use olive oil .

I use olive oil for everything at the bottom of your pan of your pot and you're just putting just enough to coat the bottom and then you're putting in your popcorn that you can just buy in bulk and keep in jars and you're covering the bottom .

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You're not , you don't , you want your popcorn kernels to be in a single layer and put your flame on to medium , medium high and cover your popcorn with the proper lid , which is not in front of me right now .

So I'm just beginning to hear a couple pops of popcorn coming .

It's also beginning to smell really good and I'm gonna stay here .

I'm not gonna go and Google search something .

I'm not gonna make a phone call in the other room .

I'm gonna stay here with my popcorn it does burn kind of easily so you gotta stay with it .

Uh , speeding up , speeding up .

Now .

It's just gonna go .

It's gonna like , take a couple minutes , probably max a couple minutes .

Mm .

It smells really , really good .

Ok .

It's slowing down .

I'm turning it off .

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Better to have a few kernels unpopped than a whole batch of burnt popcorn .

Let's lift it up and see what happened .

Oh , isn't that delicious ?

Look at this beautiful popcorn .

Then you just wanna salt your popcorn .

I personally like salted , uh like salty and put a little Kosher salt or sea salt or even Celtic salt would be delicious and uh stir it around a little bit and eat it .

Hm .

It's so good .

It's perfect .

It's warm , it's crunchy .

It's not oily .

This is better than movie popcorn , but you can just feel that it's just so much better for you .

Listen , I encourage all of you guys to make popcorn .

You are gonna love it .

Your friends will love it .

Your Children are gonna be like , amazed that it's even possible that it , that it , that it , that it can happen .

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And it's a really fun thing to do at home .

So enjoy happy popcorn .


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