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2023-08-07 14:34:52

Caramel Popcorn _ How to Make Perfect Caramel Popcorn _ Easy Snack

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Hello viewers .

Welcome to home cooking with me .

Subramanian .

Today's recipe is a very simple snack and I'm sure we all enjoy it while we go to watch the cinemas .

Well , I'm sure you guessed it right .

It's caramel popcorn .

So let's get started and check out the ingredients .

So now I'm gonna make the popcorn .

You can either take a deep dish pot or you can do this in the pressure cooker .

Add one tablespoon of unsalted butter .

Once the butter is melted , I'm going to add one cup of dried corn kernels , which is used to make popcorn , close the pot and wait for the corn kernels to pop .

So keep the flame on medium while doing this .

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Once the corn has popped , just turn off the stove and transfer it into another bowl .

So now I'm gonna make the caramel sauce for the caramel popcorn .

Add unsalted butter .

The butter has melted .

I'm gonna add half cup of plain white sugar and half cup of brown sugar .

Keep the flame on medium as the sugar begins to melt .

Turn it off .

Now you can see the sugar is completely melted .

If you leave it longer , the caramel can become very dark and bitter .

So as soon as the sugar melts , make sure you turn off the stove to this .

Add a pinch of salt , add a teaspoon of vanilla license , add a pinch of cooking soda , quickly give it a mix .

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So next time you have a movie night at home , you can surprise your family and friends with this delicious and crunchy caramel popcorn .

So do try and enjoy this recipe .

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