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2023-08-08 07:04:32

Korean Street Waffles at Home

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Greetings , my beautiful lovelies .

It's Emmy and welcome back today .

I'm gonna be making yet another beautiful Korean street food and it is for lovely , gorgeous waffles , waffles that I have never seen before .

Now I discovered this video during one of my late night street food video binges .

I love doing that , although it always leaves me very hungry .

I love street food videos .

I love them because you get to see the whole process of making the food .

There's this whole transformation and you get this kind of point of view as if you were actually purchasing the food yourself , although you don't actually get to taste the food .

So that's why I'm here today because I'm finally going to get an idea of what this tastes like .

This waffle looks absolutely stunning .

It's the application of the whipped cream and the inside that gives this beautiful kind of braided pattern .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And the other side has honey sweetened cream cheese and then you make the whipped cream and the cream cheese meat and you get this beautiful waffle taco that just looks absolutely delicious and gorgeous .

So in the description , I'll include a link to the video that I watched that inspired this video .

It's from yummy .

Yummy .

Ok .

Let's go ahead and get started .

So the first thing we need to do is make some waffles .

Now , these waffles look extra crispy .

They're Belgian style waffles with nice deep and they are round , which meant I needed to get a new waffle iron because my waffle iron is square .

So I purchased this thing .

Oh , my gosh .

What an upgrade .

My last waffle iron came from the bins in Portland .

What up Portland ?

I miss the bins .

The bins is basically a thrift store outlet .

Everything that is not bought up at Goodwill is taken to the bins and then you can purchase things by the pound .

So I think I paid maybe a dollar for that waffle iron .

I used it for years now .

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This waffle iron was much more expensive , but I needed a round waffle iron so that my waffles would be round .

So I'm gonna plug the waffle iron in .

000 , yeah .

Yeah .

Cool .

Ok .

I'm gonna preheat this .

We want the waffle liner to be pretty hot .

So let's set that aside .

So the waffles in the video look very golden and very crispy .

So I'm gonna be trying a new recipe .

It's from a blog called runaway rice dot com and it uses rice flour .

So the original recipe actually makes coconut pond on flavored waffles and I'm gonna adapt this to make this just plain vanilla waffles instead but using rice flour instead of just all purpose flour also with tapioca flour .

I'm hoping for a much crisper style waffle .

OK .

So let's go ahead and make this uh this bowl is wet .

Why does it have water in it ?

Weird .

All right .

One .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I take as much noise as possible .

So the first thing we're gonna do is sift our dry ingredients .

We need 1.5 cups of rice flour .

I'm using , it doesn't say specifically in the recipe if it's glutenous rice flour or just rice flour .

So I'm gonna be using , try not to get it all over the place .

A half cup of tapioca flour .

The last time I used this was to make homemade boba , which are actually delicious .

Way more delicious than the pre-made ones .

Half cup of all purpose flour , one tablespoon of baking powder , oop quarter teaspoon of salt .

Poop sift that all together .

Don't get too crazy with the sifting .

Oh What's that ?

Oh , a piece of cardboard box .

Good thing we sifted that .

That's just salt .

OK .

Another bowl .

We're gonna combine two eggs .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Oop , whisk those up a little bit .

Now we're gonna add a half cup of sugar .

Two tablespoons of melted butter , get all of that in me .

And instead of I'm gonna add a little bit of vanilla extract and now the 1.5 cups of milk and now we're gonna add our wet to our dry .

Get out of my way .

I like this whisk when it comes to mixing things like this .

Here we go .

Yes , this is called a Danish whisk .

Why is it so alarming ?

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I'm right here as I was saying , this is a Danish whisk .

It's really great for thick batters and doughs .

And actually it is used for bread making , but I like using it for waffles and pancakes because it makes swift work of things .

You know , Is that an ant in my batter ?

Probably .

Well , if I spot it again , I will extricated otherwise I didn't start up .

Ok .

So the waffle batter is complete .

Let's cook us some waffles , hot iron .

I'm gonna be using a little bit of pan spray .

Oh , this locks .

Ok .

Open this up and wipe out some of that excess oil .

Try not to overfill .

Here we go .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Maybe like three quarters of the way .

I know it doesn't look full but it gets full .

So my iron goes all the way to seven .

I have it on 6.5 right now .

Make sure you check on this sooner than later because this is going to cook quickly .

I've got a baking pan with a rack on it .

And as soon as I take this off the waffle iron , I'm gonna place the waffle on the rack so it can kind of dry out and that will hopefully make for a crispier waffle .

In the video .

They actually have these vertical racks where they put the waffles in which is really great .

It allows the steam to dissipate quickly .

So your waffles don't get soggy already .

My lovely .

So I finished the waffle and a couple of tips .

I found that if you have a fan at the ready to blow on your waffles , right .

When they come out of the iron , they will crisp up better .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And then while they're warm , give them a little bend and put them on a rack .

So they have like a little taco shape and they should be at their crisp best .

So we're gonna take one package of room temperature cream cheese , plop it into a bowl .

Oop two tablespoons of honey .

I keep bees if you didn't know already , I will put a link down below to my bee channel .

I've not been doing bee blogs this year .

It's just been a little bit nuts but I still have bees .

The bees are doing just fine .

The summer was a great flow .

So I expect to have a good harvest this year .

Give thanks to the honey bees .

So I'm gonna put in two tablespoons of honey .

This is going to be a sweet filling .

Now we're gonna take this and just beat it up slowly at first .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

00 So what makes this waffle look absolutely beautiful is the application of the whipped topping .

So in the video , they pour a product into a mixer and they beat it until it fluffs up .

If you were to beat regular cream , the same way you would end up with butter .

So I'm convinced they use some sort of non dairy creamer product .

So , rather than using that , I'm gonna be using cool whip , which is a non dairy pre whipped whipped topping .

But to see how smooth it is , it's just smooth and whipped and I'm gonna add some of this to the cream cheese to lighten it up , doll up like that .

But in terms of flavor , regular true whipped cream is far superior .

So we're gonna go back and forth , smoothing the surface of the cream and taking a dollop looks like our dollop has to be a big fatter and go like that .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Push it onto the edge like that kind of kind of getting it drizzle some honey right on this side .

Oh my gosh , this is gonna be amazing , amazing like that .

And then our cream cheese gonna smear some on this side , that side like that and then we're gonna press it together .

Oh , that looks pretty good .

Another technique would be just to take a piping bag with a large hole and no tip , fill it with your whip topping and just pipe nice big fluffy blobs and then continue with your honey and your cream cheese .

Alrighty .

My beautiful lovelies here is the completed waffle , isn't it beautiful ?

Just chalk filled with whipped topping cream cheese and honey .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Can't wait to taste this beautiful thing .

Alright .

It's gonna be a mouthful .

Here we go .

Um , so the first thing I noticed is the of the cream cheese and perhaps that's more apparent because it's right .

But it up next to that very sweet vanilla flavored whipped topping .

I'm gonna give another bite .

Oh .

Mhm .

Hm .

It's really nice .

I love the level of sweetness .

We've got lots of layers of sweetness here too .

The whipped topping is lightly sweetened .

We've got some of that honey that we drizzled in there .

And then we've got the cream cheese that we sweetened as well , but not overly so , this is not like a cheesecake or a brownie .

It's not dense .

It's very airy and light , both in terms of level of sweetness , but also in texture .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And then we've got this sweet baked waffle , which is the delivery mechanism for all of this whipped creaminess .

I would like the waffle to be a little bit crisper .

I think if I were to put it in the toaster right before assembly , it would have a really nice crunch to it .

And so that's what I find a little bit lacking .

Although I like the level of sweetness in here too .

It's a little bit sweeter than waffles that I typically make and it is a little bit firmer than waffles that I usually make as well , but not quite as crispy as I would like it to be .

Maybe I have this association with a crisp crisp waffle with ice cream and perhaps that's what I'm kind of conflating here .

But yeah , I think a nice little textural contrast would be really nice , more contrast , you know , more of a when you have the fluff , right ?

Uh Delicious .

Alrighty , my beautiful lovelies .

Thanks so much for joining me .

I hope you enjoyed that one .

I hope you learned something .

Please share this video with your friends .

Follow me on social media .

I love hearing from you like this video , subscribe and I shall see you in the next one .

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Take care .


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