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2023-08-08 12:52:57

How To Tie A Formal Ascot & Wedding Cravat For Proper Traditional Morning Wear

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Welcome back to the gentlemen gazette .

In today's video , we show you how to tie a formal day wear Ascot , which is also known sometimes as day .

It's an item with a very vintage aesthetic and it's particularly popular in Britain where we can still see it worn for weddings or at Royal Ascot when people were mourning wear with a top hat and a proper type Ascot .

Now , if you remember already discussed how to wear an ascot and how to tie one in the past , but that was the casual Ascot .

What's the difference between a formal Ascot and a casual Ascot ?

One thing that stands out immediately is a shape , a formal Ascot is quite wide and has a slim band that's consistent in the middle , which is something that will be around your neck .

Basically , it has the same shape on both ends .

A casual as CT is similar in the shape .

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However , it usually has a kind of folded neck band which is worn around the neck .

The other difference is that a casual Ascot is just silk and there's no interlining .

On the other hand , a proper formal Ascot is much stiffer because you want it to hold the shape in the fold of the knot you want because of that , it's silk with the interlining , which makes it thicker and more robust in terms of keeping its shape .

Another important distinction is that the casual Ascot is worn inside of your shirt and it pops up from underneath your unbuttoned top shirt collar and the formal labor Ascot is worn in the way you can see here right now , it's worn on the outside of the shirt and it's perfectly worn with a wing collar .

Now , where can you find Ascots ?

We offer casual ascots in our shop and we're one of the very few stores in the world that carries formal Ascots , ours that are made of high quality Italian wedding silk .

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And so it's a perfect item for a formal wedding or a day at Royal Ascot at the races .

If you want to , you can keep everything in shape with a tie stickpin and I'm gonna show you how to use it later .

A formal Ascot .

It's probably the most formal piece of silk neckwear that you can wear .

And if you pull it off the proper weight , it's extremely elegant and debonair .

Some people like the Victorian flair of it because it was very popular around the and the early days of the 20th century .

So how do you tie it ?

Basically , there are two ways .

The first one is the more popular one mostly seen at wedding parties and it's basically like a foreign hand , just with a slight adaptation .

What you can see me wearing here right now is the proper formal or Victorian way to tie an ascot .

Usually it incorporates a tie stick pin and I'll show you how to use that in the end .

However , first , let's start with a more popular way to tie a formal ascot , which is similar to a foreign hand knot .

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To learn more about the foreign hand knot for a regular necktie .

Please check out this video here .

Also , if you think that a formal Ascot is simply too much for you , you can get a regular three fold ties in the same wedding socks in our shop as well .

Please take a look .

Of course , if you decide to go with a formal ascot , you always wanna go with a detachable wing collar and not with a turn down collar .

It would simply look odd .

All right , here's how you tie the formula Ascot in the more popular way .

First , find a label in the middle of the formal ascot and place it firmly against the back of your neck .

Second , you don't want both sides to have the same length .

So you pull on the right side until it's about 4 to 5 inches longer , which is about 10 to 12.5 centimeters .

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Ideally , you want the formal Asco to be very wide on the left side and very slim on the right side now you take the slim end from the right , fold it diagonally over the left with your left hand , take the part that you just fold it over and bring it back to the original side .

Put a little snug .

Now again , bring that end that you just brought to the right and fold it over once more around to create what will be the notch .

Now with your left hand to take the tip , go back behind and push it up from the back .

So it comes out on top , pull a little bit .

So your not tightens up a little bit , just like a regular four in hand knot .

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You take the tip now and push it through the hole that you just created .

Ideally , you wanna pull up and push up that knot a little bit .

So you create some wrinkles and so it doesn't look like a regular necktie , you'll also notice it's much bigger and that's OK .

Once you've done that , simply pull on the long end in the back and adjust the knot until it snugly against your collar .

As you can see , the front end is much shorter than the back end .

And it looks kind of odd .

However , you only wear a formal ascot with a formal waistcoat or a vest .

So it's a final step .

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You simply have to tuck it into your best and it looks great the popular way to tie a formal Ascot if you're not wearing it at the end of the day , you simply unravel the knot in the opposite way , you tied it , which means you pull through the front part first and unwind it very simple .

Now , a second way to tie a formal ascot and which I consider to be the more proper way and more formal way is this first look at the label in the middle of the formal ascot and place it firmly against your shirt collar .

Once again , you pull the right side slightly longer about 3 to 4 inches or 7.5 to 10 centimeters .

Now , the right side is folded over the left side and then brought up through the hole that you just created in the back .

Now , the part that you just pull through should be in your right hand and the other part should hang straight down .

Now you take the part that just hangs down with your left hand and point it to your right .

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Subsequently , you take the piece in your right hand and then you just pull through and fold it over .

So now it points downwards .

Once you're done with that , you take the point that hangs down vertically and bring it up through the loop .

You just create it from underneath .

Once you get it through the hole , you pull firmly on both ends of the formal Ascot , you can adjust the knot a little bit and you can see it creates a horizontal knot with some wrinkles .

Now , ideally , you want to take the atom on the left and have it point to the right and the atom from the right point over to the left .

Basically , the two ends cross each other .

Now that you have folded over both ends in an X shape , you can tuck them into your waistcoat .

Keep adjusting until you like the look .

Now it's time for a tie stick pin , a tie stick pin is a simple pin that is decorative .

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The most traditional thing is maybe a pearl , but you can also have maybe a notch or any other kind of precious or semi precious stone .

The easiest ways to find one is at vintage shows flea markets or an ebay .

Now , you want a decorative element of your tie stick to be exactly in the middle .

When you look at it from the front and about 2 to 3 , maybe four inches below the knot .

Don't have it too low and not too close to the knot .

You can use the gorge of your morning coat lapel for a good indicator on where you want it to sit .

What I'm in here right now is a proper way to do it .

Don't go lower and don't go further up if you're right handed , hold the basket with your left and poke through the stick pin through the silk .

Not if you poke it through the silk carefully , poke it through the middle of your shirt fly and back out to the front .

That way , the pointy end of the tie stick pin is not in your skin , you won't hurt yourself and it's on the top part to fly .

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Not only is it a decorative item , but it also keeps your thermo as in place all day , no matter if you run dance or celebrate because your horse is just won .

Now that you know how to tie a formal ascot , please check out the selection we have in our shop .

You can also find all sorts of other neck wear including bow ties , casual ascots and neck ties in today's outfit .

I'm wearing a silk top hat which is vintage from Germany and exactly in my head shape and size .

My morning coat is vintage and from and the quality back then was a lot better than it is today .

My pants are cashmere striped trousers in black and gray .

They don't have cuffs , which is important for morning wear and I wear them with black Belal boots with a black suede insert and I spice things up a little bit with a light gray contrasting pair of boot places from Fort Beier , which you can find in our shopping here .

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My waistcoat is custom tailored for me from a bottle green velvet .

It's double breasted and it overlaps nicely and closes rather high .

That way you don't see a lot of the shirt front .

The shirt is a plain white cotton shirt with buttons , not with studs and it has a detachable collar .

It's important that you have a detachable wing collar or a stiff collar that is not a turn down collar .

The tie stick pin I'm wearing is a simple pearl and it keeps everything in place and adds a dapper note to my outfit .

My pocket square is a simple plain white pocket square with my initial from Fort Belvedere and it has hand rolled edges and you can find it in our shop here .

The same is true for a which is a silk flower which looks like a real one , but it won't wilt all day and it will just always look dapper to learn more about how these little pieces of art are made .

Please check out this video here .

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The formal scot I'm wearing has a black and silver basket weave pattern and you can find it in our shop here .

We also offer different patterns all made of what is called a wedding silk , which are jacker weaves that consists of black and silver silk and they're extremely elegant , made for formal day wear .

And it's exactly what you want when you wear a morning coat .

If a formal ascot is simply too much for you , you don't want to overdo it maybe skip the top hat , simply go with a regular neck tie in the same wedding patterns as the formal ascots .

And again , you can find them in our shop here last but not least if you want them , you can go with a pair of online gloves such as these gray ones from Fort Belvedere .

Alternatively , you could go in blue or red if you wanna be a little bolder and you can find all those online gloves in our shop here as well .


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