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On today's menu is a chicken curry that you will frequently see on the menu cards of Indian restaurants .

It is packed with flavor .

Easy to make if you follow my direction , step by step with my own twist into it and you're going to love it .

No , and welcome to curries with heat , a pot over a medium heat with a tablespoon of oil .

Once the oil gets hot , add garlic cloves , which I didn't even bother to chop along with roughly chopped ginger stir on medium to low heat till the garlic gets these little specks of browning on them .

Do not wait for them to turn too brown in color as then they will get bitter , resulting in the gravy tasting bitter and we are not making bitter garlic flavored chicken today .

Ok ?

I also added six green cardamoms and four cloves .

As soon as you see those little brown spots appearing on the garlic .

It's time for the onions to go in .

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I have used three large onions for this recipe .

Two of them , I chopped up roughly as you are seeing on the screen .

Now , the third one I chopped finely and will be coming up later on , stir the onions on medium high heat till they start to soften down and become pale in color .

With some of them starting to develop a little brown color along the edges .

At that point , I two roughly chopped large tomatoes .

If you're making this at a time when the tomatoes are not in season , then just follow up to the point of frying the onions and go to the next step after adding the tomatoes fry them on medium high heat for a few minutes , then cover on for five minutes after five minutes .

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When you start seeing the tomatoes turning a bit soft , switch off the heat and transfer everything onto a bowl , allow it to cool down completely because we will be blending all this once cooled down , blend everything to a smooth paste .

Coming back to the pot .

I have cleaned it and it is ready for the next step .

Medium heat .

Three tablespoons of oil go in once the oil turns hot but not smoking hot .

Add about half a teaspoon of cumin seeds that is jira and a small cinnamon stick .

Then comes the third onion that I had mentioned earlier .

Add a Sprinkle of salt and stir on medium heat till the onions develop a golden brown color .

While the onions are getting fried , I will make a spice paste .

2.5 tablespoons of Madras curry powder .

About two teaspoons of Kashmiri re chili powder .

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If the Madras curry powder you are using is very hot .

Then please add paprika instead of chili powder .

The Madras curry powder that I am using is relatively mild .

So that's why I'm using Kashmiri red chili powder .

I used a little less than a teaspoon of turmeric powder as my Madras curry powder already has some turmeric powder added to it .

Add 1/4 of a cup of water stir and your spice paste is ready back to the onions .

We are looking for this kind of a situation , not too brown , but we can see that browning along the edges , heat low and add the spice paste .

I added a little bit of water in the cup to rinse out all that spice goodness fry for a few minutes .

Now is the time to add a tablespoon of what is known as tomato paste here in the US .

But I think in the UK , it is known as tomato puree fry everything for a few minutes and add the chicken .

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I always like using chicken with bones and I will always highly recommend using chicken thighs or drumstick or a combination of both .

But I never use chicken breast heat back up to medium high and fry till all the water that comes out from the chicken dries up .

As you can see there is no water in there now .

So add the fried garlic ginger onion paste .

I also added a little water to my blended jar to get all that goodness till the last drop .

Now , remember my friends , I told you that if you're making this at a time when tomatoes are not in season , then you can use about half a cup of canned crushed tomatoes .

Next goes in about two teaspoons of salt .

A teaspoon of dried venu creek leaves that is Kasuri meaty which you need to crush well , before adding to release the flavors and about a teaspoon of sugar to balance the acidity from the tomatoes .

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But sugar is always optional and you can leave it out if you are concerned cover on low heat for 20 minutes .

This recipe calls for a thick gravy .

So cover it partially if you find a lot of liquid in your pot .

After 20 minutes comes in a cup of coconut milk .

If you like the flavor of coconut , you can use one whole can of coconut milk , do a taste test at this point .

And if you want more heat , then add more chili powder .

Like I did as I always tell you when it comes to chili powder , add less than the stated proportion to start with .

You can always add at the end , but once added , you cannot take out that heat .

I won't cover the pot .

Now , as I want the gravy to get thicker , cook on medium low heat for another 20 minutes .

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Now , my friends , my gravy was getting too thick and my family likes a little bit of gravy .

So at the end , I put a cover on 20 minutes done .

I added a generous shower of chopped coriander leaves and a tablespoon of lemon juice .

You can also use a teaspoon of tamarind paste or maybe a tablespoon of tamarind sauce instead of lemon juice .

There is another step left that I will be showing after plating up .

I'm doing that step after plating up for presentation purposes .

But when you are making this , please do it in your pot heat a small pan over a medium heat and then add a tablespoon of key .

Do not allow the key to start smoking .

But when it gets hot , add three dried red chilies and then a handful of curry leaves .

I know many of you won't be able to get curry leaves .

Then please do not worry , just use dried red chilies .

But please try to this step as it adds so much flavor to the curry .

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This is my twist to the recipe and I wanted to share it with you all and then add the aromatic magic goodness to the chicken and let it to its magic .

And remember my friends do not do this after plating , add it to your pot of chicken directly and give a final stir before plating up .

Please click on that like button for me and I will see you next time .

Bye bye .


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