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OK .

So let's thread a needle and tie a knot .

The three things you're gonna be needing here is your sewing needle , your spool of thread and your scissors .

So , as you can see here , a bit closer up your needle has a hole on the top called the eye of the needle .

OK , we're gonna get the thread through the eye of the needle and it's actually a very , very simple process .

The more you practice it , if you already know how to do this , you could just skip along and move on to the second course .

So , before you ever do this , you always want to trim your thread because it gives you a nice clean finish and it's much easier to thread through the eye of the needle .

Now , you wanna hold your thread between your thumb and your pointer finger about that much sticking out .

So the needle or um , excuse me , the thread , it's a bit taught and sticking out and will easily go through the eye .

If you have your thread hanging like this and trying to get it through the eye of the needle , it's gonna take you a long time .

If not virtually impossible .

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Not sure .

So here's what you do , you hold it like this , so your thread sort of is like sticking out , OK ?

And you just slip it through the eye of the needle and you pull it through , you pull it through and you're gonna need about your arm's length .

OK ?

Measure all the way up to your arm .

OK ?

You're gonna hold it up , hold it this way and you're gonna have your double threaded needle .

So it means on your needle , you have sort of two threads even though you didn't do any cutting yet .

OK ?

It's double threaded .

This will make a stronger stitch .

So all the way at the end here is where you're gonna cut , OK ?

You're gonna cut right here and then we are going to make a double knot .

You always want to make a double knot when you sew because um , it won't slip through the fabric .

And when we move on to the next course , I'll show you what that means .

So there's a couple of ways to make a double knot .

If you already know how to make a double knot , make it your way .

If not , here are two ways that I use .

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The first way is a loop where I make a loop and I stick the tail under and through the loop , not one .

And then I copy it again , make a loop , hold it down , put the tail under and through the loop .

And then I kind of guide it with my thumb nail and I make it land on top of the other knot .

Ok .

Sometimes even I , with many years of sewing kind of skip that and it , and the knot slips over and I just have to double it again .

It's not a big deal .

Ok .

Another way to do it is like the magic knot .

I call it where you're gonna use your finger and you're going to make an X , OK ?

And then you slip and roll , see how I'm rolling .

And then you hold that knot and you pull and again , you have a knot .

I'll show that to you again .

OK ?

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You could do your loop and tail method this way , put the tail under , slip it through the loop .

Pull , there's your knot around again .

Make I'm sorry , make a loop again .

Put the tail under pull and there we make it land , notice how I use my finger to make it guide right on and it lands on .

And then the second way the magic knot again , just similar , make an X on your point , your finger , put your thumb over the X and roll your fingers and then hold it and pull magic knot .

So practice that .

And before you know it , you're gonna be able to do this without even thinking about it .

See you in the next course .


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