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2023-08-09 10:08:30

Perfect Japanese Chicken Curry At Home (2 Ways)

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I'm sure everybody has some curry that they love .

But if this isn't on that list , then you're missing out on one of the most satisfying curries of all time .

So today we are making the Japanese curry or whatever you wanna call it .

This should be a part of your curry map , so to speak .

If you enjoy eating any kind of curry in existence , period , then this has to be on your bucket list .

It's the textures , it's the thickness , it's the velvety , it's the way that just makes you feel good and warm and we're making it two different ways .

We're not just going traditional .

We're doing a very untraditional little fancier version which you'll see in a little bit .

So with that being said , let's make this shall we far too frequently when a Japanese curry is made , you'll see these instant curry mixes like this .

I get it .

Ok .

It's convenient , blah , blah .

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But you know me that right there that's going into the atmosphere and we're making our own Japanese curry rou .

But why Josh ?

Because I said so and because it allows you to fully control the flavor at as much intensification as you like , it makes a massive difference in the final product .

But let me just show you anyway to make your very own instant curry rou .

You'll start with a small sauce pan and add one cup plus two tablespoons or 242 g of unsalted butter .

It over medium heat and once fully melted , stir in one cup or 120 g of all purpose flour .

Let that cook , stirring often for about five minutes or until it turns a nice golden color .

At that point , you'll stir in half a cup or 58 g of Japanese curry powder .

Half a teaspoon or half a gram of cayenne , half a teaspoon or half a gram of cardamom powder , one teaspoon or 2 g of fennel powder .

One teaspoon or 2.5 g of turmeric powder .

Stir that together and toast until all the spices become very fragrant .

About 30 seconds .

Pour that into an eight by eight baking pan lined with parchment paper with some slight overhang .

You know , nothing better with a good old parchment dale , spread it around nicely and chill in the fridge overnight .

Then day just plop that solidified filler out and cut into one inch squares .

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You see how easy that is .

Let's look back at this instant curry mix .

You're using this to save yourself like 5 to 8 minutes of work .

For what ?

For less flavor ?

Not for the actual curry first and medium sized pot or a large saute pan .

Add just enough vegetable oil to coat the bottom of the pan heat over medium high and add one large yellow onion cut into third inch slices .

Do not add salt yet .

Trust me here , just cook them stirring off .

Look at some chars some color and continue cooking with that process for about 4 to 5 minutes or until your onion is nicely cut and softened like this .

Now , you can add your salta taste followed by five cloves of garlic , finely chopped one inch knob of ginger grated .

One small fuji apple peeled and coarsely grated .

Give it a nice mix and then add £1.5 of boneless skinless chicken thighs that have been cut into one inch cubes .

Whoa , whoa , whoa , where's the searing of the chicken ?

Josh ?

Look , in most cases , searing chicken makes sense , right ?

Flavor intensification , da da da , da da .

But in this case , I like the chicken to gently poach in the curry to provide a lot of its lighter flavors to the overall dish .

The char from the onion will get us a cleaner deep flavor .

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Look , this is all wizardry , allow it to happen and trust me as your guide , then add 1.5 tablespoons or 22 g of honey , one tablespoon or 15 g of ketchup , two tablespoons or 33 g of soy sauce mix and finally add five cups or 1.5 liters of chicken stock so that all together bring to a light simmer , then add two large carrots , cut run Geri style , which in order to do that , you literally just peel your carrots , simply cutting one slice on a bias quarter , turn the carrot cut the same bias quarter , turn bias and repeat .

See that's it , it's super easy and it looks nice .

Next three Yukon gold potatoes peeled and either quartered or cut into eight option .

You can add a splash of shi for that extra good lower hammers then just leave that to simmer over a medium low heat for 15 minutes or just until the potatoes are cooked through .

Now you add your curry root which don't just toss it in there right .

There's a technique here .

Get a nice deep ladle , hold it in your hot curry broth .

Let it fill up , add a couple of squares , stir that in using chopsticks or whisk and keep stirring until dissolve , pour that into the broth and repeat a few times until it begins to thicken .

Then at that point , you can start adding squares constantly stirring gently .

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So you don't mash up your vegetables or no , you want to keep those veggies whole , you know , keep doing that until it's flavored to your liking .

I added nearly all my roux but hey , you know , you could always add less .

Now just season that bad boy to taste with salt and well serve alongside steamed rice .

Literally that easy .

You've seen me make rice a million times 1 to 1 ratio , water , rice , rice cooker .

Obviously , the rice has been washed .

You press the on button and done , right .

But wait , it doesn't stop here since this unctuous , luxurious curry stands before us .

We might as well level it up just a little bit higher .

Let's say Katsu Soto Benedict with a Japanese curry hollandaise .

You're gonna need a second belt if you're wearing pants .

Good Lord .

First Au Sore , you're only gonna need about £1 of pork soto .

And you can get this special cut from a lot of places like regales foods but mostly online .

Pull it out , season it , taste of salt and pepper and get your trio deca station set up one bowl with one cup or 60 g of all purpose flour .

Another bowl with one egg plus one tablespoon or 15 g of water was together till homogenous in one last bowl with one cup or 60 g of panko bread crumbs is the perfect breading in it .

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Sorry to the English coat every little crevice with your all purpose flour .

First , she got the excess , then dip into your egg mixture until completely coated and finally coat the entire thing with panco bread crumbs .

Please , please .

When I say coat the whole thing , I don't mean coat most of it and it's OK if it's not fully coated .

No , it's not .

OK .

Take the dang time to coat it it's crunch factor on the line here .

Love papa .

Now , just carefully lay that bad boy in a pot filled about halfway with fry oil .

It's around 350 °F and let that fry for five minutes .

Now , while that's frying , we could put our eggs , get a medium pot filled about halfway with water .

Add a splash of white vinegar season to taste with salt and bring up the heat over a medium high .

As soon as it comes to a boil , reduce that heat to medium .

So it's a little bit less harsh of a boil .

Did using a spoon create a whirlpool in your pot , stirring one direction , increasing speed gradually .

You know , it , it's like an F one car going around the track .

Once you have a nice vortex , quickly but gently pour your egg into the center of that vortex which the nature of the centrifugal force I suppose will help the egg white wrap around the yolk .

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Then let that lightly poach for four minutes , remove with a slotted spoon and drain on a paper towel .

Repeat this process two more times for a total of three poached eggs .

At this point , your Katz's done .

Gaze into its tantalizing sizzle .

You can hear the crunch just by looking at it .

That's a proper fry .

Let it drain on a paper towel , hit it lightly with salt to taste while still hot .

Now , for the curry hollandaise by no means , is this a traditional hollandaise .

It just has the feel of a hollandaise .

But with curry spice .

Now you'll simply need about two cups of your curry sauce .

Minus any vegetables or meat .

You don't want to really add that to your butter .

Any potatoes that make it into this blender , we'll turn your sauce to glue .

So make sure they're not in there .

One more thing .

Make sure the mixture is hot , hot , hot .

Now , begin blending that bad boy on high , then add three quarters of a cup or 170 g of unsalted butter about two tablespoons at a time as it's blending , allowing it to emulsify in between each addition until you've added all of your butter that should leave you with the most beautiful velvety smooth of creamy colored curry hollandaise at this point , seasoned with salt as needed .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

You can actually pour it into a squirt bottle .

Let's assemble this beauty ideally want a nice crusty loaf of sourdough and a proper hearty slice , you know , like three quarters of an inch thick .

Then there's toast your bread in a pan with butter over medium heat till nice and roasty toasty .

Once it's toasted , brush your bread generously with spicy chili crisp because I'm just naughty like that .

Top of your Katsu followed by 123 total , beautifully poached eggs .

Now generously drench that in your Japanese curry hollandaise top , a little bit of shimmy toga some thinly sliced green onion and of course we got an egg yolk test , right .

You know , give them a little with a knife .

Hello .

Come around here often .

Let's just take a moment to just relish in the beauty that's in front of you right now .

The fragrant curry , the perfectly cooked eggs , the crunch of both the toast and the katsu .

All right , let's talk more .

Taste test .

Two Japanese curries , two different ways .

Who to think that this could be a Japanese curry .

We do have a Katsu curry .

That's basically the emphasis of the sauce and the flavors .

But this is a traditional Kare curry .

It's so balanced .

It's salty .

It's sweet .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Got the umami and I'm talking emphasis on mommy .

You don't need this .

The power of this can be harnessed and where , where do you manifest that power ?

You manifest it in here .

You just got it .

This hands down is a perfect meal .

And during the wintertime , I don't even give a hot summer .

I don't care .

I want to eat this every day with this .

I've got a Japanese curry hollandaise make you want to go on holiday .

I got lots of Hollands extra .

So why not load it up ?

You know what I mean ?

And I love holidays .

Does it still have a crunch ?

Oh , I'll let her speak to this .

Hey , girlie .

You like your Benedict , right ?

Yeah .

Do a shelf working .

Go , go .

Flavors or talk .

Dogs are my first choice .

Well , you haven't even had this one .

I can try both .

You can try both .

I gotta go with this one .

I'm actually glad you said that because that just goes to show that tradition is beautiful .

And guess what ?

Not just tradition , tradition without prepackaged bull .

Do you want to know what else is better than tradition ?

The rule ?


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