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2023-08-06 16:07:13

HOW TO KISS (bad idea) _ Spy Ninjas

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Spy ninjas .

This typewriter that tells the future says that Daniel and I will kiss in December .

I don't know how to feel about this guy .

I've never had my first kiss .

I don't know how to kiss .

There's not too many days left in December .

Get me out of here .

No , I know what's wrong .

You're thinking there's not a good place in the safe house to kiss him .

Right .

Absolutely not .

No , I'm not thinking that I am not thinking that .

Tell you what this bedroom was made for me and V by Melvin and Daniel .

I'll show you guys look at this wall , it's green .

Look at this door .

It's blue clear .

Melvin and Daniel were fighting over what color to paint the room and they clicked the side , they split it down the middle , flew it green .

We turn this into Melvin and Daniel's room .

You have your own private room .

Yeah .

Yeah , let's do that .

Melvin and Daniel are off doing their own little mission thing .

So when they come back here , we're gonna be like surprise is we have a big room reveal .

Yeah , we're gonna buy them stuff , you know , like gaming stuff .

Music stuff for Daniel most epic bedroom ever .

We didn't write this stuff .

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Let's go plan it right now .

Let's plan it .

Ok .

I'm gonna use my spy pen to jot down all the great ideas for Daniel and Melvin's room .

What does Daniel like ?

What are we gonna do ?

Regina build him a recording studio in his room .

That would be great .

That's actually a really good idea .

Daniel can record Regina singing in the music room .

That's enough for Daniel .

What does Melvin like he likes skiing , aiming , you know , he's been taking up rock climbing a lot lately .

Yeah .

Yeah .

He's really obsessed with his arm .

Yeah .

So I think we should build climbing thingies .

Yes , Melvin could have the top bunk and he has to climb his way up to it that we got a music studio , gaming , rock climbing .

Are you guys ready to build the greatest bedroom ever ?

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You remember the spy ninjas ?

I , I don't know what to do .

The typewriter says I'm gonna kiss him .

So obviously it's gonna happen .

Maybe I can stop it from happening .

I don't know .

Spy ninjas .

Give me some advice .

Comment down below , hear advice for me .

Oh , why are you back here ?

Did I hear ?

Comment down below .

That means it's time to review one of your comments .

Every video we show one of your comments and we answer it .

I got one right here .

I'm checking my videos right now .

Here's a good one .

Chair .

What do you think ?

We can't answer that one ?

Really ?

What about this one ?

Guys ?

It'll do .

It's a good , I've got , it's a good one .

What about this one ?

Almost a little less gross .

Like this one from Marjorie Voss has Regina ever broken one of the spine ninja stuff or has anyone broken someone's stuff ?

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Regina calling out me like that because you're the clumsy one .

I've never broken any of your stuff .

No .

A snow globe .

I broke my own gift .

Whoops , Melvin got you a nice snow globe and you have the bag .

He just slams it down .

Oh , gosh .

Ok .

I'm sure every spine ninja has broken something .

Ok .

So it's not just me .

The only thing I've broken are watermelons and soda bottles .

The only thing I've broken is one heart , my heart .

Oh , wait , no , that's , oh , those are bad enough .

I'm sorry , Chad .

Are you planning , are you planning to break my bird salad ?

Why we start wheeling you guys ?

Let's be all lovey dovey in front of Regina .

You know , that might work because then it might put her in a lovey .

Do .

Yeah , this will show her what she needs to do with Daniel .

Don't go in there .

We're teaching you , Regina .

Come on now , you just joking .

Let's go and work on the bedroom .

Ok .

Come on .

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Let's start decorating .

Oh my gosh .

Whoa .

Nice to meet you , Regina .

Let's go work on the bedroom .

Come on .

Fine .

OK .

I don't know .

What are you doing ?

What are , what , what , what's going on ?

Sorry .

What is this tantrum ?

What is it Regina ?

I'm gonna have a mental breakdown .

Why decorating is fun ?

Ok , fine .

I'll tell you guys .

Jeez .

Jeez , this is my secret .

Ok .

Pick you .

Swear I go my disappointment .

I don't know if I want to kiss Daniel .

I've never had my first kiss before .

How do you know when it's like the right person when you do it ?

Do you use like , hold on , hold on one question at a time in a brand new bedroom that we're gonna build ?

But , but how do you know when the time is right ?

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You can just feel it like when your heart puts your pattern , the butterflies in your stomach fly out when they're near .

I mean , listen , listen to this .

This is like the greatest advice you're ever gonna get in the world right here .

The butterflies and the pitter patter and no guys usually just means I have to throw up .

Oh , well , don't do that .

Ok .

Regina , I can understand that this advice isn't making that much sense to you .

You need to .

Oh my gosh .

It's starting , there's different types of learners .

Some are visual learners .

Some learn by doing .

I've got the exact right practice for you to practice on .

Follow me .

No .

Oh no , she's back .

She's back .

But wait , she's upgraded today .

She's got the Regina pigtails .

Oh God .

I'm just like you now , Regina .

This is how you're gonna get over your nerves and you're just gonna be confident and you're gonna be like Daniel .

You're my man .

Come here , I'm sorry .

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What do you do with your teeth ?

You smile real large like this and then you get close and you see if you can touch your teeth against his teeth like that .

Yeah .

Yeah , he kiss like that .

Isn't this great advice ?

Hey , my ass , I'm blind .

I'm blind .

Get out of here right hand up .

You know what they say .

You know love is blind me .

Make him stop it .

Your husband .

I don't think you're doing it .

Chad , it's this , it's not very good advice .

You worked for Daniel .

Oh I think this needs a feminine touch .

Let me take this over woman's intuition .

Oh yes .

All right .

You're ready for some real advice from a female with some intuition .

What do I do ?

Yeah .

Can you go go start on the room , please just start , start decorating .

Put your phone things up .

Oh , can I help ?

They don't call me a handy man for nothing .

OK .

Goodbye .

Oh my gosh .

He's gone .

Oh , not yet .

That all right .

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Regina nervous .

I understand why you're nervous cause Chad didn't really , didn't give you a very good advice .

I will give you very good advice .

I don't even know if I want to kiss .

You know , I mean I don't , I definitely don't want to kiss someone just because a typewriter says that I'm going to and the moment tends to be magical and special and beautiful .

I'll teach you the correct way .

We'll start slow .

Ok .

Very , very basic stuff .

Oh , gosh .

All right .

Spine ninjas .

Let's make this into the best bedroom ever .

Be .

Sure .

Rihanna , you could help me .

Let's start on Melvin's side .

I've got some green carpet right here and some blue carpet .

All I gotta do is cut this up , lay it down on the floor .

Did you say cut up ?

Let me do it .

Why do you want to do all the cutting of the carpet ?

Because I'm an expert at cutting things .

What , what have you cut before ?

I just cut the cheese .

Oh man .

Come on now .

Ok .

I'm listening .

Looks like you're an expert .

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Wow , you're doing a great job , Rihanna .

Oh , gee , thanks .

Look at this carpet .

It's got the blue side and the green side .

Melvin can live over here .

Daniel can live over here .

Now , there's no way they're ever gonna fight .

I think the next thing we need to do is we need to build an awesome recording studio for Daniel .

Let's go step one fresh breath a little bit more .

Ok .

Ok .

You sink it and then sink it .

Mm .

Mhm .

Mhm .

Mhm .

Mhm .

Mhm .

Yeah .

Mhm .

No .

Burned .

That really burned .

That totally worked , right .

You agree with me .

Yeah , it worked .

Yeah .

Now , lately Melvin's really been into rock climbing .

So I went outside .

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I picked up some real rocks that I found he can climb on these rocks .

Those rocks are way too small to climb .

I got the greatest idea ever .

You hold the screwdriver and I'll do the hammering .

We got our rocks , got a screwdriver head up .

I get what you're doing now .

This is a great idea .

Rihanna , this is gonna be so awesome .

Check this out .

That is a legit rock on the wall .

You can climb the wall .

I'm just gonna cover this whole wall with climbing rocks and then Melvin can climb to the top bulk of his bed .

OK .

Regina .

Step one fresh breath , step two is all about the body language .

But when Fiona and Shark were about to kiss , what they did is they have to pop her up her lips like this .

Gentle .

Let me , let me see your , close your eyes .

OK .

Hock her up .

Why ?

No .

Why are you talking ?

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

What's her , her bigger lip ?

Oh my gosh .

Oh my God .

No , just your lap .

No .

Put that tongue .

No stop , stop .

Don't do that .

That's scary .

That's scary .

No , no , there's no tongue at all .

Just your lips .

00 Sorry .

OK .

Oh mm mm mm .

Um Yeah .

Sure .

Now that you got the lips out .

So when you come in for a kiss , you have to decide which way you're gonna go cause like you can't go straight ahead .

You know there's things to think about .

Well , because you're gonna get a head belt and that's kind of embarrassing for your first .

Oh my God , you gotta pick a side right or left ?

Ok , I'll try it .

Ok .

How about just pretend this person , hey , they're handsome .

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You look really nice today .

Hey I got your gonna kiss .

I was ok but let me you you're very like you know Michael Jackson so let's just try to like let's try to go slow .

Ok ?

Do that .

Ok .

Alright .

So slow , close eyes pucker up and and oh Jesus .

Yeah .

00 man , I'm sorry I can you know do this .

Ok .

That's that I meant to do that .

I was you know I got my chiropractor license from the 00 you know here I know a way spy ninjas .

I've got the greatest do all that foam .

I was putting up for Daniel .

We need it to look awesome .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

We need to look like a sound wave because we're gonna be making some awesome spin of music in here , right ?

So we're gonna take some more foam and we're gonna design a really awesome pattern on the wall .

Wait till I'm done you guys .

Ok , Rihanna , I got my own scissors .

Ok .

Good job .

Let's cut this up .

You ready ?

Yes .

Yeah .

All right .

This area of the room is gonna be perfect for Daniel Gizmo's lab .

We gotta be able to see what we're doing .

Magnifying lens .

Look what I installed here on Daniel's desk .

Daniel will be able to see everything up really close .

Wow .

I got a big eyeball .

Look at my eyeball .

I'm losing my mind guys .

But this room is gonna be the greatest room ever .

I can't wait to veal it to Daniel and Melvin .

Once they walk in this door they are gonna go .

Oh my goodness .

I love it so much .

Chad .

You're my hero introducing .

Oh , please , Niel .

Why ?

Hey , there , what you know is this supposed to like come to me ?

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Oh , I like that .

Hey , hey there , gorgeous .

You uh you ready for closing your eyes ?

Puckering up , tilt your head and come in for a smooch .

Oh , it's not working .

You can , you're supposed to go up and down .

I thought you left or right ?

Oh my God does upside down .

I was confused on which way I was supposed to go .

Come on .

Come on .

Oh jeez .

Who's not gonna work here ?

I'm gonna need Chad's help .

Chad .

Please come help someone's calling your name Chad .

No .

Ok .

I'm coming .

Me here I go .

Did I hear you needed my help ?

Yes , this is , this is a team effort .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Chad , this is kind of a difficult situation .

It's true .

Just , just sit , just sit here and watch for the greatest show on how to win over your first kiss .

How to Kiss .

The number one youtube tutorial is gonna be created right now .

Check this out .

Hello , everybody .

My name is Regina .

I mean , Rihanna .

Oh , chair , I'm Daniel .

I mean , oh , no .

What a beautiful day in the neighborhood .

It's a beautiful day in the , oh , Daniel .

Is that you ?

Oh , is that you ?

Where's your Daniel ?

Where's your eyes ?

Your , your , your hair's in your eyes ?

Oh , is that your hey , uh , Hannah , I really love your voice .

So , can I hear some tunes with you ?

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Let me warm up my vocal chords a little bit .

This is a disaster cha I think better than that .

No , you really gotta put some foams in your room .

You know , cause that travels a lot .

You're really just , you know at the wait , I foam to my room .

So you don't want to hear me through the wall ?

Oh You know what else is in my room ?

Some really awesome comic book collection .

Here's one of my comic book , the Amazing Spider Man .

Oh my goodness .

Is that amazing Spiderman comic books ?

I'm in love .

They're just talking about themselves now .

Oh , I really like a girl who likes comic book collection is really smart .

Oh my gosh .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I think I might be in love and when I'm in love I get a little nervous and when I get nervous I get a little .

Mhm What , what what ?

Oh oops , I got nervous and threw up side about that .

There's this really awesome youtuber CW you see on youtube who likes chopping plums and fruit ?

You got a sword .

I watch chair .

Wall clay all the time .

Count me down , Daniel .

I , 32 .

Right .

What ?

Slow mo Yes .

Yes .

Yes .

Yes .

I'm so hyped right now .

This trash is in place .

No , no , no , no .

Let's take this to the couch .

And I mean , oh , no .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Is this where the kissing part comes in ?

What you did with the fruit chopping is so sucks .

No , I don't .

You say that to my face ?

Oh I will .

This is the moment I've been waiting for my whole life .

Oh I can't , I can't watch this anymore .

This is too much .

I gotta interrupt .

Look at my googly ass .

I'm Googling for you .

I'm googling your name .

I'm googling everything I can .

Hey , who are you ?

I'm peeing on the best winner with the P Stand for Potato .

I gotta be the first offspring .

Ca What ?

I'll save you your phone .

The end .

Ya think about oops , so good .

But it didn't help me at all .

You are so welcome .

But wait .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

The amazing bedroom that I have created while you were out here .

It's done .

Yeah .

Yeah .

Follow me .

Follow me .

Check this out .

Ladies , check it out .

Yes .

This amazing who that is so cool .

Oh My God .

Wait , we can't show it yet .

We gotta wait and show you guys at the same time .

Melvin and Daniel .

See it tomorrow on one of our channels .

Make sure you subscribe to all of us .

Huge .

Shout out to all of you notification ninja who get here in the 1st 60 minutes , we read all your comments and we try to reply to as many of them as we can .

We need to hang a bow up on this door to make it ready for when they arrive .

Wow , perfect .

They're gonna love it so much .

Great job .

Thank you .

Thank you .

And you guys will be seeing it tomorrow .

Let's do a kick Bob out of here .


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