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Laziest Way to Make Money Online For Beginners ($100_day+)

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Step five animate .

The next step of the process is to animate your video using your preferred software .

We at spiel use the Adobe Creative suite to create our animations , which are great to create studio level videos .

But it is more catered towards experienced professionals .

If you're looking for a simpler software tool , which requires having little to almost no animation experience , then check out some of the others that are available .

Videos Describe Anni Maker , Explain Guy animate and to see which one works best for you .

Step six .

Add your voiceover and sound effects Once you're happy with your animation .

The next and final step to complete your production is to add your voiceover and sound effects , which you should be able to do with the software you've used to animate your video for best results , I suggest using a separate audio editing software such as Adobe Audition to make sure it's to a professional quality .

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Bonus tips to enhance the engagement of your whiteboard animation before I leave you to get creating , I will go through four important tips that you need to be aware of .

If you want to get the most out of your whiteboard animation , tip one .

Keep it flowing with interconnected sketches .

One of the key differences between whiteboard animation and other styles , such as cartoon animation or motion graphics , is the use of interconnected sketches .

What this basically means is that you should aim to continue adding your visual images to the same screen without too many arrays or cuts , so that there is a nice , continuous flow to the video .

Making sure you make good use of interconnected sketches in this way will ensure higher engagement levels than if you keep erasing the board and starting with the visuals from AF Fresh Tip two generate emotion .

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For example , you could add a few touches of your brand colours or use colour to emphasise particularly important points , such as your call to action Tip .

Four .

Don't make your video too long to get the maximum engagement from your whiteboard video .

Make sure you don't drag it out .

Whiteboard videos that are crisp and to the point do better than ones that are unnecessarily long and drawn out alongside a better video .

This will also help reduce both your production cost and the time needed to create your video .

I hope you enjoyed the video , and if so , please remember to subscribe to our channel so that when we release more videos , you will get notified .

If you would like the help of a whiteboard animation company to create your video for you , then you can get in touch with us here at spiel .

Simply visit WWW dot spiel creative dot com .

Thanks for watching .

See ya .

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Just go to a website like bit dot com , then paste in your link on their shortener and boom .

Just like that , you would have shortened your partner product link .

And as you can see , it does look a lot better like this .

Now that you've got your partner links sorted , we can move on to step three , and step three is going to be the lazy content strategy .

Now , for the first part of this step , you need to go ahead and get your ideas for this lazy content strategy .

So to begin , simply head to youtube dot com , and you want to type in niche that is related to your interests from the first step and then simply hit search .

Then you want to go to the top six channels within that niche , sort their videos by the most popular and take five of their most popular videos come into a total of 30 videos , and you want to write them down along with the links each of those videos in somewhere like a Google a word document .

And once that's done , we can move on to the next part of this step .

It does require a tiny bit more work , but trust me , it's a lot better than all the other methods being promoted out there because once you set this up , it can continue to pay you well into the future , meaning you can do the work once and truly enjoy passive income .

So make sure to keep watching .

This will all make sense in just a few moments .

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So now what you want to do is simply head to the Google Award document where you had written down the videos along with the links to those videos , and you want to go ahead and open up every single one of those videos and you want to follow a lot on each of those videos and write them in your own words .

And one of the best parts about doing this is that you can take the best parts from each of the videos and combine them into some really good scripts in your own words .

Not just that , but one of the main reasons why I said pick something you have an interest in earlier is because maybe you will know a lot more about these things than others .

So I'll make this whole process a lot easier for you as you'll be able to provide more value than others in your niche and therefore having a higher potential of making more money with this method .

Now , if all your scripts check if they're original , you can go to places like copy scape for a few cents of search for a completely free option .

You can actually use small SEO tools Plagiarism Checker , and this will just ensure that your scripts are , in fact original and completely good to go for the next part of this step .

You simply want to open up Google slides , and you don't have any excuses with this .

This is completely free and comes with Google Drive , so you will be able to do this , and what you want to do is make a slide show out of your scripts .

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Now , to make your slide shows really engaging and overall good , I recommend adding things like pitches and icons to them .

For pictures , you can use completely free stock photos from places like peels dot com and Pixar dot com .

And for icons , you can simply use flat icon dot com and to record these videos , you can simply download and use a completely free software called O BS .

And of course , this will allow you to record your screen and talk your way through your slide shows .

Now , if you don't want to talk or you just want to be extra lazy with this method , I have a solution for you .

You can simply hire someone for really cheap off of places like fiver and upwork dot com and even Twitter , if you wanted to , or maybe even had a friend that can do it for a few bucks .

Now , once you've done all of this , so and have all the videos finished , you simply upload them to YouTube , optimise them for the best results possible .

And put a link in your description and your pin comment to your high ticket products that you got from following the previous step earlier in the video .

Now , once you've done this , you now have assets that could potentially pay you for years to come .

But wait , we ain't done yet .

You probably want to know how you can actually make that $100 a day and possibly a lot more than that from doing this .

So here's exactly how you would do this .

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I recommend setting up a schedule of around two videos per week , and this should honestly be realistically possible for you because you could just sit down one day per week and record all these videos at once , meaning you're just be working one day per week doing this .

If you wanted to , then you simply upload the videos to YouTube and schedule them to go out .

After 12 months of doing this , you would have give or take 96 videos on your channel .

And let's just say for a conservative estimate that each of your videos was gaining around 1000 views a month .

That's over 96,000 views a month , give or take .

And if 0.05% which is a very , very conservative estimate percentage of your viewers on those videos , buy your product .

That's roughly 48 sales per month .

And if you're promoting , say , an $1000 product , which , by the way , is very realistic .

If you're using platforms like Did you Store 24 and Click Bank , that's around $48,000 per month , completely passively .

And even if you aren't taking the full $48,000 per month because you're an affiliate , you'd still be most likely getting around 50% of that , leaving you of around $24,000 per month .

Now , of course , this is way more than $100 a day .

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I suggested you could achieve in the title of this video , and that's because I just wanted to blow your mind and show you what is possible with this method of partnering with someone and promoting their products and making evergreen videos that can potentially bring you in thousands of dollars per month in completely passive income .

If done the right way , you stick with it and you don't give up .

Because , of course , I can't guarantee you success if you upload those 96 videos as it depends on so many factors .

But even if you don't achieve complete success with this method and say you only earn 10% of what I said is possible , that will still be around $2400 per month in extra change .

Wouldn't you still be pretty happy with that now To help you even more ?

I just want to quickly give you free bonus tips .

One .

You could become an affiliate for a product that charges on a monthly basis .

This means you'd get a paycheck every single month for that partner product , assuming the subscribers of that product stay subscribed .

And here's just a quick example on screen of a product that I found .

And just so you know , this works with any of the high profit niches that I showed you earlier in this video .

Now two , you don't just have to stick with slide shows .

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You can make these videos a different way if you wanted to .

For example , here's this channel on screen right now called Top Tech .

Now , of course , in the technology niche and all they do is make videos going over things like the top five best budget gaming P CS the top five best gaming laptops .

You know stuff of that nature , and all it takes to make these videos is some stock footage and some footage from the company's products that you're promoting and then just leaving your partner links .

Of course , your affiliate links to those products that you're mentioning in those videos in the description of the video and the PIN comment .

Now , if you wanted to promote physical products like this , I recommend going to places like the Amazon Associates programme .

But of course , you could also go find specific companies and become affiliates for them .

If you were to do something like this in a technology niche and free being completely hands off and starting to scale , once your channel starts growing and it starts making a decent amount of money .

You can go to places like five or Upwork and sometimes even Twitter to find people like scriptwriter for the videos .

Thumbnail makers , the video editors , people that will do voiceovers for you Pretty much anything you can think of can be outsourced .

I just recommend outsourcing the things that you dislike doing once your channel starts to grow and is making money .

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But yeah , as you grow , definitely look into outsourcing .

Now , if you gained any value from this whatsoever , be sure to subscribe and leave a like on the video and go ahead and check out this video on my face or whatever it is right now on screen to learn more about making money online as a complete beginner with no money .


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