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2023-08-07 13:49:50

Overcome Social Anxiety & Enhance Your Communication Skills

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I feel very anxious to open up with people .

Whenever I meet someone , I feel uncomfortable and I just run away .

Is it some mental issue or I don't fit in the society ?

What do I do ?

So you are overly anxious about meeting people interacting with people .

You have heard of a word called yoga .

When I say yoga , you're immediately thinking of twisting yourself .

No , the word yoga means union .

Union means see in your perception of life , there is you and there is the world .

So it is you versus the universe .

Actually , you versus the universe is a bad competition to get into .

Hello ?

Do you have any chance of winning this ?

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You get into competition with the universe .

Is there a chance to win this competition ?

No , you don't compete with the universe .

So we found a way called yoga .

Yoga means union .

That means consciously you obliterate the boundaries of your individuality .

So there is no such thing as you and universe .

It feels like one .

You need to do a little bit of yoga .

Otherwise your mind will get twisted out with all kinds of ideas , emotions and opinions .

If you open it up a little bit .

If you obliterate your boundaries of individuality , it's very easy because when you sit here , you see this person as a part of yourself , you have no nonsense about this one .

Whether it's a man or a woman or a child or an animal , you have no problem with everything .

You will communicate absolutely because you have opened up your boundaries .

If you have concretize your boundaries , this is me , this is me .

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Then with this , you will always have a problem .

If it's a man , it's one kind of problem .

If it's a woman , another kind of problem , it's an animal , other kind of problem .

I will tell you this may sound uh I have been telling people whether , whether you are at complete ease with life or not , how to find out .

Somebody asked me recently , I said we can give you a cobra test .

Cobra test means right from my childhood , I have been in the jungles of western gods in the wild .

Many of these animals , particularly if they are venomous , their way of perceiving life is through the chemistry .

They are looking at your chemistry .

If if you show a little bit of anxiety , they will go for you .

Otherwise they won't .

So if you can just pick up a cobra like this , not by holding it by its head and all that simply like this .

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And if he is not disturbed , that means you're at ease .

If he goes for you , you are not at ease .

It .

A corporate test .

I'm putting some people through corporate test just to check if they're really at ease .

I can go and pick up a cobra any time he just comes to me .

Of course , she's asking if they're alive .

See , when I lived in jungles by myself .

No , outside support .

The only technological equipment I have is a HMT watch .

Ok ?

And no phone , no torch , no , nothing in the jungle by yourself and food .

So people always wondered , how did they survive for weeks ?

Well , I drank up a lot of honey .

Honey beehives are there .

Beehives are always built on that branch of the tree where a bear can , cannot get .

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Western gods is full of slot bears .

They will go there and drink up the honey .

So the bees will build it in such a branch where if the , if the bear goes there , the branch will break because of its weight .

So now I slowly creep up .

I always kept a little extra tube on my petrol tube .

In my motorcycle .

Just 14 to 18 inches long plastic tube .

I will go stick it into the higher and just drink up half a liter to one liter of honey .

Just keeps me going for the day .

But the bees think I'm just one more big bee .

If you show little anxiety , they will bite you .

If 8 10 of them bite you in your face , you will suffocate to death .

If they bite you inside your mouth , even one will do it will kill you .

But I always drank honey and I survived .

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They never ever bit me because they are looking at your chemistry .

So it's time you work upon bringing yourself to ease , not just with other people , just with life .

The life that you are must be at ease .

If you are not at ease , you will never realize your full potential above all .

See , in every human being , there is a certain genius , but 99% of the people live and die without ever opening up the genius within themselves .

If it has to open up , if the true potential within you have to open up , your life should come to ease .

There is a whole science and technology called yoga , not just twisting and turning , approaching how to handle your body , how to handle your chemistry , how to handle your energies , how to handle your mental fluctuations .

If you bring this to a certain level , you are at ease when you are at ease .

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If there is this person , that person , animal devil , whoever comes , you're at ease , you being at ease is most important .

Otherwise you will not experience life the way it is in agitation , everything is distorted .


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